Locations and Effects of 2-7-9 / 7-2-9

“Thank you for your weekly updates.  I have bought your book two months back and have read through it many times.  I find the methodologies provided in the book do signify certain tendencies for some people.  I find them to be useful too in better understanding of people whom we know, especially if we know their birth dates and better, their recorded time of birth. Just one point to clarify – there are many three or two digit numbers as mentioned in the book and in your weekly digests.”

That’s what Stanley wrote in his email to me with some questions.

1)      You mentioned that combination of numbers in certain locations for example, P-Q-R, M-N-O, etc., do signify certain tendencies.  Many of them are in a triangle, a straight line or a diagonal line. The point is… what significance does the same combination of numbers, for example, 2-7-9 or 7-2-9 if they are not in a triangle, straight or diagonal line?  For example, a 7-7-7 scattered and separated by other numbers between.

A number pattern is just a series of numbers found next to each another directly in a chart. A number pattern can have two, three, or more numbers as it depends on how you identify certain traits associate to this unique pattern formation.  You can identify the series of numbers in a straight or diagonal line as long as it’s directly linked. For example, when you identify the number patterns (2-7-9 or 7-2-9) in a straight line (like I-M-O or even M-N-O because of the two-number pattern in 2-7), the energies are stronger than the pattern found in locations M-N-V. The energies of number patterns formed in a diagonal way are usually less forceful. However, the strength of the energy influence (for both positive and negative) mainly depends on individual people because of their thoughts, life perspectives, and actions. As often mentioned in earlier articles, a person’s experiences, family upbringing, common shared values, and habits can have an effect on the energy influence as well.

If you can identify the 2-7-9 (or 7-2-9) anywhere within the I-R locations of a person’s EON Birth chart, we can say the energies usually comes from within. There is a strong likelihood for the person to display the characteristics or traits related to this number pattern internally without external influence. Often the traits are obvious and strong especially when the energies are further manifested from the Personal Year vibes. If you could identify the same pattern in locations S-T-U or V-W-X, the tendency to display traits usually come from external influence like social, family, or work lifestyle.   


2)      Which would signify stronger tendencies – number combinations in a triangle, straight or diagonal line or those separated by one or two other numbers?  For example – 279 in locations S, O, V, W with a number between the 279 combination.

Again, numbers patterns found in close proximity and in straight line do have stronger tendencies that those found diagonally. If a number separates a known number pattern, it breaks the connection link. It is no longer the same number pattern we could identify with.

Take a look at the late Elizabeth Taylor’s chart. You could find the 7-2-9 in V-W-X location. This means there is a stronger tendency to express herself obvious when exposed to external environment. Her supporters and fans could relate her as a charismatic person with great artistic flair. The 2- and 7-9 in locations M-V-X is not a number pattern as number 6 in location N. Therefore, there is a tendency that Taylor’s personal life could be different from her social life. For example, she could be a quiet and stressful person privately but a chatty, charismatic and appealing person to her fans.


3)     If a number combination, say again, 2-7-9 is somewhat scattered nearby within the chart, is the effect of this combination still applicable?

When we look at the numbers 2-6-7-9 in locations M-N-V-W, it becomes a new pattern that we can associate to, like [Expression-For Money-To Win Supporters-To Achieve Success]. The “driving force” pushing the pursuit for success in 2-6-7-9 could be different from 2-7-9. The tendency of 2-6-7-9 could suggest that money is usually the main contributing reason. In 2-7-9, winning supporter’s heart for success is usually the early reason.

When you noticed the numbers 2, 7, and 9 have no direct link (e.g., in locations I-N-R), the combined effect of the numbers (as in 2-7-9) are not strong enough to manifest the vibes of a 2-7-9 pattern. Like the phrase “united we stand, divided we fall,” we cannot apply a non-linked set of numbers to have the same effect as a closely linked numbers.


4)     Or must a number combination be applicable only in specific locations as mentioned by you?

The individual numbers in a “number pattern” must be linked directly to have a compounded influence on a person. The individual numbers 2, 6, and 7 are showing the energies of 2, 6, and 7 separately and could have individual influence on the person. But when the numbers 2, 6, and 7 are next to one another, it could manifest the compound energies of 2-6-7 as a whole. Take the case of the numbers 2-6-7 in locations M-N-V of Taylor’s chart. We can say the numbers 2, 6, and 7 are directly linked and could manifest tendency signs associated to it. We can also identify traits of stressful and temperamental person with relationship problems. These are usually because of frequent changes in their sensual desires and mental thoughts.

There may be some connections in the number vibes and elemental energies in Elizabeth Taylor’s relationship problems and marriages with her former husbands. Often the manifested energies of each number and the combined number patterns found in her Birth and Personal Year charts could have a harmful influence on Taylor’s thoughts, mindset, and actions.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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