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Calvin texted recently, “Are you able to write an article regarding annual forecast by zodiac and Personal year number (PY)? FSMs (Feng Shui Masters) have been giving zodiac forecasts at the start of the year, for the publicity sake of course. Same goes to numerologists giving the forecast for each PY.

1) With this forecast for each PY (1-9), do these forecasting serve any use at all since the forecast is based from PY 1 to 9?

2) For readers who are unfamiliar with numerology, will this lead them into making wrong decision based on a forecast by numerologists?

3) What would be the best method to analyse individual’s PY?

4) Ranking of PY from luckiest, to the unluckiest PY. Do they exist? If yes, does that matter?

I have been seeing zodiac forecast by so many FSM in public, but nothing on numbers. OK, OK… Thomas (LifeQuest, Science of Numbers) and Bernard (UCMHP) did their PY forecasting during their conventions recently. I thought this might be an interesting topic and serve to educate public as well.

There are two main areas to discuss in today’s article. One – the use of Chinese Metaphysics, Astrology or Chinese Zodiac System, utilising the 12 zodiac animals as reference, to perform an annual forecast. The most common method used is the Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny, Phat Chee). Two – the use of numerology method to do an annual forecast.

I’ve attended certified Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics classes conducted by Masters and Grand Masters, just like what many Feng Shui Masters (FSM) did. I attended numerology lessons, exactly like what many professional numerologist did. I felt there is something that I’d like to share, given my knowledge and experience working on both sides – from end-user perspective, and as a researcher, author, practitioner, and mentor.

In Bazi, there are four pillars (or columns), computed from the Year, Month, Day, and Hour of a person’s birth information. In theory, since there are four pillars, it means each column represents a quarter, or 25% of the birth information. While a Year pillar represents the general expectation on a person for 365 days (366 days for leap years), we can only perceive it as an energy that could influence us on a year-long, wide basis. It’s like telling us there is a “massive traffic jam ahead,” without providing further details. We should take a pinch of salt, or not be too obsessed or engrossed with the annual forecast done by many professionals. If you are born in the Year of Pig or Boar, it doesn’t mean you’ll face many more challenges, obstacles, and hurdles this year than those born in the year of other zodiac animals, because of your direct conflict with the Grand Duke (Tai Sui). The annual forecast is simply a general indication, like the “massive traffic jam ahead” warning without providing much detail. What you need to do is to be cautious since you’re mindful of the traffic jam in advance. What the FSM doesn’t suggest is, you can divert to another path, assume a different pro-active action, or do anything possible and positive, to reach your destination safely while avoiding the traffic jam. Sure, you might reach your destination later, or even earlier; nevertheless, you reach your destination safe and sound.

The MONTH pillar covers the influences for the entire month. This implies the energies affecting you during the month of birth. It’s like telling you directly, “massive traffic jam at 5km.” So now, you are aware that the traffic jam is around 5km away, and you can still decide, whether to beat the jam by diverting, or getting more frustrated being stuck in the jam without knowing how long it’d take for you to get through. The DAY Pillar is like “massive traffic jam at 5km, due to oil spillage around Point A.” It’s like launching your Google Map application and seeing the road being highlighted in RED, starting from certain positions. Aha, you presently have clear visibility of the situation that might effect you. And the HOUR pillar is like you’re in the traffic jam at the moment, you decide what you want to do – get frustrated, honking at others, stay calm and relax, enjoy looking at other cars, drivers, or admire the buildings, clouds, or scenery.

Recently, I received a broadcast email sent by a popular FSM and the author of many FS books; that people should not be constrained to look at only the zodiac animal of the Year of Birth. This FSM claimed that there are four pillars, which implies there are (up to) four animal zodiac that you should be looking at, not one. Technically, he is correct as  the “Earthly Branch” in each pillar may represent one zodiac animal. Even so, his opinion is incomplete, from my experience, because he only based his assumptions on the four pillars.

Let’s look at the HOUR pillar, which consisted of a 2-hour time range. It is far too general to determine the energies to be constant, and naively assuming the energies would be similar throughout the 2-hour range. That was why when I presented a fifth MINUTES pillar, consisting of a 10-minute range in the BaziCalc and other metaphysics software for the PalmOS PDA device. Many FSM and Grandmasters embraced it, as they are able to fine-tune their FengShui audits within a reasonable 10-minute time frame. Does that then imply there are at present (up to) five zodiac animals within us, that we should know? That’s not all, I further introduce a sixth LUNAR pillar, focusing on the lunar energies or moon cycles affecting us, and while it has been tested to be positive and relevant by the FSMs, who’ve tried a special version of my Bazi software, I’ve not revealed the formula as requested. So, we can have, up to six zodiac animals, to read about from the annual forecast. 

Oh, before i forgot, as there are five different elements for each zodiac animal – does that means instead of 12 zodiac animals, shouldn’t we be focusing on 60 zodiac animals (for each pillar, and up to 240 zodiac combinations for four pillars) for a more accurate forecast? As this FSM author is known as an opportunist for publishing series of books, I foresee him publishing 60 elemental-zodiac animals series of books…

We can't make you an expert, but we can help you become one

1) With this forecast for each PY (1-9), do these forecasting serve any use at all since the forecast is based from PY 1 to 9?

