Stepping Down for Hosni Mubarak

Just a short article today while I continue to enjoy the Lunar New Year holiday mood here in Singapore.

I met a casual friend John yesterday who got excited when he found out that I am the author of the book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” During our conversation, he asked me this question “Do you think President Hosni Mubarak would step down anytime soon?”

To me, it’s a question where everybody knows the answer. President Mubarak had already stated he would not seek another term in the upcoming Presidential Election in September. However, no one knows whether he would step down and give up his position and authority earlier than Sept 2011.

His career’s elemental vibration is weak this year. The weakest months (element influences that affect his career) would be March, May, July, September and December.

I may be wrong here as I’m now focusing on the career element in EON. Although my findings are not conclusive yet, it’d come handy for me to fine-tune the “Career element” if necessary.

On a side note, he needs to take care of his respiratory and immune systems as these may affect his mental and cardiovascular health conditions.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun.


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