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Some years back, I created the below banner to start a blog on my life reflections. I named my blog as “Sun Tzu’s Reflections of Life” and used the Chinese tag line as “sun zi xin fa”, loosely translated to “Sun Tzu’s Heart of Life”. It’s about my life reflections from the feelings in my heart. I wanted to share my metaphysics experiences, researches, and discoveries with others so we can better our lives today. Once we’ve made the positive change for the better today, we’d not have many regrets in our future life reflections.

I have a number 5 in my Birth chart (between locations I-X), and have inhibits the “usual” traits associated to number 5.  I do show off the stubborn and temperamental traits at times. And I do show off the flexibility and adaptability in me too, and I could focus and transform my dreams into reality.

I was lucky. I could “force” myself to make a drastic change to my life, to focus my attention on the tasks I need to do. I’m glad I did and could complete my book project and published it. Was I really lucky, or smart? Although LUCK do play a part, publishing my first book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” was the result of my refocusing action and relentless pursuits. I believe in: Positive Action + Opportunity + Luck = Success.

If you’ve a number 5 in your birth chart, you may also face such experiences. The number 5 has the greatest capacity to adapt and utilise the elemental influence of both Yin and Yang energies. One moment you can be stubborn, dare not take risk, afraid to face challenges, feeling lonely, easily distracted, taking up multiple projects without completing most of them, and becoming blockheaded. The next moment you can be flexible, dare to take risk (after much pondering), willing to take challenges, focused, adaptable, completed projects, have encouraging and envious friends, and with heart-thinking feelings.

If you don’t have number 5 in your Birth chart, don’t be too happy yet. What you see could be deceptive. I observed that even if you don’t have a 5 in your birth charts, you will still inhibit the traits of a 5 at one time or another. This implies you could have one or more sets of number 5 in your charts when you apply the multilayer analysis using the extended Elements of Numbers (EON) methods.

I noticed a user posted a search query on 5-5 on my site, and thought I could elaborate more on the characteristics and behaviours of 5-5 as well.

The number 5-5 has double the traits of number 5. The traits and energies are stronger with more negative traits. Do check out my book for more traits on 5. And for those who’d attended my EON WORKSHOP sessions, you’d know there are hidden signs of 5-5. Besides the extra stubbornness and loneliness, the thoughts about getting money fast are usually on their minds.

I’m still cautious even though I do not have a 5-5 in my Birth chart. You too, shouldn’t be too happy if you don’t have a 5-5 in your birth chart. Your Birth chart could only provide your possible traits outwardly and within you. However, your Birth chart does not provide the hidden tendency traits you may be having now. By applying the multilayer analysis method, you’d know that everyone can experience a 5-5 effect even if they do not have the number 5 in their birth charts. The fearsome effects can be present through your periodic charts. You’ll get to learn about the multilayer analysis at my forthcoming 4th EON WORKSHOP to be conducted soon.

I could imagine some of you saying “No wonder that person is stubborn at times although I could not see the stubborn number in his/her Birth chart.”

Fate decides our life destination and is something we cannot change. But Destiny is something we can change to our life path and adjust our well-being conditions before we reached the various destinations in life.

You must learn to be adaptable and be less stubborn especially if you have a 5-5 in your Birth chart, or in your Personal Year chart. You should not worry too much unnecessary trying to think of all possible “what ifs” scenarios. You must dare to take risk without pondering too long to make things happen faster. The Opportunity and Luck energies do not stay long. Grab the opportunity when it comes. Otherwise when it’s time to do your life reflections, there could be many “should have done it” regrets.

The number 5 could manifest the habit of self-reflections. Don’t let the number 5 vibes manifest your stumbling blocks instead. Knowing yourself better and taking charge of your Destiny would surely increase the number of happy reflections on your life path.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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