8-7-6 Millionaire tendencies

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8-7-6 is a millionaire representation, especially those with two sets,” texted Tim. I began to explore if there is any possible truth in Tim’s message.

I posted an article “Crazy Busy Over 8-7-6 Vibes” in October 2011 and explained how others “may misinterpret their magnanimous traits thinking they have a hidden agenda for being so helpful.” I’ve also included the EON chart on the late Mother Teresa who incidentally has the two sets of 8-7-6 patterns.

CaseStudy_LokeWanThoAnother friend Roy sent me an email and wrote, “You may wish to analyse why rich man like him die at 49”. He was referring to the late Loke Wan Tho, a Malaysian-born Singaporean business magnate,  ornithologist, and photographer; and the founder of Cathay Organisation in Singapore and Malaysia. Like Mother Teresa, Loke also had the two sets of 8-7-6 in his EON chart.

Some people chose to follow non-materialistic gains like Mother Teresa who spent most of her life helping others. Mother Teresa suffered a heart attack in 1983 and her health gradually took a downslide while she busily took care of others’ well-being but not her own.  On the other hand, Loke was busy continuing his passions more than his business career.” While Mother Teresa died of poor health, Loke died in a plane accident.

[Note to EON students: Check Mother Teresa’s PY1983 chart and noticed the strong Fire and resulting pattern. Check Loke’s PY1963 chart, and his Combined Day chart for 20th June 1963. Can you identify the accident vibes affecting him on that day?]

Both Mother Teresa and Loke had the two sets of 8-7-6 patterns in their natal chart. Let’s review the 8-7-6 pattern again and find out if Tim’s message that “it’s a millionaire representation” holds any truth. From a different perspective, we can interpret the 8-7-6 pattern as [Endless Pursuits-Supporters-Wealth]. It could suggest spending more time to help others, resulting in greater incoming wealth. Yes, I’d say there are millionaire tendencies but that doesn’t imply everyone who has two sets of 8-7-6 pattern would be a millionaire during their living years.

It’s great to have the positive feelings that you can become a millionaire especially if you’ve two sets of 8-7-6 patterns in your natal chart. But you need to consider other contributing factors (like number patterns elsewhere in your chart) as these could affect your journey along the millionaire path. Thinking positively and embracing the secrets of the “Law of Attraction” vibes does not work unless you take actions to work on making your plans happen. Sure, you can chase your wealthy pursuits but be wary of your ‘crazy busy’ obsessions as it could lower your health state to an unhealthy level.

EON@MYDon’t despair if you’ve only one set of 8-7-6 in your natal chart. Remember, the 8-7-6 vibes could be present in your Personal Year (PY) chart too. So act on them during that year to achieve the wealth success you want. Ok, I’d rather suggest acting on your plans a year earlier to build up the impetus so you can see the results during the 8-7-6 year.  Whatever you do, be mindful of the “Double Effect Year” vibes that could affect your health while you chase your wealth.

Like the 1-2-3 patterns, the 8-7-6 pattern doesn’t guarantee you to be a millionaire. It’s just a millionaire tendencies suggesting you COULD (and not WILL) become one. You need to take action to make it work. Doing nothing to grow your wealth does not make you an instant millionaire unless you happen to have wealthy parents.

And while your chase your wealth and become rich, do consider the less-fortunate people who could not even have the means (like you) to grow their wealth. Take a break regularly and spend some time on building up the charitable thoughts and contributions – help others become happier and wealthier (in health).


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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