From tomboy to pretty woman

I posted two case study articles on Elaine’s chart recently – “One Chart, Different Answers“ and “About Elaine: Career and Relationship“ I also mentioned about her inhibiting the “Big Sister” attitude.

In subsequent email, Elaine replied, “I don’t really have many female friends, and my character (I think) is more of a guy. I mean, that’s what I gather from people around me.”I told Elaine her “Big Sister” trait resembled a female person with tomboyish behaviours and inhibiting the “kaypoh” (local Singapore slang for “inquisitive”) traits. In certain ways, it portrayed the stereotype mindset used in movies that depicted a female gangster – loud, plain-Jane looking, un-ladylike, and walking like a man. I suggested to Elaine to concentrate on the softer aspects – mellow and feminine, and taking the time to listen and not interrupt while others are talking. Elaine then replied, “I’m trying hard to be more feminine. It is not an easy task. I always wonder why is it that I am facing the same problem everywhere I go. Is it that I don’t have “nu ren yuan?” We can loosely translate the “nu ren yuan” as “woman’s luck” or “femininity fate.”

Let’s revisit Elaine’s chart again to determine if she can reduce the tomboyish traits and improve her womanliness. Hmm… that reminded me of the science fiction action-horror movie series, “Resident Evil” where Alice (main female character) uses her “masculine-like” traits to battle against the zombies, demons, and monsters. And at opportune times, Alice could switch roles easily and display her feminine, sexy sides too.

That reinforced the human behaviour observations that a person’s outward behaviours might not always coincide with their inward personalities. It’s akin to the Chinese YiJing (or I-Ching) “Yin and Yang” principles, which stated: “In every Yin, there is a Yang. In every Yang, there is a Yin.” This implies every man has his softer, feminine traits; and every woman has her “masculine” traits. A person’s behaviours is dependent on the harmonising energies inside them. Imbalanced energies could create a lopsided “gender” effect. That’s when the outward behaviours are not synchronised with the inborn gender personality. As an analogy, a man with more feminine traits in their chart, is inclined to be more soft-spoken. And when he manifested the “Yin” energies strongly, he could behave like a sissy or with girly actions like overly exaggerating fingers and eyes’ motions. Likewise, a woman with too much “Yang” vibes in her chart could manifest the manly behaviours, behaving like a tomboy. Some people hides their inner gender preference, and resorted on “cross dressings” for sexual explorations, or took part in cosplay events, more of an excuse to satisfy their inner sexual desire. It’s about the numbers, and elements present in the chart.

For Elaine, her manly traits are strongly manifested than her “defaultfeminine traits. Frankly, all is not lost for Elaine if she’s sincere about improving her womanliness traits. There is hope she can become more feminine too, like Alice in the “Resident Evil” movie series.

We associate the number 9 (Yang, male) to a solid and strong tree – growing upward forcefully. We could also associate number 6 (Yang, male) to a large, blunt-edges weapon or sword.

The 6-9-6 patterns on locations S-T-U and V-X-W in Elaine’s birth chart could depict some form of masculinity, and that could manifest the “tomboyish” traits for Elaine. However, as both S-T-U and V-X-W locations are in the influencing sectors, that implied Elaine’s tomboyish character is not inborn. More likely, it’s a self-inflicted mindset, a behaviour formulated over the years.

From EON perspective, it’s because of the masculine energies located in the external influence sectors – formative sector ( S-T-U); and the social and environmental sector (V-X-W). From life perspectives, her family and friends could have unknowingly set up the environment to build her masculinity than femininity during her formative years.

I noticed there are multiple set of number 5 in Elaine’s chart. Once she eliminated past habits and stubbornness, and relentlessly worked harder to be more womanly, she could overcome and transform the 2-5-7 (M-N-O) to become 2-2-7. That could manifest more feminine traits. Furthermore, the “lady luck” could accelerate her womanliness pursuits in later part of this year as there are incoming influencing vibes (number 2s) in her PY2018 chart. To achieve the success, Elaine must first mingle with more woman friends, be ready to talk in a girlish manner, and above all, dress like a woman. She has to cast aside the ego-states and overcome the fear her male friends might be mocking at her. She must be willing to forgo the “brotherhood” group and be a part of the women circles.

Of course, it’s always “easier said than done” in suggesting ideas since we’re the external party. Perhaps she might want to try relocating her home, change mobile number, change job, or go overseas for a while. Just do anything to prevent her male friends from distracting her. That could help her concentrate on dressing up pretty and behave as a natural woman. If the earlier suggestions are hand to accomplish, she could always consider the “extreme makeover” photo studio shoots or reality shows, and attracted her friends with her feminine features and charms. Over time, that sense of femininity could transform the once-a-tomboy into an attractive lady.

Elaine has to let go with the old thinking (of behaving like a tomboy) and start with a new beginning (of behaving like a woman). Once more, it’s all in the mindset. Have more female friends, and socialise with female colleagues, for a start. If she is sincere about making the transformation, she can look beautiful and behave like a woman, just like April Athena and KC Concepcion. Both ladies, in case you aren’t aware, has same birth date as Elaine. And they’re both attractive ladies. And so is Elaine!

That could provide some assurance to Elaine that if she perseveres, she could transform her ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.

It’s up to Elaine now to decide if she is willing to transform the yesterday’s tomboy image into a today’s pretty woman.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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