On Nathan: Finances & Marriage

I had a great WhatsApp chat with Nathan recently, and I decided to post most of his questions as a case study for today’s article. Nathan was from India, and has been practising Indian Numerology. He wanted to gain a deeper knowledge, to learn and master the Elements of Numbers (EON) method to understand himself and others better. Oh, today’s article is exceptionally long, as I wanted Nathan to know himself, from an external profiling perspective.

Nathan bought and received my EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” last month. To my surprise, he finished reading the book in a few days and was “hungry” for more detailed information.

The EON book is aimed at beginners and those who want to learn the basic theories of the Elements of Numbers (EON) method. Through regular practices, everyone can plot the charts manually and perform a baseline analysis on themselves and others. It’s like playing the Othello or chess game – easy to learn but takes time to master. When you’ve finished reading the EON book in a few days, it’s like, to me, rushing to complete reading a fiction book, where you don’t take the time to pause and digest or practice. Click here to purchase the EON book, to get yourself started to learn the EON method.

I would strongly suggest to Nathan, and to those who had purchased my EON book earlier, and still uncertain of themselves – to park aside what you already know, strive to unlearn and re-learn, and digest the book from various angles, at different times. As with any self-help book, reading it once is not sufficient. As an example, I bought books on Indian, Egyptian and Western numerology, read them, and at first thought it was worth exploring only some sections. However, I noticed that there was a difference in the mindset when I read the book again, thoroughly, at some other time – I discovered many hidden gems and insightful information in the pages I skipped the first time. Just as the term “the more you practice, the better you are,” when I reread the books, from an objective view, I had a better understanding of the intent and the fundamental theories described in the books.

Nathan got excited after I answered with my analysis about him. His main issues are finances and marriage. He then posted follow-up questions, and I told him that I would be better off sharing my analysis with everyone. This way, I can share my analysis here, so you learn and understand how you can apply the EON method to get to know yourself and others better.

Below are my messages to Nathan:

  • The potential cause is that you are too distracted and easily disturbed by fluctuating feelings and thoughts. Focus. Focus. Focus. Otherwise, such changing feelings (check my EON book on Water element) and fears do exhaust your number 6 (Metal element, mental, respiratory) vibes; in basic EON, it’s also about money. Thus, the strong Water elements (numbers 2 and 7) affected the Metal element (like water that rusts the metal) that we could associate with your mental, anxiety, worries, and conscious mind.
  • This year (2020), your wealth potential is very good, particularly from external sources such as friends and networks. Set aside ego and pride, and focus on making your plans come true. Prioritise what to do, and act on it.
  • You need to be cautious in dealing with contracts or partnerships as neglect, carelessness, and distractions are “in focus” in 2021, based on the 7-5-3 pattern in the PY2021 chart. Look at the fine print before you sign.
  • By the way, please go for regular health check-ups, especially for cardiac screening. Nothing serious, just a precautionary measure. You need to take care of your diet, especially your blood-sugar level, as the tendency signs are suggesting you might be in the high-risk group of people with potential diabetes symptoms. My guess is it might be inherited.
  • You might have someone in mind, and that’s more evident now, and especially next year.
  • People might be wary of you because you might be too “over-friendly or social” as if you were frank and talkative. On the negative side, you might be sensitive, pushy, touchy, manipulative, and insecure.
  • The number 5 (Hidden Number 2) in the father’s sector of the Birth Chart, implies that you might face some difficult moments (like obstacles, quarrels, and problems) with your father. That’s like having a mountain between you two. If your Father is still alive, try to “dig a tunnel through the mountain” to patch the strained relationship, if you’re facing them today. It’s always happier to have a harmonious family.
  • You’ve high aspirations and expectations. Do come down to earth and be realistic – you might frequently feel frustrated as you are like a “victim of your own success.” Oh, focus on the journey, and not the end-target as otherwise, your finances are like having the roller-coaster effect (3-3-6 pattern in locations V-W-X).
  • There’s nothing wrong with being less perfect and enjoying life better. The perfectionist thoughts (8-1-9 pattern in the PY2021 chart) in you for those few months, and next year, are strong.
  • What I said may not be entirely true, as people change because of family upbringing, the environment, and beliefs. Even so, there are still similarities in your character. You must strengthen your trust. You’ve the “too much water, wood will drift” feelings.
  • Let me know the relevance of my quick analysis.

