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Garrett was kinda insistent in his observation on my formula for the Time of Birth chart.  Garrett studied the Universal Character Method (UCM) Profiling from Master Bernard. He also bought my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” to extend his new-found numerology knowledge.

I told Garrett I’d derived the method to plot the EON Time of Birth chart from my own research, observations and experiences while developing Chinese metaphysics software (like Bazi, QiMenDunJia, YiJing, and  Chinese Almanac) many years ago. Developing the software needed me to inquisitively gather a different understanding on the fundamentals and referencing relationships between the elemental tables and formulas. The researching and development experience allows me to inculcate the habit to focus on the “cause and effect” of an issue from various perspectives. I’d explored different ‘logical’ formula to plot the Time of Birth chart before deciding the one described in my book to be the ideal one in allowing me to identify more “obvious” traits.

I told Garrett that Master Bernard would have done his research to derive the method to plot his own Time Chart. However, Garrett insisted my EON Time of Birth chart is more accurate and practicable based on his profiling and analysis of people.  He also explained the logical reasons how my TOB method could allow him to identify more traits. Thanks Garrett!

Time of Birth

Carol bought my book and asked about the Time of Birth (TOB) chart, “From your research and experience, does the Combined Birth and Time Chart give a more accurate reading? Would it be more accurate to use the Combined Birth and Time Charts to analyse Relationship Compatibility?”

I told Carol there are different perspective layers we can use to analyse and profile a person. For a start, the Date of Birth (DOB) could provide the first impression. When you add the TOB method, you created the capacity to focus and profile the person from another layer. You want to identify the hidden traits that may not be obvious when analysing a person from their DOB chart. You can then plot the “Combined Date and Time” to look at the compatibility status and relationship qualities of two people. And when you plotted the charts and analyse them, you’ve the limitless opportunity to expand your profiling knowledge to identify extra traits, perhaps from the conscious and subconscious perspectives.

I wrote my first book as an introduction to Elements of Numbers (EON). I want you to understand the fundamentals without overwhelming (and confusing) you from the advanced theories. You’ll find using the DOB method, though accurate in its own context, is no longer satisfactory to help you identify more compatibility traits once your profiling curiosity increases. You can then include the TOB method if you have the birth time of the person. There is no limit to using the methods described in my book. The adventurous one could also plot the “Combined Date and Time” charts and use it as the basis to further plot a unique Compatibility Chart of two people.

I told Carol to try the methods out and do her own observations. There is no right or wrong in the traits identified as eventually, a person’s traits may vary daily. When two people are together, they may think and act differently on different days because of periodic influences from the Universal and Personal Day vibes.

Adele bought my book at a local Kinokuniya Singapore bookstore after completing the Power of Numbers (PON) course conducted in Chinese by Master Thomas. More people are buying my book to expand their profiling knowledge after completing the PON/UCM courses conducted by other trainers. They could now use the Time of Birth method to profile a person from another angle.  They could further expand their profiling knowledge from the extended methods that I’d be sharing at future EON WORKSHOP sessions.


I’m glad to receive a promising feedback on my TOB formula. Don’t be too obsessed with the accuracy level. No single method, including mine, is accurate or usable in every profiling analysis.  Knowing there are different methods available to gather the time chart would allow you the opportunity to identify more traits on a person from different perspectives.

The Time of Birth chart could only provide tendency signs suggesting extra traits a person may have. Eventually the purpose of profiling a person is to help them become a better, happier, and healthier person. What’s important is to create a positive impact on the times of their life. It could be for you, your loved ones, or someone else.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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