Excitement at 2nd EON Workshop

Yesterday (24 Sep 2011) was a day meant to be fun, exciting and memorable for the lucky ones in Singapore. In town, those present at the Singapore F1 – 2011 Formula 1 Night Race would know for sure the experience last night would remain in their mind for a long time.

In another part of Singapore, some others took the opportunity to experience an exciting moment of elementary discoveries. These are the lucky ones who’d attended my 2nd EON Workshop.

As usual, the workshop starts with the fundamentals of the Five Elements theory.  I’ve shared the visual techniques to understand the theories of the Five Elements Cycles, the extended traits of each of the five elements, and its relation to the body organs.

One participant asked about definite traits of an element, like the traits associated to the numbers 4 and 9. I’m glad she asked. It is hard to define every unique traits of an element as a person with Root number 4 could have the tendency signs of number 9 as well. For example, this could imply that a person with Root number 9 could also display the emotional traits of number 4, under stressing moments.

The Yin Yang logo is often used to explain the fundamental of the Five Elements in many Chinese metaphysics studies. There’s a common phrase “There’s a Yin in every Yang, and there’s a Yang in every Yin.”

This means that a male person could have some feminine traits, and a female person could have some masculine traits. Therefore, it’s not possible to define specifically that all traits about number 4 would not be “present” on a number 9 person.

The pace was faster after lunch. The participants were getting more excited when I started showing the case study slides, and explained to them the formula and techniques to identify tendency signs. These include birth and conception, miscarriage, cancer, diabetes, spiritual senses, ear ringing, cholesterol, street smart, book smart, career vibes, and many more. I also shared new techniques (not taught at the 1st workshop) on identifying the tendency trend that may happen to them currently or for the future, using periodic history incidents as references.

I also shared another unique method to look at the yearly influence of a person, from a micro-perspective. The formula would allow them to identify tendency signs that a person may experience in a particular year, by looking at their Personal Year charts. Participants learned the techniques to identify hidden patterns in a series of numbers, forecasting, and using EON to check on specific days.

Many of them enjoyed attending the workshop session. The techniques and experience they felt were new and different from what they’d learned from other mentors. That’s not surprising since they are learning about the Elements of Numbers (EON).

The workshop was conducted in an interactive and participative approach. There is no restriction – participants can ask questions any time, while I did my best to answer them.

All in all, I’m glad I have given my best shot at the workshop again. Standing the whole day teaching was tiring but worth the effort as those who heard me has learned new techniques beyond the power and science of numbers. They now have the knowledge and techniques to analyse beyond character profiling.

A few people who’d reserved could not attend the workshop because of other commitment. That’s ok, as you’ve your own priorities. As a courtesy, it’d great to tell us early if you cannot make it. We could have offered your reserved seats to others. We’ve to reject some interested users who’d tried to register at the last minute.

The turnout was encouraging. The 2nd EON Workshop was a success for everyone present. I’m grateful for your support. The journey and moments of elemental discovery has began for you. Please explore and practise what I’ve shared with you. Learn to know yourself better, and change your perspective if necessary, for a better, happier, and healthier life.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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