Nathan then replied:

  • Your analysis is really very nice; much of it is on the dot. Extensive, at the same time, crystal clear. I also wanted to do readings like this, after learning from you.
  • As far as diabetes is concerned, I’m diagnosed as diabetic.
  • Do you see chances of marriage in the coming year? When will my debts get cleared, and I’ll be able to save money?
  • I’m thinking of taking numerology as a full-time career. Do you think it’s a right decision based on my birth chart? Have you factored the time of birth into your analysis?

Let’s focus on the two main issues – finance and marriage – by looking at the screen shot of Nathan’s EON chart.

Although the screenshot was taken from an unreleased copy of FEON+ PRO, users who have installed and registered the current FEON+ v1.x (Android) would find the screenshot similar too.

Don’t worry if you haven’t registered the FEON+ v1.x software, as I’ve included a free online FEON+ LITE software on this site (click here to access it) – it’s just to get you started, even with limited features.

In the basic EON method, number 6 could be linked to a lot of things, including money. When we look at the on-going financial situation of a person, we seldom look at the Birth Chart only because it does not show the periodic energies in the current year. Therefore, looking at the Personal Year (PY) chart would be the ideal way to verify.

The 6-6-3 pattern in V-W-X locations showed a [Money – Money – Fast] sign that could be interpreted as money coming in fast from a positive side. However, when we look at the negative side, the same [Money – Money – Fast] can also be interpreted as money that goes out so rapidly. That’s because there is no clear direction to where the money is going – in or out?

There is, however, a subtle clue if you’re observant, which determined the probability of the money getting out. Check the 3-3-6 pattern in locations V-W-X of Nathan’s Birth Chart. We could interpret this as [Fast – Fast – Money], creating a roller coaster effect of money moving up and down. It suggests that Nathan is likely to be tempted to overspend or could not manage his finances prudently. He should learn to save and not to spend on unnecessary things. Preferably, he needs to be more cautious, not thrifty, and spend less than he can afford.

The 6-9-6 pattern in his PY2020 chart could suggest the spending was likely on others, than himself as the 7-4-2 pattern is present as well. In a way, he must learn to say NO, and set aside his self-pride and egotistical mindsets, if he wants to save enough money for urgent uses, including perhaps, to settle his debts and for his marriage.

I also told Nathan to be less bossy and pushy towards others. This is because of the perfectionist trait – the 1-8-9 pattern on his PY2021 chart, where the periodic energies influencing him are already present and active. Furthermore, the Root 3 in his PY2021 chart is more likely to amplify the criticism, bluntness, and hurtful vibes on others because of the 7-5-3 pattern. We could also relate the 7-5-3 (or 5-7-3) pattern as a sign of carelessness and distractions, including potential legal entanglement or contractual disagreements – generally resulting in loss of money. From an extended EON method, there are more than three sets of 7-5-3 (or the numbers 3, 5, and 7 in any sequence) in his PY2021 chart. Again, the tendency signs are suggesting distractions and frustrations, and potential money lost, when the finances are not managed well. Oh, one more thing… the manifesting of his innate behaviours like over-sensitive and swaying feelings (numbers 2 and 7 in his Birth Chart) are present, and are influencing him.

The Time of Birth Chart (TOB), and Combined Birth Date and Time Chart (CBD&T), do come handy in identifying extra clues on a person’s inner-self characteristics. I often check on these charts for subtle signs that are generally not obvious from a surface-level observation. For example, Nathan’s TOB and CBD&T charts have the numbers 2 and 7 present, and that could suggest a forceful, rushing, and insistent, subconscious mindset in him as well. The two charts also show signs suggesting the likely strained relationship that Nathan had with his dad, especially during his younger days, was more of Nathan’s innate rebellious and stubborn nature than his father’s parenting styles.

Using the natal EFV FLOW Code, I would suggest that Nathan to focus on his plan, passions and abilities, rather than worrying too much unnecessary about monetary gains and “instant” success.  Chasing happiness is easily attainable once he could easily stop his overspending habits and set aside his egos. His EFV FLOW (PY2020) Code is about acting on his plans, and setting aside his self-centric ego (the “I, Me, & Myself” attitude), pride, and unnecessary worries again. His EFV FLOW (PY2021) Code is about building the trust and responsibilities in him, rather than talking about his pain points, and yet, not doing anything about it.

