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Hi Ron, I bought your book on Element of Numbers. I tried to analyse the relationship between my husband and I. Attached is the brief analysis I have done. Unfortunately I could not explain how my hubby feels towards me. I appreciate if you could help to elaborate and advise the relationship between my hubby and I, and how compatibility are we. Please advise how could I better understand my hubby and improve our relationship?

Kris did a wonderful analysis of her husband’s traits based on the basic personality profiling steps I’ve described in the topic “Interpreting the Birth Chart – I” on Page 63 of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” Kris also did a wonderful job identifying her husband’s personality from a basic perspective. Below is an excerpt of her analysis:

Personality, the way he looks = 4+5+9 = 18 = 9 (Greedy). The number 9 denotes Wood- growth, upwards. He is tall and quick to act. He is aggressive in his pursuits to the extent of unknowingly hurting others because of his words. He has a warm-hearted, loving nature and sometimes, this may also be a fault resulting in his inquisitive nature. He likes to explore to get the truth. He’s concern about other people’s personal matters to the extent of invading their privacy. Some people may not like him because of that. The subconscious self = 9+4+9=4 (Try to be clever, always think he is clever and others are stupid)

What Kris needs to do is to identify her personality traits as well, and list down both the positive and negative aspects and perhaps discuss the findings with her husband (let’s call him “Kenny”) in a casual and fun way. She could jokingly teased with Kenny on their negative traits, and talk about how they can improve their relationship. They’ve to take conscious steps to be tolerant with each other’s fault. They need to strengthen the trust and loving bond to understand each other better.


Now, let’s look from an extended EON perspective, starting with the Compatibility analysis. There are strong sociable and communicable friendship vibes when Kris and Kenny are together. At times, there could be misunderstandings caused by assumptions and lack of communication between them, and taking things for granted. There are tendency signs suggesting both of them are also enjoying the companionship of their external social friends as well. They’re more like friends than lovers. While it’s great to enjoy the fun outside and widen the social circle, Kris and Kenny must take conscious effort to spend quality time with each other.

On personality level, Kenny is an emotional and temperamental person. You can check my other articles on 4-5-9, 5-4-9 traits. His fiery outburst could have worsen last year due to the “Double Effects Year” vibes present in his PY2012 chart, and these could have frustrated Kris further and causing tension and strain in their marriage.  There are tendency signs suggesting Kenny to be an idealistic and competitive person focusing on success-building goals outwardly. There are signs of fear, sensitiveness and insecurity on a subconscious level. These are all credited to the stubbornness and “principle-minded” thinking which often, could create a stumbling block in his pursuits to achieve his goals. It’d be great for Kenny to ‘let go’ the unnecessary worries and be more open-minded. It’s healthier for him to work as a team with others instead of preferring to plan and do things on his own.

RelationshipsKris must also learn to let go of the “sensitive, insecurity, and suspicious” fear about her husband. Otherwise, what one fears may come true like the ‘law of attraction.’ Imagine Kenny having the frustrated feelings and ‘not wanting to come home and get scold’ thinking. To lessen conflict, the ideal ‘escapade‘ way for him is to spend more time outside with friends and less time at home. When a man is ‘up close and personal’ with a female companion for ‘extended‘ period of time, passionate sparks could trigger into loving explorations resulting in transgression acts. Giving each other personal space, trust, and changing one’s mindset and perspective could lead to a happier and healthier relationship. Kris could learn to provide moral support to Kenny in times of his frustrated moments for not getting his plans right.

Sample Case Study of Arnold & Maria, from EON WORKSHOPThere are tendency signs suggesting frustrating and exhausting moments for Kenny this year. There are stressing times for him to toggle between strengthening his career and family, and to improve his finances.  Kris could discuss tactfully with Kenny on ‘family and home matters.’ [EON students: Apply the ‘checking the spouse’ method to interpret what I’ve mentioned in this paragraph.]

When a person is excessively emotional and temperamental, there is mental block. Find a suitable time to discuss when the mood is calm and relax. If all else fails, they can try seeking professional help to unleash the stumbling block in each other’s mind, and learn to embrace each other’s positive traits better.

Both Kenny and Kris must take charge of their lives together as loving husband and wife. It takes two hands to clap; and the tolerance and understanding for Kris and Kenny to live their marriage life happily together as loving couple. People’s mindset, behaviours, habits, life purpose, and social needs do change along the years. Kris and Kenny should revisit the times when they first got married and enjoy the fun and love together. Rekindle the loving magic once again!


Regards, Ron WZ Sun

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