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Henry asked many interesting questions in his recent emails and I thought it’s be useful to share my observations with you in today’s article.

Henry: In a previous article, you mentioned people with more Metal elements (numbers 1 and 6) could consider games like building LEGO Blocks instead of mind-boggling games like crosswords puzzles, scrabble and jigsaws to release stress. Would sandcastle building be equally good for people with strong Metal element?

DO_BETTERRon: I was looking at ‘cognitive’ profiling when drafting the article. It’s something that, to me, is unique to EON and can create useful experiential learning. I decided to correlate the harmonising energies to the strong vibes present in the case study person’s EON chart. It’s sort-of like a gaming therapy exercises. Putting aside addictive gaming habits, moderate game playing can complement traditional medical therapeutic treatments. It can help improve a person’s mental, motor skills, and holistic well-being.

I’m aware of the importance, excitement, and joy in playing games to improve our view, mental, and observational skills. Here’s another “hidden” passion that I’m happy to share here – I started developing DOS games in the mid-80s, and moved on to publish Windows-based shareware games in the mid-90s. In early 2004, a USA software house bundled my games as part of the “Brain Games” CD series only for retail at Walmart USA outlets. I’ve received emails from many people (even people claiming to play my games at their FBI agency office) sharing their happier and fun times playing my arcade-style “brain” games.

Err… where was I?

TEACH NUMBER PATTERNS2Oh… yes, we need to examine the chart in its entirety before suggesting a person to explore playing games of specific types or genres. We cannot assume and suggest certain game types or specific activities is suitable for every person with strong Metal elements in their charts. Building sandcastles is a good healthy exercises that test a person’s creativity and encourage non-destructive focus and patience. A person who strong Metal element worries too much and might inhibit extreme traits – craziness and loneliness. These are destructive traits in nature. Besides, a person’s attitude and thinking are influenced by the periodic vibes. This means their game genre preference and gaming habits might change after certain periods.

UNLEASHOn similar note, we should not suggest building sandcastle as a remedial activity for every strong Metal person. Building a “castle in the sand” or “sandcastles in the air” could imply high dreams and aspirations. On a positive note, we can associate Metal with pride, innovations, visions, pride, and intellect. However, we must understand such visions are just false hope – something you haven’t even started to work on, or committed yourself to realising your dreams. Sandcastle is a temporary work as they get easily washed away by the waves. That might implicate your good suggestion to a strong Metal person. It could invoke the frustration, anger, and emotional mood swings when they watched their sand creations get destroyed. The worrisome nature kicks in while building the sandcastles before completion. Would their sandcastle remains intact when there is high tide or heavy rain? There are just too many what-ifs pondering- they might put off the sandcastle building.

It’s equally important to identify the elements present in the person’s periodic (like the Year, Month, and Day) charts. You can analyse the elemental strength through the multi-layer observational techniques. It’s one unique technique that I’ve taught at FEN Level 2 (Advanced) class. It’s also important to understand the interactions of the Five Element principles. I have described the basic Five Elements principles and its interaction with other elements in my book. However, you’ll benefit more when you learn the visualisation technique in my FEN classes. You’d be able to easily and quickly weigh in the pros and cons when suggesting remedial activities. Just like whether suggesting sandcastle building is appropriate. In Five Elements principles, the Earth element supports Metal. A strong Metal person do not need any more Earth element. It’s like you’ve just finished a heavy meal and your mum insisted you finish the leftover pizzas. What happens next? You might have indigestion, you might feel bloated, you could vomited out, or you’ll ended feelings lousy afterwards. And it changes your attitude and you ended affecting everyone’s moods too.

CaseStudy_SharonHenry: I have a female friend, Sharon, who used to binge drink to release stress. I hope she has stopped her binge drinking habits. She works as an IT staff and often finished work late at night. During her free time, she likes to play and take part in game competitions that stresses her even more as you’d said. I thought she could follow your advice on the game types to play as she often complained of stress.

Ron: Look at Sharon’s chart. There’re tendency signs suggesting a mentally and stressful person. This year, her stress and emotion level might increase and it could invoke sudden emotional fiery outburst. She might have communication problems or noticed relationship strains with people. Others might stay away from her fearing being “traumatised” by her temperamental mood swings. I’m not sure what game genre Sharon likes to play for past time or for competitions. Different people might have contradicting suggestions on the suitable game genre recommended for Sharon. When I applied the Five Element principles, a person with strong Fire needs a releasing outlet to let off their fiery vibes. Let’s look at the types of non-gaming activities that might help her release her stress vibes. Taking a roller coaster ride could help her “shout it loud” and release the stressing build-up tensions. Rock climbing or mountaineering can be good but with the recent earthquakes in Nepal and Sabah, it’s best to put aside such activities for the moment. Taking up windsurfing sports might frightened her at first but it can have therapeutic and refreshing effects on her. Going to the museum is good but it might bored her as what she wants is excitement and action-driven activities.

HiddenPatternsNow let’s look at the games genre. Playing race games might help but she must consciously be aware of the difference between race gaming and real road driving is two separate activities. Fighting or shoot-ups games might helped unleash the energies in her. Playing Sudoku and crossword puzzles might not interest her as she lacks the patience and tolerance. It might be useful and healthier for Sharon to pick up group participation activities (like participating in charity runs or cycling events) than intense gameplay competitions. Sharon might consider taking up regular fitness exercises and relaxing sports (like yoga, qigong, and meditation) during her free time to improve her holistic health and mental well-being.


EXTEND1Henry: For people with many similar elements in their birth chart profiles, would you suggest suitable game types to reduce their stress level? For example, people with many Water element (numbers 2, 7), would “mental” game genre keep them better focused? Would people with many Fire elements (numbers 3 and 8) be suitable to take up singing and water sports, like swimming?

Ron: As mentioned earlier, we need to understand the elemental strengths present in a person’s natal chart and their periodic charts. We also has to factor in the rhythmic cycles and seasonal influences that might affect a person’s harmonic energies. Playing a certain game genre or taking up a specific sport activities might help induce or control a person’s negative energies for now. There might be side effects when favourable energies are manifesting strongly in a period. It could affect a person’s health – their body, mind, and soul. Have you wondered why many sports celebrities could performed well at certain times but not every time? Their body clocks and their biorhythmic vibes are at work. We cannot analyse a person’s birth chart in absolute context. We need to understand the environmental causes as well as it could manifest both positive and negative energies at different times. You’ll get to learn and understand the interactions of the universal and personal energy vibes at the FEN Level 2 (Advanced) class. You will also learn about the rhythmic cycle and annual signs – these are knowledge-building tools you can apply to identify the periodic elemental strengths of a person. You can then suggest suitable activities (like games and sports) a person can take part at certain time for optimal performance.

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