In Search of the Accurate Profiling Method

“Not all methods are suitable for all problems. Knowing different methods help build up the knowledge and experience to choose the appropriate method.”

That’s what I wrote to Jaycee in my email reply. His UCM course-mate recommended him to buy my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” Jaycee attended Dr Oliver Tan’s Power of Numbers (PON) Mastery Level course, and Master Bernard Yeo’s Universal Character Method (UCM) Profiling course. Throughout my email correspondences with Jaycee, I sensed an enthusiastic person hoping to find the answers to what he’s seeking for. Jaycee is not alone in this hastily pursuits. Many people faced similar experience before, including me when I first started attending metaphysics courses. Soon after, it’s not about finding the correct method for me to solve every problem but finding the truth. It’s like trying to understanding the underlying principles, finding reasons how to conclude an observation and its findings based on the information (and facts) available. In many ways, it created the mind-mapping habits for me.

I’m expanding my answers around some of Jaycee’s questions here. There are some people who shared similar views as Jaycee. I hope to correct the assumptions on the accuracy of the metaphysics methods. The fundamentals used in each metaphysics method may be different but the application’s purpose is similar.

  • If the metaphysics methods are correct and accurate, we can apply them for all circumstances. Isn’t it so?

In primary schools, your teacher taught you basic mathematics that 1 + 1 = 2. Does it mean every time someone asked you for the answer to 1+1, your answer is always 2?  You need to find out the purpose and context to the question before answering. When it’s a simple maths question, the answer is 2. But when it’s a binary question, the answer is 11.

There is no single method anyone can claim to provide 100% accurate resolution every time. Even FDA’s approved cancer drugs has its limit and does not have 100%, success rate. In metaphysics, the studies of personality traits are so complex. Each method can only provide tendency signs based on preset patterns and assumptions putting all external factors aside. We’re all human beings with complex traits, thoughts, and actions. If you include the external influences like family values, moral and social influence, environment, and regulatory laws in different countries, the vibes and tendency signs become different. Take the case of twins, or two people born on the same day and same time – they do have their own unique traits and characteristics, and lives a different lifestyle because of their perspective and actions. And those who’d passed away, many of them could have suffered from different health conditions.

  • My purpose is not to fault, but merely trying to learn the most accurate way to deliver answers to questions on character as well as forecasts.

If anyone knows a metaphysics expert who claimed their analysis and forecasts are 100% accurate (or over 90% for that matter), do let me know. I can pass their contacts to the charitable or humanitarian aids organisations. Or to the children’s societies, and perhaps to parents-to-be clubs – the kids and less-fortunate people could benefit from such accurate forecasts and findings.

I’ve mentioned in my book that every metaphysics system has its limits. It is useful to know other complementary system as you can apply them wherever possible. A person’s understanding in the metaphysics could affect the way they apply the methods. The real cause, to me, is the lack of time. Everyone wants to know every system known to people, in the shortest possible time. You should not multitask in learning different methods at the same time. Perhaps you can spend time focusing on one method, practising the theories, doing more research, and fine tuning your observation skills before exploring other systems.

  • If we’re using your methods, we have three profiles for each person, i.e., the Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Combination of the Date and Time. Which one is the main character given there are three root numbers in the three charts? Which charts are for main analysis, which charts are for supporting analysis?

I have explained the purpose of deriving the Time of Birth chart on Page 239 of my book. You may want to check on the purpose and reasons for the other charts. The Birth chart holds the main traits and characteristics of the person. The Time of Birth chart (and the other charts) provides extra traits that may not be prominent outwardly in a person’s conscious thoughts. It’s the inner-self traits (and vibes) that influenced the person’s subconscious thoughts and actions. In the Five Elements, an element can support, weaken or control another element. There is no main supporting or leading elements as it all depends on elements present in the charts, including the periodic charts like the Personal Year chart.

I’m aware people may be confused over the Five Elements metaphor. I’d difficulty understanding the concepts too when I first started learning Chinese metaphysics. That’s why I decided to include one chapter on the Five Elements, and explained its elemental influences. Do check the book out!  As the Five Elements is an essential essence of EON, I have used visuals and images in my EON Workshop sessions to explain the strengths of the elements and its influences. Do attend my EON Workshop when your schedules allow.

Your thoughts and the actions you took are “situational influenced” by external causes. It is a naïve thought to assume certain traits are more obvious than others at all times. You may feel agitated now and the next hour you could feel calm. The way you talked to your kid’s teachers may be different from the way you talked to your kids, even though you are the same person with the same characteristics and traits. The energies and vibes of the numbers and its elemental influences are constantly in motion. The level of the influences and its effects depend on many factors including the external environment, friends around, weather, etc. Even the food you took earlier could influence your behaviour and actions too. In short, we do have multiple traits in us because of these constantly moving vibes. Check out my book on the various factors that can affect a person’s mood, behaviours, and actions.

  • The methods you use are from trial and errors, or mix and match? Or is it an expansion on the methods taught by your mentors?

I first learned the Power of Numbers (PON) from Dr Oliver Tan. I’ve also recognised his passion in sharing the basic fundaments of PON with the class. I continued researching on the essence of the PON fundamentals as I felt there were “missing pieces” to complete the personality profiling jigsaw puzzle. EON is the combination result of the knowledge and experiences I’d with the various metaphysics systems. I could expand the Five Elements metaphor in EON without digressing the essence of its unique numerological method. You can check out my book for more reasons why I started spreading the EON awareness to others.

  • Your book has not detailed the ups and downs of a person throughout life. You advice is most precious. No regrets in buying your book.

Thanks for making the right choice to buy my book, Jaycee. Do spread the good feelings around to others. My book is not a “one size fits all” type. As different people have different needs on learning EON, I wrote the book as a Basic module to let readers understand the fundamental basics and practise the methods described. As EON is evolving, it is not possible to include extended methods in the first book without supported findings. Readers and users can look forward to the next book which would focus more on the “life path” profiling. You’d be able to learn the method to identify how the Periodic influences like Personal Year, Personal Month, Personal Day and the Universal energies could influence a person. As the second book is still a “work in progress” status, many people cannot wait. I have started to conduct the EON WORKSHOP sessions since last year where I adopted the “cut-the-crap” approach to share extended discovery findings quickly. The workshop fees and sales of my self-published books do come handy to fund my EON research and publishing of the second book.

  • Do you hold regular meeting sessions with your group of people having interest in EON? What about those who’d bought your book?  Bouncing off ideas and time with you, could speed up our learning process.

I do have plans to organise regular EON Club gatherings to build up the EON community. I’d originally wanted to organise one for EON Workshop participants last December, but I’d to cancel the session because of other commitments. Yes, future plans include allowing everyone to attend the EON Club gatherings to share and learn more about EON.


I encouraged Jaycee to spend more time to practise and build his knowledge on the PON and UCM methods in my email reply since he’d invested time and money attending the courses. He should try to understand the fundamentals and its application purpose of the two methods before learning EON. It’s common to have different interpretations and analytical conclusions since there are many ways to analyse a person, and different paths to resolve a problem. It’s like the popular phrase, “Many roads lead to Rome” suggesting people can use different ways to find a solution.

We (Dr Oliver Tan, Master Bernard Yeo, and I) have provided different views and open the windows for you to explore and know yourself better. Use this opportunity and take positive actions to make a change for the better.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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