Beware of PON’s 8-3 Murderer number

There were some online Power of Numbers (PON) preview sessions held last week presented by a Malaysian PON trainer. I quickly disseminated the details to FEN students upon receiving a message from the organiser. I encouraged my FEN students (from local and overseas) to attend the preview, especially those who’ve not attended any PON class before, to allow them to observe how different trainers conducted their lessons, including their presentation styles and information sharing.

While there are comments made in our FEN Community WhatsApp chat group concurrently while the session was ongoing, the general remarks made by FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students on what the PON trainer has commented, were “thumbs down.” That, to me, is understandable, as anyone who has gone through the PON classes – from basics to mastery/practitioner levels – would recognise that the central focus is always about number patterns, and its absurd assumptions that certain number patterns equate to specific traits only.

During the preview sessions, participants heard the PON trainer speaking in an affirmative manner that the 4-7-2 pattern is “mastermind” number, and 8-3 pattern is a “murderer” number. As one FEN student remarked, “that’s why my teenage son who overheard the Zoom preview, and said that it sounded like the person is selling “koyok” (a local dialect meaning person is selling snake oil remedies, a sales person making exaggerated claims).

You need not have to spend your hard-earned money on such courses, just to find out something so preliminary and basic, and without after-class support. You couldn’t accept yourself, particularly after plotting your own birth charts, or that of your loved ones, and found the specific number pattern and trait associated with it. “No, I’m not like that,” you could have said to yourself. You’re not the few people making such remarks; many do… and seek elsewhere for practical profiling knowledge.

There are alternative profiling methods around, which are more sensible, coherent, and practical. An affordable way is to learn the basics and some extended theories from my EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” Oh, I’d like to thank those who have purchased my EON book recently, especially those staying overseas. I‘m confident you’ll find insightful information and enjoy reading my book, just like many others who’ve previously bought, read, and applied the EON profiling knowledge. Check this link to buy the EON book, which is available for worldwide delivery.

Today’s article is to address the 8-3 pattern as I felt it’s preliminary and inconclusive to assume that  everyone with a 8-3 pattern on their birth chart – according to PON theory – is considered to have the “murderer” number, and assumed to behave or react like one, during their living years.

I was handed a list of birthdates of people identified with “murderer number” sometime in 2007. Of course, I was apprehensive and sceptical, due to my earlier knowledge and experience in Bazi and other Chinese Metaphysics. That’s where I realised that there are so many ways to narrate a person’s chart. You could eventually identify distinctive traits and outcomes, and these could create unrelated findings. That means different profiling experts could identify various behavioural traits, attitudes, and potential actions of the subject person they’re checking on, based on their perspectives.

Here’s an analogy – the discovery of asserting the “murderer number” is just like claiming you’ve found the first-and-only needle in a haystack. You then stopped your research and concluded it’s the only needle. You began to tell the whole world about your amazing discoveries. Unbeknown to you, there are many needles, of different sizes, still stuck in the same haystack awaiting to be explored or discovered.

By now, you should be aware that there are so many contributing factors invoking the conscious thoughts and behaviours of the person, and consequently, directing their actions.

Take a look at the screenshot showing the EON Birth chart of the 40th U.S. president, Ronald Reagan. The 8-3 pattern is shown on locations M-N of his birth chart. From PON method, does it implied that the late Ronald Reagan is assumed, to be a murderer or have inhibited the murderer tendencies? I don’t really know, since there aren’t reports or court cases on him being found guilty of being a murderer. Anyway, it’s an absurd and shallow finding to generalise, stereotype and prejudice a person just because they have certain number patterns in their charts that you’d assumed to acquire the associated negative traits and serious implications. Perhaps, the PON trainers and their associates need to resume their research, and find more needles in the haystack.

The problem here is, it’s all about the manner the trainer is relaying the message. In all PON sessions that I’ve attended more than a decade ago, and also occasionally watching YouTube videos of his number patterns and traits associations, a person holding a murderer number, a mistress number, a bankruptcy number, is assumed to have committed or acted as such, at least once throughout their living years. Those are the main mistake – the hasty, and unfounded assumption. Sadly, it is still being strongly reiterated by many external PON trainers, to create the fear in people, and claiming they have the answers, to compel people to sign up for their courses. Probably, the remedies are through the use of their LifeCode ornaments, which I’m told by their senior lady mentor, was designed for commercialism, similar to the way impulsive students would buy expensive FS symbolic ornaments from their mentors every year.

