Learning Number Patterns Using NIPL Oracle Deck

There was excitement among members in my special “EON OracleWhatsApp chat group the past few days. Some questions were brought up during our sharing sessions, and I thought it was good to highlight the relevance of applying our understanding of the Oracle cards to the number patterns on a person’s Birth Chart. And vice-versa…

One FEN student remarked, “From my predictive experience, when the number 4-1 appeared on a drawn card based on a question posted by the querent (person asking the question), the meaning of this card cannot be stumbled and interrupted. For example, if the querent asked about when they can have money luck, this card is numbered (fixed). Be careful. So do not take risks, do not don’t believe.

Too many external trainers from other numerology methods have been emphasising about the negativities around a person, and how bad it could be if they don’t watch out. And they claimed one ideal way to solve them is through the use of special ornaments with unique LifeCode numbers engraved, as a natural lifelong cure. As many of you, who have read my earlier articles about LifeCode cures, would know these are just expensive commercialised symbolic solutions that could be detrimental to those who don’t realise the true meanings of the numbers present in their Birth charts, or personal year charts.

One of the key areas why it’s getting easier to interpret the numbers and number patterns, is through the use of the affirmative messages displayed on the ‘Numbers in Positive Light (NIPL) Oracle Deck that I have designed and self-published in early January 2019.

Let’s look at the Oracle card with 4-1(5) number. In the basic keyword, it means [Plan – Alone – Obstacle].

James asked, “does this mean a 41/5 card is always bad. If a user has this card, does it means they must be extra careful as he/she will not have luck at all?

Master Phat replied, “not always. For instance, in the case of World War 1 (11/11/1918), the day in which all parties ended the war… the number of the day is 41/5. Meaning stopped for the better of the world.

My response to the group, “It’s how you interpret the question, and how to use the knowledge to prevent further damage. Sometimes, we cannot do much in a situation beyond our control. So best is to relax and look out. The 41/5 = [Plan – Alone – Obstacle]. Isn’t it frustrating when you are lonely again (4+1+5=1) after all the planning and work done? Stop and disrupt the flow of movement. When you stop the flow, the energies changed too, and you’re in better control. It’s like when you’re so engaged in resolving an issue, no matter how much time and efforts you tried, you cannot find an answer. However, when you take a break, do some other unrelated things like window-shopping, have a shower, or come back another day to review the problem, you are actually looking at it from a different angle. And that’s when you might encounter a working solution to resolve the problem.

I then told the group, “the keyphrase is “take a break.” Don’t get engrossed with the problem at hand as you are caught “inside the box.” Do something else, and come back later? Chances are, you’ll be looking from an “outside the box” perspective, and have more choices to resolve…”

Whether you interpret the 4-1-5 pattern as [Plan – Alone – Stubborn] or [Plan – Alone – Obstacle] on your Birth Chart, or your Personal Year chart; or in this case, on the Oracle card, the meanings are similar. There are obstructing energies that could block your way, regardless of how much you tried. Why squander the time and effort, and aggravating the emotions and tempers, to go headstrong, against the incoming tide and waves? Sometimes, it’s best to adopt a different approach, like take a step backward or move sideways for a while, to let the tide flows through while you view the situation as an onlooker or observer, rather than being part of the situation.

That is why, the affirmative message on the 41-(5) card of the NIPL Oracle Deck states the need to “stop and smells the roses.” Often, when we focus too much on resolving a problem, we could be oblivious to the surroundings around us. We could have missed out many beautiful things that came along the way, the care our loved ones gave, the sweet thoughts our little kids gave, and the deserving rest our body needs.

That stated, even if you’re so engrossed in number patterns that your UCMHP, PON, or LifeQuest trainers have imparted to you, you can still use the “Numbers in Positive LightNIPL Oracle Deck as a numerology flash card, to understand the keyword and underlying causes as well. That, in many ways, could directly or unconsciously, improve your profiling knowledge and power to correlate situations to the number patterns present.

Another member asked, “What about the infamous 483? Is it considered the worst card among all?

My reply to the group, “ The purpose of releasing and naming my Oracle Deck as ‘Numbers in Positive Light’ means there are beneficial sides to all Numbers. A tool is as good as the person using it. So, practise is the way to go…

I’ve constantly encouraged my students to practice, practise, and practise. I also told the members, “the fact you’re here means we all learn together to enrich our knowledge…

The root cause of people influenced or affected by the 4-8-3 (or 8-4-3) pattern is – lack of communications. Once you realise that, then the way to go, to avoid extreme cases of divorcing or separations, is to have a good chat with the other party. At times, getting a neutral person acting as an intermediary, could have both parties to bring out the real issues, talked about it, and come to a common understanding to resolve the issues amicably.  Once done, the 4-8-3 (or 8-4-3) pattern – should it appear in your birth chart or periodic chart (like Personal Year or Personal Day charts) – is nothing serious, and just like a pre-alert sign for you to have a sincere talk with the other party, to avoid misunderstanding, and solve the issue. As stated in the affirmative message on the 4-8(3) Oracle card, do not assume but ask the other party so that you can find out more on the reasons. And before you hurt the other party, understand how you’d feel if you are misunderstood. And think about how hurtful or blunt your words could be when you speak it loud, before thinking whether the issue is more about your own behaviours and actions. These affirmative messages are, in many ways, practical advice you can use to harmonise a person’s characteristics and traits, to benefit everyone, to the highest good of all.

Reading numbers and number pattern is easy and straightforward, and there is no need to spend so much, in thousand of dollars in many cases, to gain so little when you can easily gain so much by just reading my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” Sure, when your knowledge improves beyond basic theories, you can always enrich your profiling skill sets through “visualisation techniques” in my FEN WORKSHOP class. I’ll share the practical, cost-effective cures (I’ll share the LifeCode steps and explain why it is ineffective) to understand and resolve a problem.

And when you’re ready to analyse beyond profiling, getting hold of the “Numbers in Positive LightOracle Deck might come handy when you, or your clients, asked certain questions beyond charting or profiling analysis.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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