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Today’s article is a follow-up to the article “’Place of Birth Chart’ and EON Workshops” posted earlier. Although I’m expecting one key aspect he’d like to know more, Darryl provided me with four life aspects he’s concerned with. He’d like to know how he can apply the Elements of Numbers (EON) method to identify the tendency signs.

Anyway, here’s briefly what Darryl wrote:

  1. On career or business, I‘d like to know which job or business that will suits to me, and can bring me wealth and prosperity. I’ve checked the career list on your book. I just want to see which direction that I can focus on. 
  1. On love and relationship, I’d like to know the type of woman compatible with me. Can I get attraction from women? I think a have great flirtation on women, especially older women. But so far, I’m still single and available. 
  1. I have multiple sets of 6s in my chart. My father has Root number 5. I can’t get along with him. Sometimes I get temperamental with him, according to my hidden number. My mom has a ‘Mirror Number”. Have mood swings attitude. So you can imagine my life – full of stress. Will be 35 next year, and still struggling financially. Feel no significant success in life. I’m not happy with my life. Do you have any suggestions to change this situation? I don’t know how long my mental condition can stand, with such situations. When will my life’s big day come?
  1. I’d like to seek your opinion and suggestion – for my future life, about my personal year chart. My Double Effect Year will occur in 2016. I’d like to gather your observations on my Personal Year Charts of 2015, 2016, and 2017. What to do and don’t do things for me, during that 3 years? What might possibly happened to me, the opportunities and cautions I should take care during those years? 

BANNER6Although I do welcome users to send queries to me, I must highlight that I’ll address questions that I can share openly with everyone so you can read them and learn too. Not the exclusive consulting but the inclusive sharing approach that I’m adopting here. Many professional consultants would love to handle Darryl’s case as they can charge high fees, including providing standardised report on what he can do and what he should not do. Anyway, I set up this weblog and self-publish my book to empower readers like you to understand yourselves better. I want you to develop the curiosity mindset to discover your traits (positive and negative ones), adapt (learning to change), and improve your conscious observations.

I’ll not answer Darryl’s questions comprehensively as these would need me to write a full consultation report. That’ll take too much of my research time, so instead I’ll highlight key areas as subtle hints where Darryl can follow if he is serious about improving his lifestyle. But first, he has to take action to change his views, attitudes, and habits.

CaseStudy_DarrylIf you’re new to the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, it’s rather easy to do a basic personality profiling on Darryl. All you need is to buy my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” and refer to Page 63 for the steps to profile a person’s personality. The multiple 6, 3, and 9 numbers (in close proximity) are manifesting the mental worrisome thoughts, emotions, and temperamental flares. These could make him feel easily agitated, impatient, selective listening, taking ‘fast-and-furious’ actions and regretting later, prefer taking short cuts, and high (and frequent unrealistic) ambitions. With the 1-8-9 pattern, the perfectionist trait further enforce the need to live a perfect world, and insisting everyone else has to be perfectly tuned to his visions and ideals. Relax, stay calm, and take it easy is one way to slow the pace.

Darryl should learn to ‘LET IT GO’ the unnecessary worries. He should consciously remind himself that it’s perfectly normal to be imperfect as life still goes on with or without him around. So why stress oneself up unnecessary when we can integrate seamlessly with others and enjoy life wholesomely.

1) I have provided the suitable Career or Business in my book as a general guideline. I’ve based on the basic method taught by Dr Oliver Tan in his Power of Numbers (PON) course. In fact, anyone familiar with the basic Five Elements principles could gather at similar references too. So, there’s nothing exclusive about it. That, to me, is the Level 1 approach in identifying a suitable career or business. And as stated in my book, there is no such thing as a permanent suitable career or business since our life purpose and goals change regularly. From the EON chart, Darryl can consider working in the Wood (Ideal #1) or Earth (Ideal #2) industries.

Case Study on Identifying Career Elements & Vibes- Anita MuiThere is a Level 2 approach that I’ve shared with my students – identifying the CAREER element. This means you can gauge the vibes influencing your career or job in a particular year. Questions like job being stagnant, resign, retrenchment, and whether you should change your job in that year are just some of the knowledge you’ll learn. Oh, by the way… there are signs in Darryl’s charts suggesting strong vibrations in his career this year (2014) about his skillsets and work-related aspects.

FEN_AdvLvl1All Darryl needs is to stop the unnecessary worries and focus on what he wants to do, and do it well. There are just too many things in his mind (especially about making money, fast). If he wants to make money fast, then identify all possible ways and set priorities. Then act wholeheartedly on the most important task needed to help him get the money. Don’t sway along the way even when other unrelated opportunities come along and temptations are high.  Fix his life first. There are signs of career stagnation or vibrations at work this year. He may not achieved his career objectives. There is a possibility the reasons are caused by stumbling blocks at his workplace and possibly financial-related distractions at home or with his family/parents. It’d be great to stop blaming others and relook at oneself when things don’t happen the way we want it to be. We are usually the main contributing reason for our behaviours, attitudes, and actions.

