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PERCEPTION that’s the focus of today’s article. Different people analyse the same chart different, and it depends on their formative beliefs, experience, and knowledge. The greater the knowledge you’ve build up on a subject, the wider the perspective and viewpoints you can choose  from.

For example, many users who’d completed the Power of Numbers (PON) modules could only build up their knowledge based on a limited understanding – the power of the numbers and its number patterns associated to predefined traits and characteristics. Technically, students who attended my EON Workshop lessons would have a greater advantage over the PON friends as they’ve learned more extended techniques beyond the basics of numbers.

At my recent 9th EON Workshop session, one student brought up the topic of the ‘perfect matching chart‘ and explained why he thought it was the perfect chart. I’ve also briefly shared the chart in my previous article “LOL at 9th EON Workshop”. Though we’re ended LOL (laughing out loud) after he revealed the two people whom he used to plot the compatibility chart, he’s not wrong to say the chart has the ‘perfect matching’ attributes as he had assumed the observations from perceived viewpoints.

EONChart_MatchingLet’s take a look at the chart. There are multiple sets of 2-7-9 and 7-2-9. In theory, these are signs of loving nature – the expressive, sensuous, charismatic, and thoughtful traits of a person. Individually, they have their own unique traits. When they’re together, the combined vibes created the loving traits influencing them. They show the caring traits on other people when they’re together but not individually. The multiple number 9 present in the chart implies there is the competitive spirit in them to achieve the success they need when together. That sounds great as it looks like the ‘perfect matching’ chart one could aspire to have.

Now, let’s continue to relook at the chart from a different angle. We need to look beyond numbers and patterns. We need to analyse the chart from a 360 degrees spherical ‘crystal ball’ vision. We also need to know what we are focusing on – identify the issues and symptoms first before analysing the probable causes. I’m focusing on the probable causes that could trigger of the various signs (traits and characteristics) that may arise when two people coming together have a combined chart similar to the one shown here.

forest_treeLet’s begin with the imaging or visualisation method by picturing the chart like what you see in a painting canvas. There are tall trees surrounded by flowing water around, like the waterfall in a forest. Everything looks perfect from a nature-lover perspective. There is a problem – there are too many trees fighting for the water around. From a visualisation perspective, it implies the desire and thoughts (Water) could be ‘blinded’ by the emotional (Wood) attachment, creating the thoughts of competition, survival, ambitions, sensitivity, focused goals, and success. Like all plants and trees growing upwards towards the sun, it also imply a ‘too each his or her own’ survival mindset. There are individual motives – they could be taking advantage of each other’s strengths, abilities, and power. They could be stubborn and influenced by the emotional, hard-headed, competitive and forceful vibes, possibly manifesting the duality-like traits.

Influencing VibesAnd how can we identify the duality-like traits? Well, in case you haven’t noticed yet – this is a mirror chart. Anyway, you can read all about the mirror chart in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” and the many articles I’ve posted here previously. Putting aside the influencing effects present in mirror charts, the 2-7-9 patterns on the external sides (S-T-U, V-W-X) could imply both may have manifested the sensuous thoughts (and actions) towards a secret partner. This could infer a web-like complex relationship chart of two loving ‘perfect’ couple having secretive external affairs.

It could also imply two people agreeing to a partnership (like in a business deal, courting couples, or as spouses) and yet living their own separate lifestyles. As joint business partners, it could imply two business people (with their own businesses) coming together to form a new business venture for common win-win deal.

At first glance it all seems like the perfect matching chart one would aspire for a loving couple. But beneath the dreamlike vision lies the untold truth. There are signs of passion and excitement at first, but the ‘everlasting’ energies could fade off like the phrase ‘while stock last.’ There are ‘loving’ vibes suggesting a perfect combination chart for some people. But from another perspective, the chart may show the ‘ever-lusting’ influencing vibes – two people get to enjoy the short moments together but ended in separate ways after that.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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