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What you experience and how you feel today is usually different from yesterday. This year’s energies are normally different from last year’s. The lucky bracelet or special engraved ‘number code’ on the ring you’re wearing could bring positive luck today but not sometime later. Everything happens for a reason. The periodic vibes present in the Universal and Personal Year and Month do influence and affect a person. Because of that, good things don’t last long. And neither do bad ones.

Charlie asked “May I check with you if there is any significance in numerology [for car numbers?] and if so how do we know if the number is good?

I replied to him, “All numbers do have vibes. Whether it’s good or bad depends on the current energies. If you feel “shiok” (local Singapore slang for “satisfaction” – normally used to convey a feeling of sheer pleasure and happiness) with certain numbers then go with the flow. Don’t spend too much time pondering.”

I used to work for a company many years ago where the founder CEO’s car plate is 5558. In Cantonese (Chinese dialect), it sounds like “never prosperous”. But he (let’s call him Simpson) proved sceptics wrong on the bad sounding numbers. To Simpson, such number patterns do little influence on a person with strong positive vibes internally within themselves. External influence is just like the passing smell of burning rubber from the racing car – now you can smell it and afterwards you don’t. Because of his ever-strong positive attitude, aptitude, and relentless pursuits, the company could cruise along the “blue ocean” creating feelings of awe. But like the good vibes that don’t last long, the company is now struggling to steer clear of the red ocean.”

BANNER4The point isenergies change often. You may feel good with the influencing vibes from a number today, and you could feel worst with the vibe from the same number tomorrow. The vibes and its influences are not consistent every time. The car number 5558 is just a by-product, but a symbolic significance to Simpson. It could be the car number of his first car that brought good-times memories on the times driving around to finally convince investors and MNCs to support his products.

Let’s get back to Charlie’s question. Yes, all numbers (whether it’s a car number, house number, personal security number) do have vibrations and people feel it differently. Some people might get positively energised with the influencing vibes while others could feel emotionally exhausted. A person could also feel differently with the same influencing vibes on different days.  Your birthdate remains with you forever until the end of time, and its internal influence lies within you. The car number, though it could last long, would remain as an external influence. It could have diluting influences as time passes.

personalyearinfluenceRemember, we are not living in a static ‘freeze-frame’ time where the clock doesn’t tick. As the clock ticks continuously, the time (seconds, minutes, hours) also change. When time and seasons change, the periodic vibes could influence our mind varyingly. And while these influences changes, our mindset, behaviours, and action changes along the way, affecting the result. Everything happens for a reason.  Your experiences, your behaviours, and your actions could just be the reasons. Often, it’s nobody’s fault but yours.

Many PON (the Power of Numbers course conducted by Dr Oliver Tan) students know what the LIFE CODE is, and possibly, what it can do. However, many don’t understand the purpose and limits of the pattern code. It’s not the Life Code pattern is inaccurate. The Life Code acts as a balancing vibes (from the number pattern) to harmonise the weaker energies in a person’s birth chart. It could work well for some people but to a limited extent. It could work for you but it surely doesn’t work well every time.  More often than not, many people lack understanding its usefulness and goodness at specific periods, and its potential effects on a person’s health at different times.

BANNER5You need to look at the Universal and Personal Year (including Month, Day) vibes as these could manifest the elements and its vibes strongly. A strong element could control or repel a weaker element. A favourable element today if manifested too strongly tomorrow may in turn decrease the strength of some other essential element. These means there is no permanent “life code” that can manifest all the favourable vibes you ever need, forever.

When you understand the extended methods of Elements of Numbers (EON), you’ll know that you can never rely on the Life Code patterns forever. People change, seasons change, and so do your mindsets change every time. Taking a shorter, macro view of the year energies are more practical than relying on a lifetime pattern. I’ll be sharing the “Annual Code” or the yearly code at my EON Workshop next month. You can identify potential vibes every year and while you chase your goals you’re also taking care of your health along the way. Feel the Fear, Experience the Success.

The recent cases of PRISM leaks, transgression scandals, corruptions, torrential rains and heavy snowfall, hurricanes and typhoons, and increasing blood-related health signs like tuberculosis and dengue cases, does not happen without a reason. How can we identify such signs earlier? When you apply the elemental perspective using the EON method, the tendency clues are on the year numbers – 2013 (2-1-3=6).  This is just one part of the universal vibes. How the year vibes could affect you depends on your Personal vibes, and most importantly, the actions you are taking.

BANNER2Join me at next month’s 8th EON WORKSHOP session on 6th July 2013 (Saturday). I’ll explain why certain patterns, if unknowingly applied, could lead to more harm than good. When you feel the fear and take precautions especially on your health, you’d be driving positively towards your success goals.

Register now with McCoy (8356-0179) to reserve your seats.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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