Essence of Double-Effect Year vibes

Depending on the circumstances, experiencing a “Double-Effect Year” can be an exasperating period for many people.  For the lucky ones, they could possibly have a satisfying and rewarding experience instead.

Many people could tell if the previous year was good or bad period for them because of the experiences they’d faced. The more observant ones could even identify whether the past year’s experiences was a “Double Blessing” or “Double Whammy” one for them. Of course, everyone wants a “Double Blessing” year that could bring hope, joy and happiness among other positive results. And nobody wants a “Double Whammy” year that could bring down a person to his lowest, destitute state with prolonged negative experiences with no possible hint of light at the end of the tunnel.

Many people don’t know if they are having a “Double-Effect Year” period. When you’re down on your luck, it’s all about fate isn’t it? And when you are in your lucky streaks, it’s all about fate as well, isn’t it? Fate is in your handsyou can change it. With some tweaking along your journey of life, you can change your destiny by taking positive actions and planting many small little flowers of success along the way.

But first, you got to know when your next “Double Effect Year” would be. The easiest, fastest and affordable way to learn the method is to get hold of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”. I’ve explained the fundamentals and provided case studies in my book to help you understand the method easily.

And now, I will further explain the essence and effects of the “Double Effects” vibes a person may experience in the particular year.

You’d have read about the UK phone hacking scandal incident and putting both David Cameron and Rupert Murdoch into “damage control” phase. Let’s look at their Birth charts. I’ll explain how the “Double Effects” vibes had affected them this year, using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. Perhaps, you may want to refer to Page 228 of my book to understand the definition of “Double Effect Year” first before continuing reading this article.

The year 2011 is a “Double Effect Year” for Cameron. Imagine the double amount of energies, both positive and negative ones, are influencing his thoughts and actions. In the Five Elements theory, we can associate emotions with the Wood element; and fiery anger and temperaments with the Fire elements. Look at Cameron’s chart – the signs of extreme emotions and fiery temperaments are present. It could affect his health, especially his cardiovascular and immune systems. At extreme end, it could lead to mental depression, bipolar disorder and heart problems. He needs to learn to “calm” his thoughts, anger and emotions.

“Change represents the end of the old self. You can look back, but you can’t go back” – Robert Hellenga

In an earlier article, I mentioned another signs of emotional effects when there are too many sets of number 4 (and 9) in a person’s chart. When a person is “emotionally” attached to an incident, it could create false deception to end the problem quickly. Sometimes, the suicidal tendencies are strong and may lead to unpleasant results. Although Cameron is experiencing the “Double Whammy” effects currently, he can turn the situation in his favour as long as he is “not directly involved” in the scandal case. What could have happen had happened. His popularity has dipped since the scandal surfaced. Whether the 8-4-3 has the “separation” or “break-away” effect would depend on his actions. He must change his directions and not rely on spin doctors to provide propaganda messages where few people believe in. By realigning his goals for the common good, he could probably gain the public trust for being more transparent in his governance.

In metaphysics, the Qi energies flow continuously and do not start or end abruptly. A symptom, be it on health issue or personality trait, do not happen immediately. An analogy – the cracks on the concrete wall do not happen overnight. The damage would have started much earlier before you noticed the cracks.

Similarly, the “Double Effect Year” vibes do not start in a specific year. The energies between periods are present during the transitional phase. You could be experiencing the “pre-effects” a year earlier. And you could even experience the “post-effects” a year later.

Although Rupert Murdoch would only experience the “Double Effect Year” vibes next year in 2012, he has already felt the effects. The Wood is strong in his PY2011 chart. The emotional and temperamental energies are strong. The high risks and challenges that he must face are unavoidable. He needs to take care of his health, his tempers and emotions as these could lead of cardiovascular, immune and mental problems. The health signs in his chart also imply there could be other health conditions related to the kidney and liver as well. You can try looking at the events Murdoch had met 18 or 36 years ago for subtle hint on the experience he could be facing now.

It doesn’t always imply a “Double-Effect Year” would be bad. You also don’t have to experience the “Double Whammy” that you didn’t ask for. Whether next year would be a “Double Whammy” or a “Double Blessing” experience for Murdoch mainly depends on his thoughts, actions, and his holistic health.

Remember… with some tweaking along your journey of life, you can change your destiny by taking positive actions and planting many small little flowers of success along the way. And when you reflect on your achievements, the path you took was a beautiful, awe-inspiring sight, like a nursery garden full of beautiful “successful sparkling” flowers.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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