Beyond Number Patterns

David recently attended the Power of Numbers (PON) course conducted by Dr. Oliver Tan. David noticed there were more number patterns taught in class and wondered why I did not include them in my book or on this site. He also asked if I could elaborate on them here in future articles.

My Elements of Numbers (EON) method is the result of my research, observation, experience and understanding of the numerical (PON) traits and the elemental influence (based on the Five Elements theory) on the numbers. As more people are aware of the existence of PON and EON, it is natural to discover newer number patterns since the basic principles are evolving.

While doing my research, I noticed that not all number patterns (at specific locations) do have definite traits or “harmful effects”.  It doesn’t make any sense to say that someone is a murderer or rapist when they have identical number patterns at specific location in their birth charts. Or to say someone will be a handicap or wheelchair-bound after certain age when they have multiple sets of number 7 at certain locations in their birth chart. It just doesn’t sounds logical or sensible at all.

There are also wrong assumptions made by some people who assumed all traits mentioned for number patterns are 100% true for all cases. When certain traits are mentioned in case studies (by PON trainers, in my book and articles here), it normally imply such traits do exist for MOST (not ALL) of the cases. It could happen at one time or another in our lives – in the past, present or future. The inaccurate traits for the rest are mainly due to the social, family and environmental influences on the person’s mindset and habits.

In a way, the number patterns provided in the PON course may be accurate for specific case studies, but may not be true for others. I know it may be confusing. The best approach is to get away from the “number pattern” model thinking and move on to EON. You can then equip yourself with more logical information that you can use in your profiling.

To answer David’s question – the accuracy of traits or effects arising from certain number patterns is more of a coincidence than the location where the number pattern is present. You got to look at the surrounding numbers and elemental influence of each number to find out the degree of negative effects that may happen. Focusing on areas surrounding the number patterns found at specific area may provide extra clue.

This paragraph is for future EON trainers and consultants. Though you may be aware of extra number patterns, it is equally important to understand the underlying “cause” for each number pattern. This can provide you with the means to find out the “Whys” and “Hows” using the cause-and-effect approach. It is equally important to find out the elemental relationships between the numbers in the pattern. Once you can identify the “root” of the cause, the natural flow of the intuitive energies will lead you to more discoveries. I will provide more details later, perhaps in future EON workshops. It is easy to achieve that intuitive level once you understand the true meaning of “giving more than receiving” and the phrase “To Teach Is to Learn Twice”.

In summary, identifying signs using number patterns would be a great start to kick off the curiosity habit. And while you are at it, look beyond the number patterns and more at the elemental aspects. The signs are all there – you only need to identify the issue and know where to focus.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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