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What happens when a Root 1 person meets a Root 8 person? The perfectionist 1-8-9 vibes?! When a critical-thinking person meets a self-sacrificing and responsible person, things can get sensual and excited.

I’ve described the possible traits that Melissa and Victor may inhibit in the Part I and Part II articles posted the past few days. Today, I’m focusing on their relationship and compatibility. I’m using the FEON+ (Five Elements Numerology) software to profile.

CaseStudy_Melissa_BF_PYThere are tendency signs suggesting a loving, chatty, and sensuous relationship. This is possible when the 2-7-9 [Talk-Support-Success] vibes are strong. There might be bickering between them creating challenges and obstacles. The problems could resolve over time when one party is making a conscious effort to compromise. And just like the usual 2-7-9 (and 7-2-9) patterns I have described in many of my past articles, there are signs of manipulations between them. There are signs suggesting self-interest at heart, or one person is “making use” of the other party to achieve his or her goals. Either way, it’s just a win-win relationship between them with fun-loving and ‘waves-like‘ bonding experiences.

Understanding the relationship between two people is not just about identifying the signs in their compatibility chart. Many PON, UCM, LifeQuest students learned basic technique to find out the strength of the relationship. That’s great. But when I used the extended Elements of Numbers (EON) method, the observation is different. Besides life path profiling, you must also know what could possibly happen between two people in a particular year.

Think about it – you have your own personality, behaviours, and habits. Your thinking and behaviours in 2012 and 2013 are not identical, and it influenced your actions differently. Your perspectives and self-beliefs could affect your thinking and behaviours this year (2014), and your actions done this year are probably different from what you did last year. It’s all about the periodic energies influencing you, and the energies are dynamic and changes.  It’s simple and logical, isn’t it?

YearEnergiesWe are all influenced by our Personal Year vibes every year. When we are with another person, our unique individual energies are intertwined to form a new energy force. And our energies changes regularly, between another person, and in different times. Our moods and attitudes towards another person can vary between periods (year, month, day, and hour). Our attitude towards another person is influenced by external vibes (stress at work, social influence from friends, changes in economic or government policies) during that time. When Melissa and Victor are together, we can easily check their compatibility status. Every year (or month and day), each of them have their periodic influence coming from their Personal Year, Personal Month, and Personal Day energies. The combined energies manifesting around and within them varies between other days, months, and years. That’s another reason I’ve included the Personal Year, Personal Month, and Personal Day pillars in the FEON+ software to enable you to identify the periodic vibes. I’ve also added the ‘Compatibility Year Chart’ in FEON+ software to allow users, like you, to identify the manifested energies when 2 to 4 people meet.

Look at the “Compatibility Year Chart (PY2014)” again. The 5-7-3 pattern is present. It could imply some money lost, disagreement, quarrels, legal entanglement, carelessness that might affect their relationship in 2014. The number 7, being the focused Root number, could imply external party. The 2-5-7 [Talk-Obstacle-Support] patterns could imply there could be some challenges with external parties in realising the success needed. It’s like over-promising something overdue that has yet been delivered.

Double Blessing or Double WhammyThe 2-5-7 pattern could also imply Melissa may have a difficult time communicating with Victor, or the other way round. Melissa and Victor have to make a paradigm shift and face the obstacles and stumbling blocks this year. Better still, they can face the obstacles as if they’re positively going for the challenges and opportunities. Their “Compatibility Year Chart (PY2015)” next year shows a 2-7-9-7-2-9 patterns that’s similar to their “Relationship / Compatibility” chart. This implies double manifestations of the “Double Effect-like” energies between them. When the energies manifested are positive, Melissa and Victor can look forward together to more ‘Double Blessing’ vibes in 2015. It could lead to a ‘Double Whammy’ period together if they manifested the negative vibes instead. So think positive, feel positive, and act positive.

Know Your LifePath. Control Your Destiny.I’ve described some general traits on Melissa and Victor in the previous articles. They have to change their mindsets, habits, and behaviours. Forget about the past since you cannot undo them, but do learn from the experience. Identify what works that help them become happier and feeling successful, and manifest similar vibes. Forget about the frequent bickering and squabbles as these are the negative vibes manifested creating the stumbling blocks and obstacles. The 2-5-7 pattern could also imply [Communicate/Dialog – Adapt/Adjust – Amicable/Support]. This means both must learn to adapt and adjust their thinkings, stubbornness, fears, and worries. While they are adjusting their own behaviours, they must strive to give the other party equal breathing space. This way, they are providing each other time to release the stress and frustrating vibes, and to let each other be alone in their quiet comfort zone to rethink, readjust, refine, and revive their loving relationship.

That’s all for this article. It looks like I have to adapt and adjust my thoughts too. I thought a 3-Part article should be enough, but it seems a Part IV article is needed as I’ve yet to share my answers to Melissa’s questions.

Meanwhile, apart from including the “Compatibility Year Chart”, I have also included the “Compatibility Day Chart” in my FEON+ software. This means that you can simply tap on the ‘Select Date‘ button to select a date, and almost immediately you’re shown the compatibility charts for the Year and Day. I have included these extended charts for a reason. While researching to improve the EON methods, I noticed the periodic energies do affect a person, and each person in turn could influence others when together. It’s all about understanding human behaviours and the timely influencing energies. For example, Victor may be moody today and could affect Melissa’s mood. But when Melissa is feeling happy and positive, she could manifest the positivity and reverse the energy flow back to Victor. The moody Victor could be feeling happy now when he’s with Melissa. That’s being empathetic, identifying and understanding the other person’s traits. And with FEON+ software automating the mundane plotting of charts, you can learn to understand a person better tomorrow by knowing what might happen to them today.

So, there’ll be a Part IV article. I hope the past three articles could bring fresh insights on looking at a person’s chart. If you’re familiar with the Power of Numbers (PON), Universal Character Method Profiling (UCM), Science of Numbers, and any other similar methods taught by other trainers and corporations, let me share a secret most EON/FEN students already know. There’s more to personality and life path profiling than just numbers and patterns.

And you can get the FEON+ software to speed up your reasoning…


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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