Choosing GOOD Telephone numbers

There are people who claimed the importance of having a good telephone number as the number vibrations will manifest positively to its owner. They are right, but to a varying extent as it all depends on you.

Many people have conscientiously followed and chose the auspicious telephone numbers for their home, office, and mobile phones. It worked for some, and it does not work for others. And when the positive vibes of the numbers don’t work for you, it’s mainly because of YOU.

Why is this so? Let me explain further…

The series of numerical characters in a phone number is too long.  Unless your mobile number is a 4-digit one, we should not waste unnecessary time and effort in trying to choose a “good-sounding” telephone number.

Let us take a 7-digit telephone number as an example – 9871234. The ‘9’ would combine with ‘8’, creating a new resultant number. It then combines with the next number, creating another new number. The entire process would continue until we have the resultant number. From the first number ‘9’ to the last number ‘4’, there are manifestation of the energies –  moving around the vibrations of individual numbers, the combined numbers, and the resulting numbers. As there are just too many numbers in the series, it is not possible to identify the positive and negative energies in the combinations. Each number and its energy is interdependent and independent with the next number in the series. The compound and cumulative effects would be “intertwined”. It’s not easy to identify the positive energies to work on.

Now, back to the question… Why does it work for some, and not for others?

It is all because of the “Power of Focus” and the “Power of Persistency”. A good sounding telephone number is after all, a good sounding telephone number. It makes one feel good in our minds. It has similar feelings after you had attended a motivational talk on how you can quickly become a millionaire. You felt good. You took action. You got results.

But what happened a year later? Are you still a millionaire? If not, why? If yes, then why?

Sadly, many people are what I’d called “short-term believers”. We need to take continual action, and regularly reinforced our actions to energise and manifest the positive vibrations. We need to have a long-term belief and take charge of our actions regularly. Procrastination is the enemy of time, and you should eliminate it if you want to see results on a longer term.

Ideally, accept whatever telephone number the local telephone company assigned to you. Of course if you have a list of telephone numbers to choose from, then focus on the last 3 or 4 digits. That’s where the vibrations and influences are. Focus and manifest on these few numbers as the energy levels are the strongest.

Remember the key words – continual actions. Act on it to make your goals come true. Do what you can do for tomorrow today. Don’t wait for tomorrow to take action as there is always another tomorrow every day. Got the hint? Stop procrastinating now. Take charge of your life. So you have a good sounding telephone number. You have the energy, the fuel and inspiration, and the drive. Now, all you need is the action to step on the accelerator to drive on and make it happen – reach your goal-setting destination.

So, can we use numerology to choose a telephone number, car license plate, email address and… whatever?

Why not when it can help you become a better positive person? At the end of it all, the positive outcome depends on your thoughts and continual actions. If it helps to manifest the positive thoughts, and if you can maximise and utilise the positive energies every day, go for it as anything (positive results) is possible!

One advice here – don’t be too excessively obsessed by the numbers. The numbers, just like colours, are just a by-product. Even without a “good-sounding” number, your positive attitudes and persistency to rid the bad habits will guide you along the right track smoothly to your destination in life.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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