EON Outlook on Marriages

You can use Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny) to identify marriage issues like whether the marriage is perfect, when is a good period to marry, are the couple compatible, whether there are any 3rd-party relationship issues, and so on.

Many people have tried learning Bazi, but few managed to understand how to apply the fundamentals well. Many are still “running around in circles” debating over the favourable Day Master, the Symbolic Stars, and the elements. Learning Bazi is like playing the game of Othello (or Reversi) – it’s easy to learn but difficult to master.

I was at a social gathering recently when Suzanne asked me if this is a good year to marry. Jane asked if I could see the presence of any 3rd-party person coming in to the life of her cousin. And Benny asked about his relationship with his wife. The karaoke session soon turned to an EON analysis session for the few of us, oblivious to the others “Croak-OK’ing” to the rhythm of the songs.

You can use the Elements of Numbers (EON) to identify marriage issues, apart from Bazi and other metaphysics methods. Depending on your experiences and skill sets, you can identify many of the tendency signs quicker often. I must admit, EON has since changed from an “elemental derivation” of the Power of Numbers (PON) method to an evolving Five Elements system. It’s uniquely different when you analyse beyond the science and power of the numbers.

Take a look at the various screenshots I have attached to many of the recent case study articles, including the one attached here. They’re screen-captured from my EON (Android) software which has extended features beyond those of PON and other similar methods.

The features are intentional and added for a purposeto provide easier and quicker way to use EON to identify issues that would take a little longer to do so in Bazi.

There’re the Yearly, Monthly, and Daily charts in EON with the Universal and Personal elemental influences. And for those lucky participants who attended my 1st EON Workshop, I’ve also provided the method to plot the Hourly chart which focuses more on the influences of the action tasks that’s favourable to you. In a way, it’s like a personalised almanac chart that you can use to decide the action to take on a particular period.

Fortunately for many of us, myself included, there’s no need to be so obsessed over microanalysis and pressurising ourselves unnecessary. Analysing using the Year, Month and Daily charts should be enough for most cases.

I did include case studies and explained the reason behind number patterns related to marriage in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”. Discover why others said the book is “interesting”. It’d also come handy in explaining the fundamentals of the analysis used in many case study articles posted here.

I’ll be explaining more on the marriage-related issues at the 2nd EON Workshop next weekend (24 Sep). If you’re attending the workshop and are using an Android OS smartphone (supporting 800×480 resolution), you’re in luck – you can get a copy of the FULL version of my EON (Android) software free. Make use of modern tools to aid in your analysis – the essential information are all displayed within seconds.  In case you’re wondering, let’s say the vision of an iPhone version is getting clearer.

The registration for next weekend’s workshop will close on Friday (16 Sep) as we’ve a few seats left. This is to allow us to prepare the necessary logistics, including refreshments. Register now (Call McCoy at 8356-0179) if you don’t want to wait a few more months for the next session.

Rest assured what you are about to learn is unlike anything you’ve learned from PON. Remember, it’s all about the Elements of Numbers.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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