Health Matters in EON

Michelle is from Paris and bought my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” from Amazon early last year. She’s learning the Elements of Numbers (EON) techniques to complement her Feng Shui consultation work. She wanted to look at the health factors and sent me an email with the birth date of her friend Hubert.

Let’s take a look at Hulbert’s birth chart, and do a quick analysis using the EON method.

I told Michelle there are many areas to focus depending on the issues we want to identify. When we focus on money matters, 3-3-6 in P-Q-R is about [Fast-Fast-Money]. This could imply incoming money is fast. It could also imply fast spending of money to achieve the success needed.

When you look at health matters, the elements for 3-3-6 are FireFireMetal. Depending on the other elements in his chart, strong Fire could cause cardiovascular and heart-related problems.

Drinking, smoking, and taking drugs are tendency habits of strong Fire. In the Five Elements metaphor, strong Fire may attack Metal (lungs) which would affect the brain, and in turn would cause the immune system (Metal) to fail.

Smoking could infect and cause the lungs to fail (usually because of lungs inflammation), resulting in a stroke. Excessive drinking could also cause liver problems (Wood). In the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), deficiency in the liver could cause diabetes.

According to Michelle, Hubert was an alcoholic and had a stroke before he died. He also had diabetes. It is possible to identify the tendency signs of diabetes and possible high cholesterols in Hubert’s Birth and Personal Year (PY) charts. I’ve shared the techniques with the participants at the 1st EON Workshop in June, and will continue to do so at the forthcoming workshop on 24 Sep 2011 (Sat).

As Michelle did not tell me which year Hubert died, I’ll post the PY explanation in a later article once I’ve the information.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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