Now, let’s look at his marriage possibility. Anybody can get married as long as both parties have the legal age. The problem that I have noticed for many numerology and astrology systems, is that the focus is generally on the compatibility status. You know you are not perfect – your traits, behaviour, beliefs, perceptions, and habits changed  regularly – and what makes you think that the other party would always have the perfect traits? As mentioned several times in previous articles on relationships, this is not to say that two perfectly compatible people would guarantee a happy and lasting marriage. Look at many compatible celebrities – their marriage is not perfect. Similarly, this does not mean that two incompatible persons would frequently run into problems in their marriage. Look at many incompatible celebrities, and even your elderly relatives – many of them are still harmoniously married together. The magic key – tolerance and acceptance of each other’s faults and a positive outlook – is what reinforces and attracts two separate poles, just like a powerful magnet.

Setting aside the cultural beliefs of marriage in India, I would suggest that Nathan not be overly insistent in his relationship with someone he likes or loves. There is the presence of a female person now – whether she becomes his platonic friend (BFF), or lifelong companion in marriage, is a choice Nathan has to decide. There may be other concerns that might have distracted him – finances and his preconceived belief that he could not save enough. As stated in earlier paragraphs, I’ve shared the root cause; a change behaviour and growth mindset is needed. This has nothing to do with his destiny, but the reason is more because of his unconsciousness about his insecurity, or his fear, to take control of his happiness and to manage his life, to be what he wants to be. Yeah, he can get married if he wishes, as long as the woman in his life, loves him as well.  A word of advice – take extra effort to reduce the pushy, hasty and insistent behaviours. It takes time, patience, trust, and communication between two parties before the love blossoms.

Okay, let’s look about his third question – being a numerologist. There is not a single system method that can provide all the clues on a person’s character, behaviour on certain days, the charms of luck, good days, career promotion, and everything that’s sweet and nice. Instead, the choice to understand complementary and alternative methods could do wonders to your confidence and profiling ability. I am pleased that Nathan is positive about learning from me, as his current knowledge of Indian numerology has allowed him to think beyond the novice’s mindset.

In many ways, becoming a competent numerologist has nothing to do with theoretical knowledge; the relevant practical skill set, matters. You need to practice consistently and profile the correct way.

Even if you have a life quest to learn the power of numbers, having a “visiber” understanding and a fixed mindset on using only number patterns for analysis, would limit your abilities. Then again, blindly adopting a universal character method of profiling that isn’t practical, could restrict your growth mindset. Thinking you understood the “profiling frontiers” through the science of numbers isn’t suffice to expand your profiling horizons, either. In summary, you need more than just knowing the theoretical knowledge to verify its practicality and relevance in your profiling observations.

The capacities and abilities to profile someone in rational, logical, humble, and ethical ways, is always better. After all, it’s all about your true passion to comprehend the essence of the influencing energies and elements of numbers, that matters. Maybe that’s what Nathan is after: understanding the underlying root cause that can influence and affect a person’s behaviours, using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

I know that many of my EON/FEN students living abroad in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, have become proficient profiling professionals. While they considered me as their mentor and a friend, I’m blessed to have them as my mentors too, as I do learn profiling insights from them as well. It is not a matter of luck, but of spiritual connectivity that connects us; their ability to “connect the dots” to recognise and seize the opportunities that come, and interact with me. I’m also aware those who’ve not pursued a life of being a profiling professional, have changed and inculcate the growth mindset, to better themselves and others as well.

I’ve posted an article “The Search for “Beware of PON”” (click here) where, apart from my bad experience with the PON trainer, I’ve listed a 10-point guideline where you can check and refer to, when choosing the right trainer or course to attend.

It’s easier for Nathan to learn something practical and relevant because it has to do with him. I hope you will learn something useful too since I have provided additional hints as well. Try to do a correlation analysis, with what I’ve mentioned, with Nathan’s charts, as a simple practice, for a start. With regular practices, comes a better hands-on knowledge.

And you know you have a mentor friend, ready to guide, when you became a member of the FEN COMMUNITY support group.

Stay Focused. Stay Happy. Stay Safe.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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