Cashout on 573 and 753

You need to be careful when you see the 5-7-3 and 7-5-3 number combinations in your Birth chart or Personal Year chart. It can hurt your pocket. At the extreme end, it can have a ‘cashout’ effect on you.

5-7-3 [Stubborn-Supporter-Fast]

If you have 5-7-3 in your birth chart, it means that you have a stubborn nature, and at times, is trying to make life difficult for others like your friends, business associates, supporters, relatives, colleagues, and customers. They became agitated and frustrated as your overbearing nature is blocking them from achieving what they want to do. In the end, both parties are feeling stressful. The result (number 3) – fiery disputes, heated arguments, tempers rising, blood pressure rising – there is no amiable solution as both parties are talking at the same time, and not listening and digesting the views of the other party. If you cannot resolve the disputes, then going to the court may be an alternative. “Ouch… that can be costly!”

7-5-3 [Supporter-Stubborn-Fast]

It is similar to the 5-7-3 effect, except the supporter is usually the one constantly giving you problems. It may not be their fault. On hindsight, it can even be because of your stubborn nature or refusal to make changes as recommended. They could have refused to change or compromised with you. Unless both parties can come to an amiable conclusion, going to court may be the way out to settle the problem. Again, it can be costly!

If you have a 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3) appearing in your birth chart, there may be potential legal lawsuit happening at least once in your life. If the number combinations appear in your Personal Year chart, then there could be a possibility you may faced a potential lawsuit or court summons during that year.

In the end, you will experience a ‘cashout’ effect and may have cash flow problems.

“Don’t Worry, Be Happy!”

From another perspective, there could be other “less serious” signs that may happen instead.

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In summary, the resultant effect of 5-7-3 and 7-5-3 normally imply money lost. It can be minor, and it can be huge. Whichever way it is… the choice is yours.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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