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In today’s article, I’m sharing my observations on the 3-7-7 pattern using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method to identify tendency signs. I noticed many people finds associating number patterns to human traits and behaviours intriguing. This is great as it helps to keep the person’s interest in knowing their potential traits and characters through numbers. I’m also aware many people (from Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia regions) visiting this site have attended basic modules on the PON (Power of Numbers), LifeQuest (PON in Chinese), and UCM (Universal Character Method Profiling) methods. After completing these classes, many of you are hungry to know more patterns, possibly information on all patterns ranging from 1-1-1 to 9-9-9.

EXTEND1The truth is… each number pattern like 8-4-3 does not necessary infer the person WILL have affirmative traits leading to negative experiences, including confirmed marital problems resulting in emotional breakdowns, separation, and divorce. It’s normal to just rely on number patterns if you intent to be just a hobbyist. When you feel it’s time to upgrade your beginner’s knowledge level, it’s important to look beyond the number patterns. For example, you have to understand the other numbers present in a person’s birth or Personal Year charts. You need to identify the tendency signs that might influence the mindset and behaviours of the person. You need to know the person by understanding the numbers in their charts.

I thought it’d be great to share some extra tendency signs associated to 3-7-7. This helps provide a glimpse of the visual lessons you’ll learn in my class.

3-7-7 [Fast-Supporter-Supporter]. It’s rather easy to correlate the pattern to a person getting supporters quickly. That’s a fast analysis from basic PON/UCM/LQ perspectives. I’ve taught my students to analyse number patterns from EON perspective. They’ve learned to identify various hidden patterns and visualise characteristics and traits after completing the FEN BASIC LEVEL and FEN ADVANCED LEVEL classes. There wasn’t a need for me to explain all patterns (1-1-1 to 9-9-9) as students could apply the visual techniques to draw their own observations. For example, we can correlate 3-7-7 to actions like invoking the passionate thoughts on others to convince them to support us. Hmm, that sounds like some protesters gathering support from others by hitting on the right note. There are tendency signs suggesting some intentional manipulative acts to invoke the fiery emotions of key supporters so they could in turn spread the negative vibes (and message) across to others. It’s like an abuse on the ‘word of mouth’ communication technique. Eventually, these supporters could be crazy busy and self-sacrificing themselves to embrace their leader’s self-egoistic and self-belief opinions.

TEACH NUMBER PATTERNS2On extended EON methods, we can associate the manipulative and creative energies of the person. It’s like a stage show where the person is like the arts director or producer. The stage actors are the key players and the audiences are the eventual supporters. From positive viewpoint, these could imply people with 3-7-7 patterns are creative, passionate, and has the ability to invoke emotional and passionate loyalist to support them. On the negative aspects, it could be the self-centric protesters (like protesting incidents in Thailand and other countries) campaigning over agenda favourable only to them.

UNLEASHChasing after number patterns are not fun and impractical. It could restrict your views and restrain your observational skills. When you unleash your mindset and look beyond number patterns, you will realise there is more to numerological profiling than just… number patterns.

Let me share with you more interesting ways to look at the 3-7-7 patterns using the Five Elements Numerology (FEN) methods. Besides what I’ve mentioned earlier, the other tendency signs include:

  • 3-7-7 [Invoke Passion – Fuzzy Thoughts – Spreading Message]. You intentionally covered up your hidden agenda using emotional vibes that could quickly influence others to believe in what you said. They, in turn, would naturally became your willing evangelist.
  • 3-7-7 [Sparkling light-water-water]. You’re like the sunlight that brings hope to everyone. But like the sun’s reflection on the water in the pail, it’s just a false vision. And when you touch the sun (the reflection on the water, of course), it ripples and the beautiful sun’s shape becomes distorted. The vision looks real but is just an illusion, a distorted vision, and an unrealistic goal. It implies the person have unrealistic goals. A perfectionist in the making focusing more on quantitative results rather than the quality.
  • 3-7-7 [Fire-Water-Water]. Like the steaming kettle, the fire (passion) cannot continue long enough because there is too much water (changing thoughts). This means there could be frequent short passionate spell in your creative pursuits. It could imply you could inhibit the quick-temper nature, and show your agitated mood over others once the first sign of their disagreement comes in. It could also imply frequent changes (movement) in your ideas. Some people may correlate these signs similar to frequent mood swings.
  • 3-7-7 [Fire-Water-Water]. It could imply possible Fire deficiency from health aspect – the lack of Qi energy in your body. Of course you need to check out the other numbers in your natal chart to find out the quality of the energies in your body. You could experience frequent drowsiness because of ‘lower than usual’ blood pressure.

I’d encourage you to do more case studies especially if you’ve completed PON, UCM, LifeQuest modules previously. I believe you can correlate the examples mentioned above to your analysis and observations. The traits could surface when the 3-7-7 pattern is present in a person’s natal chart. If the 3-7-7 pattern is present in the Personal Year chart, it implies the traits may surface that year. If you noticed there wasn’t any negative traits present until now, the person could have acted positively (consciously or unconsciously) to improve their perspectives and behaviours. Perhaps, the negative vibes influencing the traits have not been manifested yet.

2004JI could go on with other aspects like careers – like having career stagnation because the supervisors didn’t notice your exceptional work skills and attitudes. You will get to learn many interesting and practical techniques in class. In fact, I’m glad many FEN ADVANCED LEVEL students had previously completed UCM, PON, or LQ modules as they could distinguish the different learning experiences. And I’m happy they could widen their observational perspectives after completing my course.

Why not join me at the FEN ADVANCED LEVEL course on 31st May and 1st June especially when you’ve completed the PON, UCM, or LQ advanced or master modules? You have spent so much time on numerological profiling. It’s time to give yourself the deserving chance to know more beyond 3-7-7 and the number patterns.

Call Daniel at 9853-1777 now to register for the coming FEN ADVANCED LEVEL course on 31 May to 1st June 2014.


Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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