When A Child Is Born

I was reading a local major newspaper yesterday when an advertisement attracted my attention. The headline reads “Special Lunar 7th Month Seminar”. One of the points stated – “Analyze the life of babies in the 7th month.”

In Singapore, the Lunar 7th Month (10 Aug – 7 Sept) is known as the “Hungry Ghost Month” where wandering spirits from the Hell realm are given a one-month pass to roam freely on the human realm. Click here to find out more https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghost_Festival

As the seminar is on 14 August, I would not know what this Feng Shui Master is going to talk about when it comes to analysing the life of babies born in the 7th month. Perhaps you may want to check out and attend the seminar if you’re living in Singapore.

On a separate note, Feng Shui enthusiasts and experts alike would also notice the Solar month (7 Aug to 8 Sep) is a “Month Breaker” where the month’s Earthly Branch clashes with the year’s Earthly Branch. When there is a Month Breaker, it is advisable to be extra cautious and not to make any major decision during that month.

Metaphysicians (Chinese, Indian and Western) around the world uses various methods (including Bazi, Astrology and Numerology) to decide the energies of favourable dates a baby can be born.

How do we decide which is the best date for the baby to be “out”?

There is no perfect ideal day and time a baby can be born. There are just too many contradictory viewpoints when we use different metaphysics method to gather the suitable dates. What may be the ideal day using one method may have a “serious negative impact” using another method.

To safeguard and exercise precautions, many of these metaphysicians DO NOT provide one single ideal date. Instead, they will provide a few dates which they think are suitable.

Some practitioners like to take advantage and impose fear on people, telling them of the negative results if the baby is born on the 7th month. Does that mean we should advise the woman to delay the delivery of her baby during that period just because it falls in the “Hungry Ghost Month” and the “Month Breaker” period?

It is Heaven’s will to decide when a baby should be born. If we decide on the baby’s fate and the baby is delivered through caesarean, does that mean the baby will get to enjoy the good destiny pointed out in their Life chart?

If the baby is born on the date suggested and later became a serial rapist, do you blame the metaphysician and not on your own actions?

You may have a wonderful Life chart and that doesn’t guaranteed you will have a wonderful life forever. Perhaps the positive energies would help in your earlier stage, giving you a healthy head start to your life’s achievement. Your family upbringing, the values your parents taught you, your social friends, your habits and thinking – all these do play a major part in influencing the result of your life’s achievement.

The birth of the baby has nothing to do with the 7th Month or the Month Breaker.

Let Heaven decides on when the baby should be born. Do not worry too much. When the child is born, we should provide them with proper upbringing and good family values, and to educate them with good social and moral values too. Ideally, we can give them a ray of hope, shining all around, and cultivate the good etiquette and values in them.

What becomes of them in their later years, depend mainly on their own choices and actions.

Regards, Ron


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