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Early last month, I gave a special “charting workshop” to a group of people from an Internet Marketing company. The intent is to teach the participants a simple and fast way to understand their prospects’ personalities and their character’s needs to close the sales. It was a wonderful and exciting session on that memorable day because I’d three surprises and one challenge to overcome.

ChartingWorkshop_March2016The first surprise – I found out some of them had actually attended a numerology course conducted by an external trainer. The second surprise – they couldn’t remember the trainer’s name except the course was conducted in Mandarin, and the training venue was somewhere in Chinatown. And the third surprise – they commented that my training was fun and easier to grasp. Hmm… what I’d taught was portions of the first few lessons of my FEN Level 1 (Basic) module. I also taught them how to plot the EON chart and understand their personality from a very basic level, much like preschool kids learning the ABCs. The session was fun partly because of the challenge I had to face – conducting the workshop in Mandarin, although there are occasions, I had to speak in English when explaining the traits associated with certain elements and numbers.

Before the workshop, I was told there will be Chinese-speaking participants before the workshop and a friend (a lady student who’d completed my FEN modules) will be around to translate if needed. And on that day, I conducted the workshop, mainly in Mandarin. I’d a phobia beyond basic conversational Mandarin because of the negative learning experience I had with the language during my secondary school days. I was worried after the session and asked the participants for feedback on my English-accent, “brokenMandarin, and their feedback were – passable. Hmm… I told myself that was not too bad for my first attempt, especially for someone who only speaks few sentences of simple conversational Mandarin daily.

FUTUREI’ve always highlighted to my students the importance to “try out, or you’ll never know the outcome” when it comes to changing our mindsets and attitude. I decided to “walk the talk” again and am glad I spoke mainly in Mandarin during the workshop session. I took up the challenge to speak in Mandarin with minimal help from my ‘translator’ friend. Of course, I’d earlier improvised a way to overcome the fear by making preparation. No, I don’t have prepared speech or notes to read from, something all FEN students could have recognised as I’ve always shared my observations and analysis from my mind, real time. And I’d worked on the modified PowerPoint slides to aid me during my training, especially when explained traits like sexual desire, complacency, alone but not necessary lonely, and so on. The more exciting part was the ‘live‘ case study analysis and sharing my observations on more than 18 birth dates, speaking in Mandarin.

Just last week, I met a casual acquaintance at an informal Vietnamese food session and found out she also attended similar numerology course before. She paid almost S$2K and could only remember some simple number patterns like 8-4-3 being a divorce number. And similar to the surprises mentioned earlier, she couldn’t remember  much about the training conducted elsewhere from other trainer. I was concerned as with the hard-earned money she’d invested for the course, the least she could do is to practise what she’d learned.

So, will I conduct an FEN class in Mandarin? Even if you don’t mind me conducting with a mixture of mainly English and Mandarin?

Well, that’ll have to wait until I’ve completed modifying my training slides and course materials. And yes, since I’m continuing my EON research (including applying EON methods on stocks profiling), I will continue to share new discoveries in class like tendency signs suggesting cervical and throat cancer related problems, and others.

By the way, I apologised to those who’d emailed asking for the next course schedules. I have to delay the schedules for the next FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes because of other projects’ priorities. I’m maximising the time to realign and review the training directions on imparting the EON/FEN methodologies. And just like the “charting workshop” I’ve conducted early last month, I’m also considering future collaborations with course organisers and institutions to conduct on-site customised EON/FEN trainings.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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