Different People. Similar Vibes. Varying Experiences.


“To me, you are very kind to share this numerology method through a book and presented it so systematically. Thank you.” That’s what Simon wrote in his reply email to me, with more questions:

  1. How come the EON does not take the gender into consideration?
  2. For Personal Year chart, say for year 2012, the Year of Birth is replaced with 2012. In this case, does that mean everybody with the same date and month of birth would have the same Personal Year chart! This mean all of them could be having same yearly profile! How could it be?

EONSoftware_GenderOptionI understand Simon’s doubt why we did not consider the gender in a person’s Birth or Life chart. I was curious too.

I included the “Gender” choice in my EON (Android) software when I released the software only to students who’d attended my EON Workshop sessions. Even though there is no “real purpose” in the gender choice, I believe it could come handy in future to improve the EON method. By then, I’d be able to analyse the chart immediately without manually entering the gender for each record since I’d already have the gender choice in the software user database file. In short, I’m glad to say the current EON software is “gender-ready”. 8=))

Meantime, let me share with you my experiences on how you can still include a person’s gender in your current EON profiling analysis.

Many Western and Indian numerology methods, including horoscopes and astrology practised today do not include gender item into a person’s Birth or Life Charts. You know that, don’t you? Now, let me share a secret an experienced person knowledgeable in these metaphysics could somehow, to varying extent, be able to include the gender influence into their analysis.

How can this be possible? Well, it’s a special observational technique these experts would not want to share openly for fear of “technique disclosure”. It’s one of the keys to their “amazing” analytical secrets. There is one request before I share the method with you – help me spread the good feelings of EON, this web-blog URL (www.ElementsOfNumbers.com) and my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” Let others know they can find out more on their true self and get to take charge to improve their own lives. It’s a reasonable request, right? Oh, you can also support and attend my EON WORKSHOP sessions too as I can share more sensitive techniques with you!

Different People. Similar EON Chart. Varying Experiences.” That’s what I stated in an earlier article Same Same But Different where you can check out as well. I mentioned people with similar charts could have different experiences. Though I did not mention it, we can include the gender traits into the analysis to identify traits that could suggest different outcomes.

CaseStudy_EltonJohnIn EON method, we mainly use the numbers found in the locations I-O to identify a person’s inner traits. If there are more “Yin” elements (numbers 1-4) than “Yang” (numbers 6-9) in I-O locations, we can say that this person (for example, a man) has more feminine traits. We can identify tendency traits suggesting a soft-spoken and expressive person. If there are more “Yin” traits in the same man’s Personal Year chart, it could further manifested the feminine traits. Occasionally, this man may display more feminine traits than normal. Now, that doesn’t mean the man would behave like a gay, transvestite, or indulge in “cross-dressing” during that year. It depends on a person’s experiences, values, and beliefs. Let’s be practical and logical, and not be so naïve to believe that strong “Yin” always equate to girly traits.

I’ve explained and shared the possible “Yin” and “Yang” traits of the numbers 1 to 9 at my EON WORKSHOP sessions, including the number 5 which has duality (Yin and Yang) traits depending on its location in the chart. Let me use one example to explain what I meant in the previous paragraph. Let’s use the number 3 as an example. It is a “Yin” element which we could associate to “small fire”, a person who’s focused, rigid, passionate, creative, selfless, and demanding. When there are more 3s in the Birth and Personal Year charts, the stronger vibes could influence the person to display similar traits but in an extreme manner. These could result in fiery protest, mood swings, forceful and hard-headedness, sensual motives, burning needs, and temperaments. When there are excessive “Yin” in the “small fire”, the light at the end of a person’s vision becomes narrower. That’s where “basic survival instinct” comes to mind. The feelings and the need to survive strengthens the urge to protect one’s existence by all means. In short, the extreme negative and selfish traits are being manifested strongly.

Similarly, when a person (for example, a woman) has too many “Yang” elements in their Birth chart and/or in their Personal Year chart, this person may display more masculine traits. Have you ever wondered why some women could display masculine traits “out of the blue” for no reason, like sitting with legs open widely like the way most men sit, or talking loudly with manlike, ungracious expressions? Chances are, the strong “Yang” could be the reason…

Users with learned the Power of Numbers (PON) or Universal Character Method (UCM) Profiling method could identify the “Yin” and “Yang” influencing elements in the Birth or Personal Year charts. But in the Elements of Numbers (EON) method that you’re learning now, you know you can identify such traits in a person’s Monthly and Daily Charts as well. And for students who’d attended my EON WORKSHOP sessions, they could also plot the HOURLY chart to identify the gender moments of a person. If used properly, ethically, and morally, we could maximise the understanding and use of this person to our advantage and get the results we rightfully deserves. But when you used this technique to manipulate a person with unethical motives, you’d have been influenced by the negative dark forces and these could have negative repercussion effects on you later.

Every year, people with similar Birth charts (in locations I-R) would have similar Personal Year charts as well. Besides the feminine and masculine traits mentioned above, a person’s action (conscious and unconscious) depends on their experiences, culture, social and family values, lifestyle, habits, and opinions on life purposes.

There are other ways to identify tendency traits of a person like plotting relevant historical events through the Rhythmic Cycles chart. Of course this method is easy if you happened to be one of the supportive participants who’d attended my recent EON WORKSHOP sessions (if you’ve attended the 4th to 6th session). You can also use the Time of Birth chart to identify more traits. If you know the person’s birth time, you can plot the Time of Birth chart, including the Combined Chart to identify more tendency traits. You can check out Page 239 of my book for information on how to plot the Time of Birth chart.

Lastly, different people may have similar chart but their experiences and actions are not always the same.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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