9-Year Cycles

Someone posted a search for “9-year Cycle” recently, and I thought I might share some insights in today’s article.

Does the cyclic vibes like the 9-year cycles create potential impact or influences on us, just like the seasonal cycles? For instance, we know the weather is usually colder during the Winter season, and hotter during the Summer season. And we know more people would have a flu-like symptoms during the transitional season change around Winter to Spring period. Some experts attributed the flu symptoms to the pollination during the beginning of Spring and the end of Winter period.

Personal Year Cycles
In the principles of the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, the numbers in the locations I-to-R of your Personal Year (PY) chart every nine years are identical within the same century. This created a cyclic-like effect suggesting that we might face similar vibes every nine years, any time during the same century. This is what many students who attended non-EON/FEN courses conducted by other trainers have learned.

Nonetheless, from the EON perspective, while the PY chart for every nine years might be similar, the outcomes could vary, depending on your thoughts, focused needs, behaviours, and actions – the effects could have similar, extreme, or reversed influences. But then, we all know these nine-year similarities in the PY chart is not enough to provide clues to the person’s life path, or what might determine or affect us during this year’s PY or next year’s PY. Knowing the Life Forces vibes could come handy.

9-Year Cycles
Setting all other factors aside, looking at the nine-year cycles is useful, especially when you need to find out the probable effect a person might be impacted when a certain number patterns or elements is present and displayed in a particular PY chart. For instance, when people asked about career in general, I usually asked them how was their career around nine years previously. And when their current age allows, I’d inquired what happened, career-wise, about eighteen years before. These would allow me to identify the cosmic rhythms that influenced their career aspects previously. From there, I could plot a simple Rhythmic Cycle Chart (more on that later) to analyse further.

Today, while the nine-year cycle is useful, we must look from its practical side. A person’s behaviours, naivety, beliefs, and habits nine years earlier, might not be similar nine years afterwards as other influencing vibes, social and economic vibes might affect them in-between the nine-year cycles. Furthermore, when it comes to wellness, it is not a definite indication that nine years before, you were medically certified to be healthy and fit, you will, likewise, be healthy and fit this year. Just remember, while these cosmic cycles are like the biorhythm’s sine-wave, your age is increasing in a linear, upward progression. That said, you might be healthy and fit when you are at 46 years old, but that doesn’t necessarily suggest you will be in similar healthy and fit states at the next nine-year cycle, like when you’re 55 or 64.

Seasonal Elements
While exploring on the seasonal and cyclic vibes that might influence or affect a person, I noticed there are many cyclical vibes we’re exposed to every day, month, or year, and we cannot ignore these cosmic rhythms which produce many cycles of life vibrations. On a separate note, the gradient colours on the Month Pillar of the FEON+ software is provided with a purpose – it depicted the Seasons and transitional change between the seasons. This is what I’d called as the seasonal element. That stated, this implies that besides identifying clues or simply looking at the Universal and Personal numbers for the day, month, or year, you still need to factor the seasonal element or influence as well.

Rhythmic Cycles
Your behaviours, opinions, and actions yesterday could influence how you feel, react, or behave today. In short, you are what/how you think, feel, plan, act, or adapt to a situation. And as stated on my main domain site at RonWZSun.com, “your reactions and replies to the unpredictable and challenges determine your character strengths, attitudes, and resolute.” I’ve shared the purpose of the Rhythmic Cycles at the earlier FEN WORKSHOP classes, and explained why your future outcomes could have depended on your past actions. And your actions are influenced by the conscious and subconscious vibes. For example, I showed the Rhythmic Cycle slides of the late Whitney Houston, and explained the cyclic influences on her positive career, and as well as the cyclic actions affecting her drug addiction. And I also showed the Rhythmic Cycle slide of Apple and what might be the possible breakthrough effect. The slide was done much earlier before the Apple Watch was announced, and shared with previous FEN (Advanced) modules.

Cycles of Life
There are many interesting numerology books explaining the various cycles of life methods, which I believe might come handy in adding an extra layers of clues to help us identify more traits to understand a person better. Just like the Feng Shui’s 20-year Period Cycle, there is also the Life Periods where we identify the progressions of human life. There are different period stages in a person’s yearly cycle – from birthday to birthday – where we could determine the favourable and unfavourable time for manifesting the positive vibes or controlling the negative vibes. This implies people with same numbers in locations I-J-K-L may be influenced differently depending on the birthdates, and the cycles of life stage they are presently in.

Some authors also highlighted different cycles that might influence a person, like the business cycles, health cycles, and even the sexual cycles – the latter focusing more on the lunar cycles and moon tides (possible influences on erotic vibes?). Then, there are the multiple-periods in the daily cycles to determine the optimal time to perform certain tasks. I believe many of the cyclic methods described by various book authors are handy, and could help us fine tune our observatory skills. I’m exploring on its relevance and practicality for inclusion to the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. Some years back, I developed the Chinese Almanac (Palm) software with intelligent, multi-layered conditions to formulate the good, average, and bad dates; and the software was used by many users, including FengShui Masters and GrandMasters, professionals, and enthusiasts. Developing a numerology almanac software on today’s mobile devices with similar features is not an issuetime is.

Meanwhile, there are other periodic codes included in my FEN WORKSHOP course that you can learn and apply, without paying thousands of dollars to learn from other trainers. Every class is different and I usually introduce new techniques and some FengShui techniques and tips depending on the responses and participation from the students.

The 3rd FEN WORKSHOP is scheduled for 24-25 March 2018. If you’ve attended courses from/on PON, UCMHP, LifeQuest, Visiber, and others, I promised you will enjoy a different experience in my FEN class, besides learning new visualisation techniques that could improve your profiling knowledge. In addition, you can always WhatsApp me or other FEN students in the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp chat group to post queries, share tips, or interesting information.

I’m looking forward to sharing the EON/FEN techniques to you in class. Register early to enjoy the early-bird offer. Check this link for more details and to register.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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