Immoral Love2) When one person flirts openly with another, there is usually no “true love” attachment. It doesn’t matter whether the older women treated Darryl as a “toyboy” or he treating them as “sugar mummies” since it’s all for the fun of it, sensually and sexually. There are signs suggesting a charismatic and appealing personality, and that might be the reason Darryl noticed and said, “I think a have great flirtation on women, especially older women. But so far, I’m still single and available.” The point is, he needs to stop using (manipulating) his charismatic appeal and focus on sincerity. Darryl needs to work harder to gain the trust and understand what the woman wants in a steady relationship. Similarly, he needs to define what he wants in a relationship and the women whom he can love and be loved. The Root 4 in his PY2014 means that he ought to start carrying out his plans – take action to complete them – instead of just wishy-washy talks about his visions. A compatible chart does not guarantee two person would enjoy blissful life forever. Times do change, and so do people’s life goals. We are all influenced in varying ways by the energies coming from the periodic cycles (Personal Year, Personal Month, and Personal Day). Squabbles, differing views, and disagreements do happen at times. It’s more important to identify and dilute the negative signs present in a Combined Relationship chart while manifesting on the positive vibes. Tolerance, patience, trust, shared and moral values, and having good listening skills are just one of the many ‘must-haves’ for better relationship with a loved one.

EON_mosaic3) Check my book regarding the relationship of the father or mother with the person. In Darryl’s case, the hidden 3 is in the father’s sector. The number 3 could suggest fiery emotions, tempers, creative sparks, focus and so on. Darryl’s relationship with his father is just like the traits associated to the number 3. The father, being a stubborn and principle-minded person, may just want Darryl to understand his ideologies and visions on his son. But Darryl could have his own ways to handle his own life. We associated Wood to emotions. There could be emotional sparks between Darryl and his mom besides the ‘learn to be a good man and contributing oneself to society’ perfectionist mindset. Mood swings are common for people with strong Wood element. Both Darryl’s parents could often have differing views and these could somehow influence Darryl’s self-beliefs and opinions. As a result, the fear, mental stress, insecurity, and unnecessary worries seated deeply in his mind.

confusionWhat “life’s big day” do Darryl wants? How can he reverse his life energies toward the positive sides? And can he marry the woman he likes?  Why not? All Darryl needs to do is a simple and free action – change and make a paradigm mindset shift. Learn to adapt and change. Forget about the unnecessary worries. Put aside the greed, distracting wavy thoughts. Too many ‘what ifs’ worries does not make things happened when nothing is done. Take a bold two-steps forward, and if need be, retreat a step backwards. Eventually he’s still one step ahead. Wealth is not the ‘be-all and end-all’ solution to every day’s problems. Health is.  Darryl may want to discuss his unhappiness and mental stress and worries with a professional health consultant. They’d be in a better position to release the mental block in his mind so he can look forward to a more purposeful life ahead.

Double Blessing or Double Whammy4) Future life? Sure, Darryl can always check the Personal Year’s chart to find out the energies in each year that might affect his birth energies. For example, the root number for PY2014 is number 4. He just need to stick to his plan and carry them out. Forget about strategising too many plans. Work on one or two and carry the tasks out to make things happened. Next year (PY2015) is number 5. Learn to be more humble, adaptable and willing to change. Use the intuitive thoughts and strive to focus, focus, and focus on his priorities. It’d be number 6 in his PY2016. That implies home, finances, and stability. Hmm… that might be a great time to have a home on his own and start a family. I don’t know what WILL happen to Darryl in his Double Effect Year 2016 as it all depends on him. What I know is the tendency signs are suggesting him to review his mental focus and improve on the areas I have mentioned earlier. Who knows, it can be a Double Blessing year for him when he gets things done the positive ways. Or it might be a Double Whammy year if he just continue to sit down and do nothing about his life purpose.

We can't make you an expert, but we can help you become one

Darryl can always use the FEON+ software to look at the life path to determine the energies that might influence him regularly, be they in the next few days, months, or years. He can also analyse his relationships with other people using the Relationship chart. He can also use the software to identify the inner-self characteristics of a person through the Reflection chart. He can always refer to the ‘Pinnacles and Challenges’ chart for a general guideline suggestion on what he needs to do during the age period for opportunities and challenges. And the list of to-do list goes on and on, and he’ll find much usefulness in FEON+ features.

It’s more important to know who you are and not what you have. Eventually nothing gets done if Darryl don’t make the first move. He needs to CHANGE if he aspire to have a better, happier, healthier, and joyful lifestyle soon. Given the right motivation and mindset, I believe Darryl could change the way he lives today and live a better life tomorrow


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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