One area that sets PON, UCMHP, LifeQuest, and Visiber apart from my Elements of Numbers (EON) method, is the practical application use of the “life path profiling” techniques. My FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students learn about the underlying factors contributing to certain traits. Whenever a student commented about a number pattern he/she learned somewhere else, I’d shared and explained the “root-cause” analysis leading to specific behaviours and reactions. It can be a repetitive and tiring process for me, to explain the correct way to analyse a number pattern whenever they’ve learned or heard elsewhere. Nonetheless, the sparkling passion I had, and noticing the improvements on students’ understanding of the root-cause findings; and guiding them to strive to apply the Five Elements principles – it’s worth my effort and time.

That’s why one FEN student remarked after the PON session, in our chat group, “Ron, you’re definitely the best of the best… thumbs up for you.” I replied, “I’m not the best. I’m just passing what I know, to you. And I hope you all can be better than me, and then I can move on by taking another step.

Once you understood the underlying factors of the 8-3 pattern, you’d have more positive outlook, and not be fearful of the unfounded murderer number assumptive theory. I’ve explained to my students in the FEN Community chat group about the 8-3 pattern, and I’ll elaborate further here. This way, you all can acquire and adopt the correct learning approach, and hopefully, understand that in any situation, there’re always Yin-Yang energies that could determine a person’s behaviours and responses. In case you aren’t aware, even the lines forming the 8 Trigrams and 64 Hexagrams in YiJing (I-Ching) and other Chinese Metaphysics systems, are derived from the simple Yin and Yang metaphor.

I told my FEN students that we could interpret the 8-3 pattern, like “Command & Control (8) +  Sharp and focused (3).” It could be about hurtful or pressurising emotions. If your partner or someone you know, you might notice behaviours like bursting tempers, bipolar, shouting, etc., are displayed. Certainly, you’ll be scared of them not because you’re henpecked, but because of your concerns for them, on their fiery emotions and temperamental outburst. While there might be the outburst behaviours in a person, the “murderer” tendency in them could only happen when there’s another contributing component – the weapon.  We could associate the weapon with the numbers 1 or 6 (Metal element – knives, dagger, guns, poison, vehicle, spears, chemical, gas).

I’d usually elaborate further in the FEN Community chat group, and portioned out the underlying reasons that could trigger or invoke a person to behave or acted in such a manner. As I’ve reiterated previously and came up with the idiomatic expression, “The Birth Chart IS NOT the Personality.” It implies; a person’s behaviour is not defined by what’s displayed or present in their birth chart. On the contrary, it’s what on their periodic chart that could have tempted them. That said, it implies you need to analyse the periodic charts – Personal Year, Personal Month, Personal Day, or even Personal Hour – to identify the manifested energies that could trigger such negative thoughts. Many murders do not have the 8-3 pattern on their birth charts. They became one due to the influences from the manifesting energies, as displayed on their periodic charts; and as well as the environment and social pressures.

The 8-3 pattern is all about the Fire element. And when you summed them, 8+3=2, the result is about the deliverables. It could be about communication or the lack of – trying to pitch the message across to others. This implies, if someone you know, have the 8-3 pattern, you need to be more empathetic towards them, listen to what they’ve got to say, and find out if you can provide advice to resolve the issues. However, from another perspective, the 8-3 pattern could signify the relentless pursuits (8) and passions (3), the igniting sparks and envisioning hopes the person might have portrayed while communicating with others or delivering their messages across. This means; the “murderer” number is just one of many consequential behavioural assumptions, based on the extreme far end of the negative side. It does not represent the personality of the individual. 

Many a time, when such person communicates, they could have unconsciously voiced in an anger tone, due to the influencing vibes of the 8-3 pattern. It doesn’t imply they are arrogant, temperamental, crude, sarcastic, or angry. They could be passionate but yet, felt stressful (FireWater elements). It’s the way the energy flows. To inculcate the unbiased profiling habits, you need to understand a person by knowing the psychological inclinations on how each number works. For instance, I’ve shared in my FEN classes, that the number 3 is all about security and self-image; and the number 8 is about attention and ego-self. You could distinguish the energy flows – inward, outward, or both – then you’d understand why or how some people behave, react or response, or acted in a certain manner. Understanding the psychological behaviours of a person, could change your life and perspectives of others.

Discover the proper way to understand yourself and others better. Learn from a good and passionate mentor, who could continue to guide you when you needed clarifications and advices. Eventually, the outcome depends on you. You must strive to change yourself first, before you started to profile and counsel others to change theirs. When you could manifest the positive energies from within and around you, you are in better command of your subconscious feelings and conscious thoughts. This in turn, will alter the way you behave, response, or act towards attaining favourable outcomes.

Profiling confidence and competence comes from within…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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