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As the year energies influence people in varying ways, many of you could have experienced happier moments and wonderful times while some could have experienced setbacks and obstacles.

talk@my2014Last year (2014), the number of people experiencing diabetic-like symptoms are increasing. In the “National Health and Morbidity Survey 2011” report, about 2.6 million (15.2%) of Malaysian adults (18 years and above) have diabetes. Elsewhere on a global worldwide scale, the percentage is increasing and more people are suffering from diabetes in 2014. It’s worrying and real.

Diabetic_TendenciesIn the Elements of Numbers (EON) principles, there are strong tendency signs suggesting diabetic-like symptoms in the 2014 year energies. Some of you could have been ‘advised’ by your doctors to take care of your diet and control your sugar intake. Health is paramount and we should exercise great care to keep a healthy lifestyle while chasing our goals and career ambitions.

We can correlate the recent blizzard in New York to one of the tendency signs present in the 2014 year vibes. I’ve mentioned “snow, snow and more snow” in my previous “Numerological Predictive Observations 2014” article. Sure, we’re now in 2015. Do you know that the 2014 vibes are still overflowing to the current year? Last year 2014 energies might still affect some of you in the coming months.

I’ll explain more on the tendency signs of the year in my coming “Numerology 2015: Your Personal Outlook” talk this coming Friday (6th Feb 2015, 7:20pm – 9:30pm) at Peace Centre, #04-02/03, Singapore 228149. I’ll share with you the influencing energies in 2015 and how it could impact you if you’re not prepared.

I’ll teach you how to identify your 2015 year energies through an easy method, and share the tendency signs that might affect you. If you’re new to my Elements of Numbers (EON) method, or have attended courses on PON, UCM, LifeQuest, why not drop by at my free talk session and learn something useful.

I’ll also be highlighting my FEN (Five Elements Numerology) courses that’s uniquely different from the training methods you might have experienced from the PON, UCM, or LQ classes. I’ll teach you the visualisation techniques that my FEN students have come to recognise and apply.

I look forward to sharing your personal year outlook for 2015. Bring along your friends on 6th Feb (Friday) as well so they can benefit too. As seats are limited (small classroom size), preregistration is needed.

Contact Wang at 9275-9177 or email him at to register for the free talk. Alternatively, you can also click on this EventBrite link to register.

Remember our date this coming Friday on 6th Feb 2015, 7:20pm.

Stay Healthy. Be Happy and Be Inspired!


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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