On Dolores O’Riordan: Accidental Death

A quick one for today’s article, which basically highlighted my earlier analysis on the probable factors related to Dolores O’Riordan’s death. While It’s always better to accept an official autopsy report, sometimes there are “telltale” signs in a person’s chart that could provide clues to those with observing eyes and relevant profiling knowledge.

In an earlier article “On Cranberries signer Dolores O’Riordan” posted in January 2018, I wrote “I told the FC members the probable contributing factor – strong METAL elements present in her birth chart, and as well as the support of Metal elements in some other equally important charts. These could lead to exhaustion, fatigue, breathlessness, sleep apnea, hallucinations, mental-illness, eating disorder (anorexia) and over-dose (of medication or drug). It could also suggest some form of mental related illness, respiratory issues, lungs, or stroke. Perhaps, she could also be paranoid about trivial issues, and these could create unwanted fears, anxiety, and unfounded worries. Incidentally, the strong Metal element can affect the Fire element, which means her blood pressure and heart might be affected too, on the day she died.

My analysis was based on applying the Elements of Numbers (EON) method to identify potential health issues. And in the same article, I used another method – NSQ Profiling, which complements the EON method to allow you to look at a different chart and find clues from another angle. I wrote, “Out of curiosity, I decided to plot the NSQ charts for Dolores. Both her NSQ Birth chart and NSQ Day chart show similar strong presence of the Metal elements too.

The NSQ Profiling method is very simple and direct, and I told FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students and in earlier NSQ-related articles, that I’m still puzzled why some trainers who conducted a subset of the basic NSQ theories, could charged the course fees at over $700 for basic module. Anyway, I’m excited as the 1st NSQ Profiling class – actually it’d be the third class that I’ve conducted – will start in a week’s time, on 22nd September 2018. Click here for NSQ Profiling details…

According to this Yahoo article, it was reported that “The Cranberries singer Dolores O’Riordan accidentally drowned in a bathtub after drinking, a coroner’s inquest concluded.” Dolores was also reported to have said, “She had also spoken in interviews about being sexually abused as a child, her battles with depression and a diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

If you look at her EON chart, and as well as my earlier article,  the Metal elements are present and strong. Now that the contributing factors leading to her accidental death is known, anyone with strong Metal elements in their chart, is advisable not to consume too much alcohol drinks, smoking, taking drugs, etc. While cold and chilling Metal needs warming up (in a person’s body) by way of Fire, moderate consumption is the key word.

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