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I mentioned the influencing vibes that may affect a person with 8-8 (including 8-5/5-8) in an article “Double 8-8: Luck or Lack?” posted a few years ago.

One user (vw2796) posted a comment recently, “For person with missing numbers 5 and 8, does that mean the effect of the 88/85/58 in personal year chart is small or it does not make any difference?

At my recent 8th EON WORKSHOP session, I’ve shown new slides suggesting the positive and negative traits associated to the numbers and its elements present in a person’s EON chart. Traits associated to number 5 include freedom, flexible, stubborn, “cannot sit still”, protective, obsession, manipulative, interfering, anxious, controlling, practical, humble, and multitalent. Traits associated to number 8 include warm, intuitive, responsible, stress, self-sacrifice, emotional, temperamental, devastating, passionate, helpful, hurtful, and fiery.

Traits_5n8A person who has 8-8 or 5-5 (or combination of both) have tendency traits mentioned earlier. However, the strength of the traits (positive or negative) depends mainly on the person’s experience, family upbringing, culture, environment, and habits.

When a number is missing from a person’s chart, it doesn’t imply a lack of traits associated to the elements and numbers. Technically, a missing number (5 or 8) does not imply the number is missing in a person’s chart, and therefore you can assume the person is not stubborn or stressful. You must put aside such unfounded assumption as it could influence your profiling analysis on someone especially on sensitive health conditions related to the missing element. A missing number in a chart simply suggest the element (and its associated traits) is weak. It’s just like a person who has missing 8 (Fire) does not imply he has no heart (Fire).

A person with missing 5 has to work more on the positive influence of the number 5 like humility, flexible, practical, and so on. A person with missing 8 has to work harder on areas like warm, responsible, helpfulness and control areas of stress and tempers. A person with both missing 5 and 8 has to work hard on both tendency traits mentioned.

A person with both missing 5 and 8 has to work double-hard on his emotional balance (stubbornness and tempers) as it could lead to severe tempers and emotional outbreak leading to mental stress like bipolar disorder and maniac frenzy.

Let me use an analogy to explain further. A poor person usually has constant limited financial spending. They’re usually more thrifty (some became a miser) than usual. After some time, the person picked up the habit of moderate and careful spending – they spend only on essential needs more than their wants. They became humble and happy, and live a simple life as they could “save more, spend less”. Now, the LUCK & WEALTH vibes get manifested in a particular year and the person became extremely rich.  As wealth comes suddenly, many put aside their thriftiness and started to adopt the “spend more, save less” mindset. They thought they could spend “a little more” and live their dreams as if there is no tomorrow. Soon, thoughts became a habit. Their humility and true happiness became a fading habit. They soon build up the arrogance nature and thoughts that “money can buy” their happiness. The dark forces rule their mind and actions.

CaseStudy_CharlieSheenA person with a missing number does not always experience sad or unfortunate incidents. Their decision and actions do influence the outcome. The ‘poor man who suddenly became rich” could always seek a financial consultation to advise on financial spending and investment, without the sweat, stress, and emotional attachments. Yes, there are happier endings too as long as the person can identify the positive traits associated to the numbers (and elements) and consciously manifested the positive vibes.

For example, the influencing vibes may affect a person to become more flexible (number 5) and responsible (number 8) when the numbers appear in the Personal Year chart. When you macro-analyse the numbers present in the Personal Month or Day charts, there are even more positive choices the person can identify and manifest. If they chose to manifest the positive vibes, then they shall receive the positive vibes. But when they chose to strengthen the negative vibes, the fiery emotions and temperaments could rule their thoughts and actions. That often happened to celebrities who lived stressful lifestyles.

According to this Wikipedia page, it was quoted that Charlie Sheen’s personal life “has also made headlines, including reports about alcohol and drug abuse and marital problems, as well as allegations of domestic violence.” Besides the numbers 4 and 7, Sheen has the missing numbers 5 and 8. From EON perspective, this means that Sheen must also work harder on areas associated to the numbers 4 (Wood) and 7 (Water).

You may want to analyse Sheen’s chart and his Personal Year charts for the past few years (say, 2010 – 2013). Try to correlate his negative actions (mentioned on the Wikipedia page) to the numbers and elements present in the periodic charts. Do refer to my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” to find out more on the traits associated to the elements and the numbers.

BANNER5On health matters, Sheen must control and manage his emotions and tempers. There are tendency signs in his chart suggesting he could fall into the “high-risk group” of people with cancerous tendencies if they do not take action to manage their own healthcare regimen and keep good holistic health. Students who attended my EON WORKSHOPS are taught how to identify the  ‘cancerous tendencies’ and other health symptoms.

Remember, missing numbers is not about the lack of energies and its influencing vibes. You just need to work harder to strengthen the areas associated to these missing numbers. When you can learn to harmonise the energies from within, you can create the healthier and positive character to take control of your life purpose.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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