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“Thanks for the wonderful Elements of Numbers book. I wish I had come across the book earlier. I have completed your book…wow!  It is really interesting. Now I am on the second round.”

That’s what Simon wrote in his emails to me with questions like:

1)      Can we estimate the life expectancy from EON?

2)      Is this kind of numerology using only on the Date of Birth developed by Dr Oliver Tan (Power of Numbers)?

3)      I attended Bernard Yeo’s UCM and he also claimed to be the founder of this kind of numerology. His chart is similar to yours. What do you think of his UCM? Another extension of PON of Oliver?

Let’s start with the first question, “Can we estimate the life expectancy from EON?” I’ll address the other two questions in a separate article and post them on another day.

Today, I cannot predict accurately and still don’t know when a person can die or when a person will suffer, say, a heart attack. All I can do is to identify tendency signs suggesting the manifestations of elemental vibes and patterns that may worsen a person’s health conditions at extreme cases. These patterns may lead to varying degree of consequential effects on a person who don’t take care of their health. And each of these varying consequential effects may influence a person, their decisions and actions.

Every one of you may interpret my underlying message differently after reading today’s article. We react differently as we have our own perspectives and experiences on how we interpret messages, control a situation or resolve a problem. Each thought that comes from within a person’s mind will create different actions. And each action will result in different outcome. In short, there are tendency signs but any health conditions are dependent on a person’s heath care habits and life purpose. It is not possible to predict a person’s life expectancy just from their birth or life charts. There are so many factors (social habits, family values, environment, work, attitudes) that distinguish a person’s traits from another.

Elements of Numbers Birth Chart for Robin and Maurice GibbI used Robin Gibb and Maurice Gibb as case study in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”. I’ve also posted some articles on this site too. Both are twin brothers. Maurice died 9 years ago in 2003.  Robin died this year 2012 which is 9 years later. Yes, the Personal Year chart may be identical for both brothers, but they died 9 years apart because of different personal habits, tenacity, influences, experiences, mindsets, and living lifestyle.

People who claimed they can predict a person’s life expectancy is playing the “psychological fear factor” tactics.

When a doctor tells a patient he will die around 3 months, what do you think would be the outcome? If the man becomes demoralise, think negatively, worsening his health, and wait for his EOL (End-Of-Life) day to come, then he could probably die around that period. But if the man becomes more positive, take charge of his life including changing his lifestyle, habits, attitudes, diet, he may live beyond the EOL date stated by his doctors.

Here’s a true story of a doctor who became a patient suddenly despite his regular fitness exercises. Dr Richard Teo was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in March 2011 and told he has less than 6 months to live. Dr Teo changed his lifestyle, became a changed person, and managed to live beyond the 6 months. Dr Teo died in October this year 2012, which is more than 12 months after the EOL date, beyond his life expectancy. Click here for my case study article.

The Birth Chart, the Personal Year Charts, the Month Charts, the Day Charts, and other Periodic Charts do provide clues on tendency signs that may manifest specific energies. However, as every person has different energy level, influences, and attitudes, the influences from these periodic vibes vary between them. Take the case of today’s date which is 12 Dec 2012. Many happy couples have their wedding today because they believes it is an auspicious day for them, besides the significance and memorable day of 12.12.12. They are the positive believers who strongly took charge to manifest the positive energies from within to the external, influencing those around them as well.

In EON, the Day chart for today (12.12.12) is similar to nine days later, on 21.12.12. Some people believes the world will end on that day. If the world really ends on 21 Dec 2012, can we say that every human race in this world will have their life expectancy cut short on that eventful day before Christmas?

Do you believe the world will end on 21.12.2012? Do you believe in someone’s claim that they can predict a person’s life expectancy including the actual date (and possibly the estimated time) of death? There are many people including celebrities and sportspersons born on the same day as the late Dr Richard Teo. Why are these people still living in good health, fit and strong, and living the life they want?

Even though twins may have the same DNA, their unique traits are the results of “the interaction of the individual’s genes and the developmental environment…” according to this Yahoo page.

It is not possible to predict accurately the life expectancy of a person because of the differences in the living and working environment, social perspectives and interactions, cultural values, eating habits, and health conditions.

Why bother stressing and agonising yourselves unnecessary by trying to find out when you will die? Eventually everyone will die one day. It’s better to direct your energies towards positive thoughts and actions and enjoy living the lifestyle you always wanted rather than feeling and acting negatively waiting for your last living breadth.

For most of you, I’m sure you will still be around reading my interesting articles posted after 21.12.2012.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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