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Someone recently posted a search query on this site with his or her birth date. I thought I might as well surprise and analyse this person’s birth chart, and introduces one complimentary technique here for all to learn. For easier reference, let’s call this person as John.

OPTIMISMWhen I made the decision to do a case study analysis for anyone, I’d first plotted their EON chart and do an overview scan looking for common signs. This time around, I did not plot John’s EON chart. Rather, I did something different. I plotted John’s Biorhythm chart. It was an intuitive decision I’d made at the spur of the moment as I wanted to find out John’s physical and emotional moods for this period. When someone enters a birth date to search for answers, it could imply this person might have wanted to find answers, probably to check the correlation of recent events affecting him.

I bought some second-hand (pre-owned) books on biorhythm from bookstores in the late 70s, as I had a keen interest in metaphysics since my teenage schooling days. According to this Wikipedia page, “a person’s life is influenced by rhythmic biological cycles that affect his or her ability in various domains, such as mental, physical and emotional activity.” I had occasionally applied its techniques to foretell friend’s physical, emotional, and intellectual moods at a certain time frame. It was more for fun then. However, when we used it for personality profiling, I noted beyond its cyclical waves are tendency signs that might be useful for everyone. Biorhythm is a useful and complementary method you can learn and apply the knowledge to adapt your mindset, behaviours, and actions in timely manners. In many ways, it complements both the Elements of Numbers (EON) and NSQ Profiling methods.

CaseStudy_John_201601Let’s begin by analysing John’s EON chart first. The 8-3-2-5-6-1 (in locations MNOPQR) of his birth chart could suggest a person who might feel stressful and easily agitated when trying to communicate his idea (or expressing his thoughts) to others. The person might face challenges (and stumbling blocks) that invoke the mental strains (distractions, migraine, hyperventilating, breathlessness), and unnecessary worries. The person might experience emptiness and loneliness.

The hidden signs in his Birth Code also suggest a person who might have few true friends as he felt they don’t really understand him, and couldn’t click with him. Though he desired and valued friendships, few people wanted to be with him because of his unfriendly mentality or introvert characteristics. Now, that doesn’t imply John will display the traits mentioned. If John has changed his beliefs, improve his communication skills, and not worrying unnecessary, there are chances, he might experience more positive vibes instead, and enjoy a happier and joyful life.

HAPPYThe 8-9-8-8-7-6 pattern (in locations MNOPQR) of his PY2016 chart could suggest even more stressing moments for John. There might be tiring times trying to accommodate others, at work and at home. The 8-8-8 present in his chart could suggest fiery temperaments, easily critical, and outburst. At extreme cases, it could lead to mental or bipolar disorder conditions. John has to control his emotions and tempers as otherwise, if he’s married, his behaviours and actions could lead to domestic relationship strains, quarrels, and violence.

From an extended EON analysis, John might face financial constraints affecting his budgetary spending. He might feel his achievements at work were not recognised or appreciated by his managers. And these could, indirectly, affected his career path and finances. John must consciously remind himself that although money is important, it is not the only means to improve his happiness and lifestyle. Having a holistic well being and learning to be adaptable and tolerant of others’ shortcomings and accepting them as they are, would help change John into a more positive, outward-looking person.

And finally, as you might be waiting for, let’s analyse John’s biorhythm chart for this period (10 Jan 2016 to 10 Feb 2016). The biorhythm chart attached here was taken from my old Windows software developed around the year 2000. That was why you might notice it included more rhythmic wave lines than normal software, especially if you know biorhythm and/or understand how to interpret a biorhythm chart.


John might notice his gut feelings, intuitive thoughts, and aesthetic senses are high this week (10/1 – 16/1). On the other hand, he might also feel the positive energies reversed abruptly as the relevant states are approaching the critical line. There are other cyclic lines crossing one another in John’s biorhythm chart for this week too. It could imply John might experience the following mood-swing tendencies early this week: low physical mentally like feeling ‘lethargic,” abstinence and unemotional moods, lack of Creative and action-driven spirits, and thoughts being constrained. He needs to remind himself to moderate his thoughts, behaviours, and actions, and refrain from exerting too many physical and emotion activities, especially later this week to avoid unpleasant experiences.

That’s my brief analysis on John’s biorhythm chart. You can always combine the biorhythm technique with the EON method to profile an individual’s behaviours, emotional and physical states, and the possible outcomes that might arise. FEN Advanced students can also apply the life path profiling techniques and look at the daily’s Universal and Personal numbers to identify the influencing energies, and hidden signs that might affect John in both positive and negative ways.

Have a wonderful and fun time profiling…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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