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“My friend introduced one lady to me. She is very beautiful and her face is radiant and attractive. No wonder my friend is crazy with her. But I suspect she is more of opportunist and materialistic. Just got the feeling and happen to read her birthday after I told her I learned numerology,” wrote Simon in his recent email to me. “Is the 7-2-9 an indication of a beautiful lady? It seems to be coincidental in few cases… 9-6-6, as in your book, suggest business-money-money.”

You have seen photographs of women crowned as “Miss World” or “Miss Universe” every year. Often, you couldn’t agree with the judges on their choices because you know you can easily find more beautiful women walking on the streets! Well, you may have heard of the common phrase “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.”  It’s not WHAT you see but HOW you see it. It’s not the ‘outer beauty’ of a person that matters but the person’s transient beauty (inner beauty) that’s more important if you’re looking for a permanent soulmate.  Some women look beautiful externally, but within, they are not. Yes, there’re many beautiful looking women with great transient beauty as well. Some women even look gorgeous without makeup on, or with slight makeup.

Let’s take a look at this lady’s chart (let’s call her Betty) using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

CaseStudy_BettyThe tendency signs of a person with 2-7-9 and 7-2-9 number pattern include sensual and charismatic traits. Women with these patterns tend to be more feminine, pleasant-looking (not necessary always beautiful or pretty) with the sex appeal personality.

They could be manipulative and success-driven too since 2-7-9 [Talk-Supporter-Success] and 7-2-9 [Supporter-Talk-Success] – imply they’re able to talk and convince their supporters to spend on them so they can achieve the success they want.

You may want to check out my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” for more info on other traits associated to the 2, 7, and 9 numbers.

In Betty’s case, the 7-2-9 pattern is present in locations V-W-X of her chart which could suggest an ‘external’ beauty appeal. It may reinforce the phrase “there is more to it (the beauty) than meets the eye.” It could suggest that she’s able to manipulate others through her outer beauty looks. On the other hand, it could imply she has more of the sex appeal and charismatic appeal that attract others easily. Like what Simon wrote in his email, “She is very beautiful and her face is radiant and attractive. No wonder my friend is crazy with her.

What about her inner beauty?

The tendency signs suggest slight inner beauty present in her chart. More likely, as Simon has identified, there are the obvious signs of materialistic goals in mind with the 9-6-6 patterns. There’re signs of arrogance, success-centric and self-egotistical traits, besides the ‘un-ladylike’ behaviours once in a while.  The materialistic mindset is stronger this year when we look at her PY2013 chart. She’s experiencing the “Double Effect” Year vibes now! Simon’s friend has to be careful with his spending!

Here are some vibes to energise your observatory skills – Is her outer beauty only skin deep? Has she gone through cosmetic surgery to enhance her looks? Or could she simply mastered the art of makeup to make her face look more beautiful? Perhaps Simon may want to find out and share them with us here.

On health matters, Betty must take care of her health especially her immune, mental, and respiratory systems. In the Five Elements, she must also be mindful of potential health problems associated to Wood element. She is resourceful and smart and has the perfectionist traits in her. She must learn to relax and take care of her eyes.

If you have a birthdate like Betty or knows someone who does, it doesn’t mean you will have inhibited such traits. There’s nothing wrong in having both a beautiful face and with smart brain. And you do have both beauty and brain, the world is your oyster! Take charge of your life and discover there are even more beautiful things you can do to improve the life of others, besides your beautiful look.

Often, we manipulate others in one shrewdly way or another to achieve the goals we need. Eventually we still need to focus on moral and ethical means while getting our goals without hurting the ‘love and feelings’ of others.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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