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Elements of Numbers: Number patterns

I’m amazed with the quick knowledge gained by those who attended the earlier EON Profiling workshop held in June.

Learn profiling using Elements of Numbers EONEON is an interesting class to attend. It comes with a manual book and an application tool. You might think that you have gotten value for money, but what you have received from Ron Sun is actually priceless. His work is created out of passion and compassion to help people become a better version of themselves. He equips you with a handy app that can cast a wide view of your life’s pathway in meeting opportunities and obstacles. As we do a case-study on other peoples’ charts, I also gained insights into my own personal profile. Studying EON expands my ability to imagine and visualise, also sharpening my subjective and objective observations. Thank you, Ron! You are indeed a committed teacher, encouraging students to continue their learning through the community chat group. – Aloka


accuracy of Elements of Numbers EON profilingAs one of the course outlines and the outcome is to share the basic fundamentals through using the simple visualisation techniques, the EON students are quick to grasp the concepts of applying the Five Elements principles – interactions and implications – to the behavioural traits of the numbers 1 to 9. This means the EON students do not now need to refer to the EON book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” or pressuring themselves to remember the traits associated with the numbers. Instead, all they need to do is to just know the elements associated with the numbers, then applied the visualisation technique, and automatically they could retrieve the various traits due to the common sense approach of using the five senses – sight, smell, feel hearing, taste, and touch. Plus identifying the possible emotions and behaviours.

I attended the 2-day EON (Elements of Number) Profiling Workshop on 18th – 19th June 2022. My motivation for attending EON is to gain an alternative perspective in the field of human profiling on top of my understanding of UCMHP (Universal Characteristic Methods of Human Profiling).

EON has indeed given me a different approach to looking at numbers. Particularly, I gained a deeper understanding of how the five elements relate to our numbers and how we can achieve better lives through balancing these elements.

The course touches on the aspect of managing health, wealth and relationships through EON profiling, and these are the typical challenging areas where people really hope to find ways of improvement.

I thank Master Ron WZ Sun for imparting his valuable knowledge of Chinese Metaphysics to help enriching our understanding of numbers. Besides that, Master Ron added to this course, his research on visualisation techniques to solidify our profiling skills and I appreciated that.

Master Ron continues to provide guidance and reading tips even after the course. This greatly helps us to clarify our learning and thoughts. The EON book was given to us in advance so that we can digest some content before attending the interactive lesson, and I appreciate Master Ron’s thoughtfulness and his heart to drive our active learning. – Jennifer


EON Chart of Gottfried Leibniz

The EON students actively shared their profiling observations in the EON PROFILING WhatsApp chat group when I attached the screenshot of Putin’s EON chart. I could sense their enthusiasm in continuing learning after class has ended, through the curious questions posted. Like why Putin’s 7117 (in locations IJKL) differs from Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz’s 1771.

I’ve shared how to identify the hidden patterns and explained why the order of the number sequence could influence or affect a person’s behaviours, or their emotions. And in the chat discussion, I’ve elaborated further why the 1-7-7-1 and 7-1-1-7 are different, in terms of emotions, behaviours, smart genes, and mindsets. And I’m glad the students could provide some relevant information that I did not think of at that time.

As the students build the EON knowledge, it is natural for them to become more curious in wanting to know more. Like sharing their interpretations of number 5 from their perspectives. And I told them there is no wrong observations as their conclusions were made from their point of view. Which was why I’ve emphasised the phrase, “The Birth Chart Is Not the Personality” as an individual’s personality can change over time, due to external influences and environmental changes.

The plus points of taking the course with Ron, are that he is very generous with his sharing during class. The best part is that learning still continues after this 2-days of comprehensive course, as we are tasked to do various case studies under his tutelage!

It is indeed a value-added, comprehensive course! – Janice


Profiling is NOT about PON UCMHP LifeQuest Visiber BUT Elements of Numbers EONAfter much discussion on the traits and numbers, one student was able to derive a set of “9 Responsibility Numbers” based on her experience and observations. I only made minor changes and explained the rationale and reasons behind the responsibilities tagged to the numbers 1 to 9. Kudos and acknowledgement goes to the EON students who came up with the “9 Responsibility Numbers” which could provide a fresh insight on profiling a person through the “responsibility” lens.

I’m happy with the outcome as it’s attuned to my expectation when changing the lesson outline and expected course outcomes for the EON PROFILING class. As I’ve personally shared the underlying reasons of the numbers and the essence of the Five Elements, it was easier for the EON students to grasp the fundamentals quickly. It’s unlike the previous FEN WORKSHOP classes where I noticed some students who attended advanced or master class elsewhere, could not grasp the basic fundamentals fully (possibly they’re not taught to understand better) before they attended the FEN class.

Thank you, Ron for conducting the 1st EON Profiling Workshop, and constantly providing more value by his willingness to share his insights and knowledge. He also provides a holistic approach to profiling and inculcate a growth mindset in us which go beyond profiling through applying various techniques to associate traits to each number and its surrounding numbers. I personally felt I had learnt skills that are transferable to other areas. Once again, thank you Ron for making this class more of a transformational one. – Zack


Transformational Change through EON Profiling - Elements of Numbers (EON) , Five Elements Numerology (FEN)As a certified Emotional Intelligence (EQ, EI, EI-Q) practitioner, I could correlate the Elements of Numbers (EON) method as a supplementary component for completing the EQ framework. For example, in the EQ Self-awareness quadrant, the key lesson is to be aware and understand your own emotions and behaviours. In theory, it’s easy, but it’s hard in practice because you can only know your emotions when you’re in the situation – at that moment in time, or just before your feelings and emotions surfaced. But through EON profiling of understanding yourself and your charts, you’re able to identify your dominant traits and likely emotions, like using the Universal/Personal periodic pillars (Year Pillars, Month Pillars, Day Pillars). And by proactively managing your emotions, you will be able to handle the EQ Self Management quadrant. Separately, I showed the Johari Window model in class, and explained the importance of expanding the OPEN AREA (Known to Self, Known to Others) quadrant to other areas. This is possible by becoming more communicative, being open to feedback, sharing opinions and accepting other people’s views. This helps us enhance our communication skills and build trust and respect.

Although the June class has ended, the EON students are still participating in the chat group. Like discussing on Boris Johnson’s resignation as PM (UK), and sharing the “career” tendency signs. One student asked, “can we predict danger, assassination or death?” in view of the late former Japan PM Shinzo Abe, who was assassinated on 8 July 2022. May his soul Rest In Peace.

Elements of Numbers: The Birth Chart Is NOT The PersonalityI have explained the reason why I don’t intend to spend the time to research on identifying assassination and death days. The goal is to live a life with purpose and contentment, and this is made possible through a changed mindset. And not obsessing over whether you can predict that someone may be in danger, murdered or dead. We only have one life to live, unlike PC/Console games with multiple lives, and the option to reset and reboot.

That’s why, for me, it’s more important to find out how we can be a catalyst for change to improve our lives and become a better person.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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