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Sometime back, someone searched for “sandwich number” on this site. I was curious about it and wondered if the term “sandwich” is about the bread (top and bottom layer), or the fillings that’re in the middle. Or both, like profiling the number patterns as an entire sandwich – a complete product?

As the “sandwich” terminology was not introduced by me, I began to check with FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students in the FEN COMMUNITY WhatsApp chat group. While I do share my observations on profiling questions with the students, I’ve learned many great insights from them too. And in some cases, that triggered me to pursue doing more research on spin-off areas that came to mind; and I’m happy I did, as I could identify fresh clues, interesting traits associated to number patterns, or new terminology to define them.

The sandwich number is like 2-1-2, 8-3-3-8, 8-9-8, or 3-6-9-6-3 kind of sequence where there is a mirror-like repeating pattern within the first and last numbers. It can be present anyhwere in the chart, be they the Birth chart or periodic chartslike Personal Year and Personal Day. What this means is that when you have a 2-1-2 number pattern, we can interpret it from two areas – the outermost “pair” numbers (2, 2) and the middle number (1).

We could interpret a person with sandwich number showing 2-1-2 as [Talk – Alone – Talk]. That reminds me of an indoor salesperson stationed at supermarkets promoting food products. They’d speak out loud to attract customers to try their product, hoping to close some deals. And when the customers walked off, they’ll repeat their sales talk again until it’s closing time to pack up.

From an EON perspective, a person with 2-1-2 pattern could show tendency signs associate to gullibility, twisting their words, unsettled, and perplexed too. Finally, what’s communicated across to them would unlikely be the same as what they’d communicated with others. In a manner, they tend to digest what they heard initially, and then exaggerate their message across to others. Remember the “Pass the Word” game that often got us amused and excited when the message “the cat in the bag lies on the mat” is passed on to the first participant, who’d then relay the message to the next person standing besides them. And the last participant would then have to tell the class the message he or she  has heard, like “the bags in a pack fly on the set.This means you should always remind yourself to counter-check the facts separately after receiving the message from a person with the 2-1-2 pattern in their chart. From some other perspective, people with 2-1-2 pattern could be gullible and cannot keep secrets – they cannot resist the temptations to tell others quickly, due to their “what goes in must come out” thought process.

In a way, it’s like the “what goes around, comes around” idiom. Like when we interpret the 8-3-3-8 pattern as [Stress – Fast – Fast – Stress] which implies the individual might have unknowingly felt the pressure and stress, and then acted hastily or recklessly, resulting in escalating emotions and tempers, causing further stress. When such repeating tensions are not managed or controlled, it could contribute to cardiovascular and cognitive health issues.

When a person has the 3-6-9-6-3 pattern, we could interpret that as [Fast – Money – Success – Money – Fast]. This means; money comes swiftly, and goes out equally quickly as well.

There are many number combinations present in a chart, that could signify as a “sandwich” number. For example, the left screenshot (taken from unreleased FEON+ v2 software on Android smartphone, with scale to “fit to height” mode) shows the 5-6-5 and 8-9-8  “sandwich” numbers present on Narendra Modi‘s EON Birth chart. Try to interpret them using your own knowledge and understanding of the numbers.

The influencing vibes from the outer numbers in a “sandwich” number could create more disconcerting effect on the individual. And when you also know the Five Elements principles and its elemental cycles (Produce, Weakens, Control, and Repels), you can also distinguish the potential health conditions that might arise when the energies from the numbers are repeating in a cyclical manner, like the transient Yin-Yang energies moving around and within us.

While discussing the “sandwich” number with the group, I realised that I could further extend and enhance my profiling observations. For example, when the “sandwich” number is displayed at the “inner” area, I’d termed them as having the “Inward Behavioural Sign” (IBS). And when the “sandwich” number is displayed at the “outer” area, it’d be the “Outward Behavioural Sign” (OBS).

Identifying both IBS and OBS tendencies is interesting. It allows me to identify a person’s potential subconscious inner-self thoughts when the “sandwich” number is present at the inner area. It’s like you don’t know what the professional poker-card player is thinking with his blank, straight look. When I applied the IBS theory, I could gauge or identify the probable subconscious thoughts. I could also identify the person’s evident conscious behaviours when the “sandwich” number is at the outer area. It’s like watching the person’s obvious response to a funny joke.

While I’ve completed initial observations on the IBS/OBS locations, more test would be done to find out its relevant and practicable, like whether I could use normal number sequences (non-sandwich numbers) on the IBS/OBS areas as well.

Once again, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading today’s article and learned something about the “sandwich” number. Do email me at SunTzu2796@gmail.com and share your views on other numbers patterns too. Taking the reciprocal “learn and share” mindset could benefit you spiritually or holistically. I know, as I could sense the positive energies and enjoyed the contentment each time I shared my observations with you through my articles, for you to read and learn for free.

I’ve also included free lessons and hints in many of my articles so you can improve your profiling knowledge as well. When you read and benefited from it, and took the effort to improve yourself, you’d be manifesting the positive energies around and within you too. Embrace the positive energies when it comes…

Happy profiling…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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