Controlling Vibes Start From Within

Daisy provided me with a sample EON chart with the 5-7-3 and 8-4-3 number patterns. She wanted to know how to control the negative effects manifested by the number sets.

I’ve posted articles on 5-7-3 (and 7-5-3) and 8-4-3 (4-8-3) on this site. Do spend some time checking them out if you want to know the negative effects that could influenced a person.

In summary, 5-7-3 denotes carelessness usually resulting in loss of money. The monetary loss could be related to legal issues and court case, and in extreme cases, it could lead to bankruptcy.

So how do we control the negative vibes of 5-7-3 (or 7-5-3)? Can we avoid the extreme case of getting sued or becoming bankrupt, or involved in court case?

Let’s put it this way, bankruptcy is a choice. It’s the outcome of bad or deceiving judgement made by you, and not others. You can take charge and decide if you want to become a bankruptcy or restart your life again. Though life can never be the same again, you can still relive the happiness and joy by working hard to repay the debt you owed. People still have a mental stigma on a bankruptcy although we do see increasing people being more forgiving these days. Within the family, it means less money to upkeep the family’s living and financial expenses. Do you want that?

In financial matters, money can be a motivating factor to inspire you to work harder to achieve your goals. You have to learn to control your finances to minimise further loss. If the urge to make more money through moneymaking prospects like stock or share investment, get-rich schemes, and so on, then stop and plan carefully before taking action. Don’t spend unnecessary as if everyday is your last day in this world. You need to wake up from your silly dreams and start protecting (and growing) your finances and assets.

In legal matters, don’t act as a guarantor for friends or relatives. Don’t sign on “the dotted line” of any legal contracts until you’re certain about the terms and conditions. Read carefully and be consciously aware of the possible consequences should your signed contract be void, infringed, or terminated. If you received summons or parking tickets, just pay the fines and be done with it. There’re other better things you can do without wasting time plea-bargaining in court about your innocence or ignorance.

In CHANGE and CONTROL management, you need to change your mindset and be adaptable. Stop the hasty action-minded thoughts and stubborn nature, and start planning carefully on the tactics to take, and list down all possible what-ifs scenarios.


8-4-3 denotes communication problems with others, causing strained relationships. At extreme end, it could lead to separation or divorce with loves ones; or conflict at work, social, or with the authorities.

In family matters, learn to be attentive and empathetic towards your loved ones. They do have the rights to voice their views, just like you want them to hear your opinions. Learn to be tolerant and compromising. Stop interrupting or taking hasty actions without thinking twice. It hurts everyone when you said the wrong things at the wrong time. Do check out my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” and the many articles posted here for other ways to minimise the negative effects of 8-4-3 (or 4-8-3).


The 5-7-3 and 8-4-3 number patterns could suggest signs of interrelationsmoney and communications. Money has a motivating influence to spur you closer to your goals. Money can also have demotivating influence on you when you’re always short of it. It could lead you to desperations and these could influence your thoughts and actions. The negative thoughts could somehow influence the person that it’s everybody’s fault when problem arises. You can control the negative effects of 5-7-3 by communicating with others, be patient, and listen attentively.

As for the 8-4-3, put aside all hastened tasks and take a step backwards. Think and plan your goals carefully. Success is a choice. Make sure when you get the success, you can feel it for a long, long time. Put aside the monetary-driven attitudes, and adopt the home and stability approach. Money can’t buy you true love. Your family members can give you the true love you need, free. There could also be momentary drift towards the flirtatious side to achieve your goals. But it’s just not worth the effort to delve into the fantasies. A warm, cosy, and caring home is the place you need to recuperate and revitalise your energies.

Daisy also asked if we can maximise the use of Directions to enhance the positive vibes. Yes you can. However you need to treat the directional information in my book as a guideline. It is NOT a sure-win way to achieve your goal. The directional signs suggest the things you need to do to achieve the goals when you move towards that direction. You still need to do one more thing before you can expect resultschange your perspective and attitude. You need to control the bad vibes from within your thoughts. Your life today is because of the actions you took previously. Learn to be adaptable and think positive. Once you have the positive energies within you, you can then positively influence those around you regardless of the directions you took.

Remember… apply the resolutions suggested in my book. By changing your perspective, you can change your behaviours and actions, and in turn, you gave yourself the opportunity to live a better life.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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