Ethan Ruan sued by ex-manager

According to recent Channel NewsAsia article, Taiwan model-actor Ethan Ruan’s former manager has recently sued the star, alleging that Ruan had breached their contract.

The 7-5-3 number combination is present in Ethan’s Personal Year 2010 (PY2010) chart. This could implied a potential contractual disagreement. Check my article “Cashout on 573 and 753” for additional details.

As I am not a lawyer, I wouldn’t know whether there is a legal case for anyone to sue someone for breaching the contract after so many years for not pursuing it. However, I noticed it is common to see big companies (like Apple, Microsoft, Palm) suing others for Intellectual Property or patent infringement after being quiet for a while. Perhaps they initiated the lawsuit after a certain years to gather more evidence and eventually, gain more money for the loss of potential revenue. Maybe, this case is different and best handled by their lawyers.

In the same article, the ex-manager, Chen Yu Zhe claimed that Ethan also broke off from their five-year contract after signing on in 2002, joining another agency even before his contract ended.

Ethan was quoted as saying “Yes I did sign the contract. I was only 19 years old back then. My mother, who is my legal guardian, did not agree to it.”

The 9-6-6 number combination is present in Ethan’s PY2002 chart. The opportunity to make more money is in his mind. That could have made him signed the contract.

Let’s hope they can settle their problems amicably, as in any lawsuit their lawyers would be the one to benefit from this legal case.

Regards, Ron


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