From numerology standpoint, any annual forecast done, is merely for general consumption. Even my 1DOTY (1st Day Of The Year) article “Numerological Predictive Observations 2019” (NPO2019) focused on the potential influence affecting us in general. As noted many times in earlier articles, our behaviours and attitude, beliefs and habits, and our actions, are formulated from our earliest years – our influences from childhood to schooling, to work and social lifestyles. This created the unique personality, even for twins or those born on the same day. In my Elements of Numbers (EON) method, I have devised the formula to plot the Time of Birth Chart, which provides extra chart and clues. That is why I could share my observations of Robin and Maurice Gibb (the Bee Gees) Charts, and explained to FEN students, the subtle deviations of the personality and health, even though they both died nine years apart, having the same Personal Year (PY) chart.

The annual PY chart does serve a function – to provide general advice, whether the reader can make better informed choices to decide the next course of action. For instance, I mentioned about “struck by falling objects” in my NPO2019 article. There have been reported news of people being “struck by falling or moving objects” in a workplace, in offices, at home, or even during security and military exercises. I mentioned “dengue” and in Singapore, there were reported news of increased dengue cases since the start of this year. The forecast that I’ve made, and including those made by many others, are based on our own knowledge, understanding, and cognitive associations to the numbers and energies, that could influence and affect us in specific ways. For me, my annual forecast, and my profiling analysis – it’s nothing magical, spiritual, or mystical; but just applying the Elements of Numbers method.

2) For readers who are unfamiliar with numerology, will this lead them into making wrong decision based on a forecast by numerologists?

Whether it’s a numerology forecast, a Chinese Zodiac forecast, or a western astrology forecast, it’s an annual observation or forecast built for general consumption. Not everything mentioned would happen, and not everything stated would not happen, to you. As I’d stated earlier, your formative years of family upbringing and social lifestyle influences do create specific habits and beliefs in you; and eventually, your behaviours and actions were driven by the conscious and subconscious thoughts. That is why certain factors mentioned could be truth for you, but not so for someone else. While my NPO2019 forecast is based on the Year2019 and other hidden contributing factors, it is, nevertheless, an overall forecast, a general guideline, or like a “massive traffic jam ahead” sign – giving you early head-start information and the ability to make your own informed choices. As the decision rests with you, and you took actions based on your perceived understanding, it’s nobody’s fault but you when things don’t work out the way you think it should. Likewise, when things work out well, as stated in the forecast, it is still about you making the decision, not the numerologist, or me posting my NPO2019 article.

3) What would be the best method to analyse individual’s PY?

There is no best method, in my judgement. It’s subjective, debatable, and depending on publicity and awareness. The ideal path is to give yourself the opportunity to learn about the fundamentals of the numerology method, and apply the techniques to know yourself better. And then knows how you can tap on your understanding of the system, to make informed choices and forward planning. While some numerologist focused on commercial marketing’s and charging high fees, it doesn’t imply you’ll obtain the optimal deal from the finest trainer. Best to learn how to analyse from different perspectives, including “out-of-box” or even “no-box” thinking, rather than just constrained your learning knowledge ‘within-the-box‘ mindset.

Do your own research, and choose wisely – it’s your hard-earned money that you are about to invest – make certain you get a lifelong support whenever you can, the profiling tools to use, and the right books to read. Some other equally important thing is – you must have easy access to articles and information on the trainer’s website – it shows the sincerity and passion, not the commercial-driven mindset where anything additional is all about the extra cost incurred after you’ve signed up. Once you have build up all these essential foundations, you can then analyse a person’s PY chart against their other life aspect structures. It could provide some clues to what might happen, its elemental effects on you, and what actions you can take to control or dilute its effects on you. Of course, having the mentor’s advice, after classroom lessons have ended, to guide you along, would be ideal too.

4) Ranking of PY from luckiest, to the unluckiest PY. Do they exist? If yes, does that matter?

It’s naïve and illogical to have a myopic mindset to create a ranking-based theory, and assuming everyone with similar PY chart, would face identical challenges, obstacles, luck, or windfalls. A day chart, like the Bazi chart (with Year, Month, Day Pillars) could supply up to 75% information about a person. What you need is the Time of Birth Chart, to provide equally-spread, time-specific information on the year, month, day, and time of birth. Some theoretical trainers, sad to say, still focused on the negative aspect of a person simply because they concentrated only on number patterns. It’s again, unethical to insist you will be a divorcée, bankruptcy, sex maniac, commit adultery or be someone’s mistress or a toy-boy, merely because you have certain numbers arrange in specific patterns. Many families have been broken or people getting distraught or having mental breakdowns because of this mindless assumption!

Many people born with a silver-spoon or wealthy family, ended up being pathetic in their later years. Many people born in poor family became rich and notable in their later years too. The cause is simple – there are no lucky or unlucky numbers. Rather, it’s about understanding how each number and its associated elements interact, and knowing when it could create the opportunities for you to grab and take charge. It’s entirely about you, as an individual person with a forever changing mindset, and not about your lucky numbers or unlucky numbers, that make you who you are today. The numbers and its elements in your birth chart, and in annual charts, do influence you somehow, but as I’ve stated earlier, it’s your perceived beliefs, aptitude, attitude, habits, behaviours, and actions, that create the environment you are currently in, be they on your career, wealth, health, education, or skill sets.

The next time you attend any annual forecast sessions, just listen without a perceiving mindset. Take note of what’s been said and record it down. Don’t jump to conclusions immediately as your mind is not in a state of calmness and disassociation from the talk. Digest them later, on some other day.

Happy learning…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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