On Aliff Aziz & His 2-2 Pattern

I noted there were search requests for “2-2” and “2-2-4” recently. Besides what I’ve already described on the tendency signs of a person having the 2-2 or 2-2-4 patterns in past articles, I reckoned I could share more findings should I chance upon another person, other than Donald Trump, who has the 2-2 or 2-2-4 patterns.

In a recent ChannelNewsAsia online article, titled “Singer Aliff Aziz pleads guilty to theft and disorderly behaviour,” it was reported that his lawyers were granted a “request for a report to assess Aliff’s suitability for a mandatory treatment order.” In the same article, it was quoted that “a mandatory treatment order directs an offender with treatable psychiatric conditions to undergo psychiatric treatment in lieu of jail time.

Let’s put aside Aliff’s offence, and look at possible signs – from an Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective – that might have contributed, in one manner or another, directly or indirectly, to his thoughts that triggered the disorderly behaviours and actions. The screenshot below shows Aliff’s EON Birth Chart (assuming his birthdate is correct) plotted out using a “work-in-progress” FEON+ Pro (v2) software, scaled to “fit to height” on an iPhone device.

For a start, Aliff’s EON Birth Chart reminds me of a “beacon light from a lighthouse on a small swampy island in the middle of vast lake or ocean” image. According to this National Park Service document link, a lighthouse is “a tower with a shining light at the top, located at an important or dangerous place regarding navigation (travel over water). The two main purposes of a lighthouse are to serve as a navigational aid and to warn boats of dangerous areas. It is like a traffic sign on the sea.

A beacon light in the vast ocean, can bring a glimmer of hope to those lost at sea, especially during stormy weather where visibility is poor. 

That stated, the tendency signs are suggesting a person who could easily bring hope and the “glimmer of light” to those who seek. The person tends to be charismatic, presentable, and displaying the “sex appeal” attraction traits. This is mainly contributed by the multiple 2s and 7s which we could relate with the Water element, which is also about “feelings” and “sensuous thoughts.”

We could associate the number 2 with communication and expression. The positive traits include talking, socialising, singing, composing music, and writing. The negative thoughts include sweet-talking, gossiping, socialising (manipulations via exaggerated or fake news, social influencers), invoking sensuous thoughts upon others, and over-friendliness. We could also include the wavering feelings, uncertainty, and distracted thoughts as well, like floating on choppy waters in the stormy conditions. It’s like people struggling to keep afloat as depicted in the film “TITANIC” – the thoughts of survival and death (to live on, or to give up), and unnecessary worries that could influence and affect their mental alertness.

When we apply the Five Elements principles, Metal element “produce or support”  the Water element. It’s like condensation (moisture), similar to how water droplets form on a glass of cold water on a hot day. Or the moisture you often see on your bedroom windows when the air-con was set to a low temperature over the night. And when Water element is strong, it could weaken, exhaust, or affect the Metal element – similarly to water causing metal objects to rust and cracked.

From the Elements of Numbers (EON) perspective, this includes affecting the mental abilities, solidarity, stability, lucid or rational thinking, and intellectual capabilities. At the worst extreme, too weak or too strong Metal element could contribute to hallucinations, instability or disorderly, phobias, madness, irrational behaviours, wild or confusing imaginations, mental depression, and potential psychiatric conditions.

There are tendency signs in Aliff’s PY2019 and Day Charts (the day he committed the offence) suggesting strong impulses of Metal-related traits, like money (materialistic desire), over-spending, and mental distractions. The Combined Day Chart is showing the 4-5-9-5-4-9 pattern, which is about taking risk to achieve quick success (number 9). That could possibly have influenced his subconscious thoughts to take the risk to get what he wants, which subsequently, led to his behaviours and actions.

Since somebody posted a search for “EFV” recently, it’s as well an opportune time for me to explore using the EFV FLOW to check on how Aliff can control and managed his consciousness. The EFV Flow (Birth Code) is suggesting Aliff could focus more on planning ahead and move towards achieving his goals, and not to take action abruptly based on impulsive feelings. He should cast aside the egotistical thoughts, pride, self-centric mindsets.

From the Five Elements principles, using the Fire element to moderate and weaken the excessive Water element might be one possible way, like heating up the water to create steam and vapour. However, when done incorrectly, it could create a steaming effect on the person, who might indulged on alcoholic drinks, smoking, taking drugs, etc. – these are short-termed effects that could do more harm than good. Instead, Aliff could focus on redirecting his excess Water energies towards manifesting his Fire-element passions and creativity, compose and/or sing more inspiring music – to warmth the hearts of his supporters, to bring joy to his fans and families, and to show off his creativity and passions to the world through his songs. Yes, Aliff can power up his beacon lights brightly again, if he wants to. Those are the tendency signs of the 3-3-6 pattern in locations V-W-X in his birth chart, which he should focus on.

Using the EFV SPAN (PY2020) techniques, the signs are suggesting Aliff to focus and work on strengthening his mental (Metal) capacities so that he’s not easily swayed by wavering feelings (Water). This way, it could help him to think rationally, behave orderly, and acted professionally, and present himself as a moral idol to his supporters and others. Over time, these could eventually, reduces the hallucinations and unnecessary worries.

It takes effort and time to right the wrongs. Learn from past faults, fix it right today, to plan for a better and successful future ahead.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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