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Happy Lunar New Year greetings to all our Chinese visitors, EON/FEN students, and everyone who celebrate the festive CNY holidays as well.

Just a quick update – the 3rd FEN WORKSHOP is scheduled for 24-25 March 2018 (Sat and Sun). Registration is now open for everyone! The workshop course fee is SGD$426. If you register right away before the end of February 2018, course fee is at SGD$369.

Check this course link for more details on the workshop. While course fees conducted by other Trainers are set at high prices – often hurting the wallets and pockets – I’m concentrating more on providing better value-add and positive profiling experience to you, at a practical price.

The Year of the Dog starts today (16th February 2018) according to many Chinese Almanac theories. Yet, if you study FengShui, the Year of the Dog starts on Li Chun, the start of Spring which falls on 4th February 2018. And for some misinformed users, the Year of the Dog started on 1st January 2018. Confusing?

Well, it doesn’t matter which actual date should we use or adopt – what’s important is to understand the potential vibes that might affect you during the particular year, and how you can maximise the positive vibes for optimal outcomes. Check the FEN WORKSHOP course outline and you’ll learn more than just the basics of profiling – you’ll learn how it is so easy to apply the visualisation techniques and understand how the Five Elements interacts that could affect your mood, behaviours, and actions. All this and more, in non-complicated, fun, and enjoyable ways.

Do check my main domain site at as well, for details of other upcoming courses, or what’s in my profiling research radar.

Ok, that’s a short update for today. GONG XI FA CAI.

Wishing all a Wonderful, Blissful, Fun, Prosperous, and Healthy New Year.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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