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Today is 22nd Dec 2012. I’m glad you’re not affected by the “End-of-the-World on 21st December 2012” prediction. The fact that you’re reading this article or accessing my site after 21 Dec 2012 shows that many of you are rational and did not believe the global calamity would begin and end on 21.12.2012.

Experts predict from self-beliefs, experiences, statistical data research, observations, and occasionally, instinct. Medicine approved by the USA’s FDA to be safe and only to revoke its “safe-for-consumption” support after a few years. Meteorologists are having a harder time these days predicting global weather forecast accurately because of unpredictable weather changes and global warming. Government issued GDP forecast regularly but often adjusted them because of unpredictable global economic and financial changes.

You can’t blame these experts. No one can predict the unpredictable correctly every time. Even though the statistical data are available, it’s up to the person with perceived beliefs to identify which areas to focus on getting the results they hope to see. They believed only in what they want to see. Different people looking at the same statistical data and numbers on the chart may conclude a different result based on their own perceived thoughts. The same person could conclude differently on different day as their focus and perceived thought changes, even though the statistical data have not changed.

In my research on the Element of Numbers (EON) method, I’ve came across many identical patterns that could suggest different traits when I shifted my focus on different areas. Take the case of my previous article where I mentioned many happy couples holding their weddings on the special day of 12.12.12. The numbers 1+2 sums up to 3 which could suggest “passion and love”. When there are three sets of number 3 (in 12.12.12), the “fiery passion” vibes could have manifested that day. That’s one area of focus with a perceived thought to identify the happy and positive “passion” vibes. Similarly, we could also identify three sets of number 3 found in yesterday’s date (21.12.12). When we focused on “passion” vibes, we can also say that there would be happier moments for many people who believed in them. But when we associate number 3 to negative traits like fire, strikes, protest, tempers, and so on, we can also say there are many people feeling angry, temperamental and moody yesterday.

Why are there increasing people finding the ELEMENTS OF NUMBERS (EON) method interesting and usable to help them improve their lives? Apart from my passionate sharing of information freely through the articles, the answers lie with the extra statistical information available which I’m glad to say, is exclusive to the EON method. I’ve been receiving emails from many of you. And I’m aware many of you could not identify extra clues and tendency signs quickly when you use the Power of Numbers (PON) or the Universal Character Method (UCM) Profiling methods.

I admit the extra information stemmed from my interest in Chinese Metaphysics and years of self-learned software development on metaphysics titles. I could expand the EON method from these experiences to include features that allows me to identify more clues and tendency signs. Now that I’m using my own software on my smartphone, I could spend more time analysing a person’s charts with the information displayed on the phone screen. I’m happy there are users who’d the opportunity to use my EON (Android) software after attending my EON WORKSHOP sessions. And I’m glad they could use my software for their personality and life profiling analysis.

EON_SoftwareI’ve a special gift to share with those who’d bought my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”. It’s my token of appreciation for your support. HERE’S MY GIFT TO YOUGet the full version of my EON (Android) software (version 1.x) free until end of the world. Oops… what I mean is you can get the software free until end of this year.

It must be the holiday season, the “Joy of Giving” festive energies that influenced me to release the full version free for a limited time to all EON supporters. I know many of you are eager to use the software. I’ll post more details within the next few days.

Meanwhile, unleash the excitement and tell your friends and anyone interested in using EON to better their lives.  Share the happy moments and spread the positive energies around…

Regard, Ron WZ Sun



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  1. zelldell says:

    i am a buyer of your book ” elements of numbers” always follow your website..n be check daily if any new input by you..
    hopefully i can get ur android full version sofware..and thx a lot in advance..

    thx again..SIFU ( zailan dahlan )

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