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I observed there was a search for “health number” on my site recently, and wondered if the user has learned about the “health number” elsewhere, and hoping to find out more from me. It’d be great for the user to check with their trainer on health numbers as in the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, there is no specific health number at all. In short, every number is a potential health number.

Every number, from 1 to 9, has health-associated symptoms. Hence, it is illogical and naïve to assume only certain number pattern would be associated with specific health numbers, without checking on what perspectives you are looking at. For instance, I have shared in FEN (Five Elements Numerology) classes on the number pattern 1-5, which could have multiple potential traits – besides the health signs – in relation to the individual. You should not adopt the easier way out just by looking at specific patterns on an “as is” basis. Over time, you will be on the automated mode and expecting others to “spoon feed” you with a list of patterns and traits. Eventually, you’ll not be analysing or profiling a chart, but somewhat, ticking the boxes in the checklist form and happily but haphazardly assumed the person would inhibit or exhibit such confirmed traits.

If you want to improve your profiling skills, you need to know the relevance and associations of the number patterns (like 1-5) to the person’s Birth Root and other numbers presented in various charts as well. Take the case of health illness and symptoms like mental depression, cognitive-behavioural problems, pneumonia, shortness of breath, respiratory related conditions, and eczema – these are associated to the Metal element. This means the numbers 1 and 6.

The health symptom described in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” is a safe start to know the potential health problems that might affect a person. However, as the EON book only covers only the fundamental theories of the EON method, what’s more important is to be mindful and aware of the periodic health signs that might affect you. These create a more practical and logical way since we all know that a health condition that’s based on our birth chart, is just too basic and might become irrelevant when your profiling knowledge improved beyond identifying number patterns.

Lately, another user (let’s call him Peter) emailed me asking to verify the health sign displayed on the FEON+ software. According to him, there should be FOUR elements – three missing elements (Metal, Fire, and Earth) PLUS one excessive Water element – indicated as the health symptoms. Still, the FEON+ Software only indicated the Water element as the potential health symptom element. I replied and told Peter that the FEON+ software was displaying the correct health symptom element, based on the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. Perhaps Peter might have learned numerology from someone else, and their method of calculations on health signs might differ from EON.

Such external, non-EON calculations taught elsewhere could confuse their students, and potentially deterred them from getting on with their profiling knowledge. I’d recommend Peter to attend the 6th FEN WORKSHOP session to see how the health signs are derived, based on the practical EON methods and the cycles of the Five Elements principles.

Since I’ve just mentioned the Five Elements principles, a person with many numbers 1 and/or 6 in their charts, or having Metal listed as health symptom element, can also exhibit non-Metal-related signs. These include suicidal tendencies, hallucination, lung inflammation, sensitive, bipolar disorder, heart attacks, drug dependence, and strokes. If you haven’t already noticed, some of these signs are associated with the Wood, Fire, and Water elements too. Which means, and as said or written earlier, any element or number can potentially be a health number.

While it is easier to plot and decode a chart – and possibly remembering the number patterns – it is a little harder to analyse them when the knowledge and application usage are limited. However, once you learned and understood how the FEN visualisation technique and extended EON methods work, you will be many steps ahead of others when it comes to identifying more health signs than others.

Email me at SunTzu2796@gmail.com to pre-register for the 6th FEN WORKSHOP session. Once registration is opened, you’ll receive an early-bird offer.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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