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There have been few searches on “compatibility, compatibility year, compatible, and 494, 494 relationship” made recently. In this article, I will share a few insights into the compatibility aspects between two people, and highlight a few misnomers regarding the 4-9-4 relationship. And as always, my findings are strictly based on the Elements of Numbers (EON) method and the Five Elements Numerology (FEN) application techniques.

In the basic EON method, there’s the Relationship / Compatibility (R/C) chart where you can plot the combined relational chart of two people and find out the interacted energies between them. In my FEON+ software, you can plot up to four people, including the main subject person, and check for the relational signs. You can toggle (tap to turn off or turn on) the three people’s relationships with the main person.

In the extended EON method and applying FEN techniques, you can also use this same R/C chart for other purposes. Besides checking on the relationship of persons and their company, I do occasionally use it to plot the R/C chart of the CEO and the company to identifying potential corporate trends. While it’d not be as accurate (due to human behavioural factors) as other technical charting methods used by stock traders and professional investors, it does allow me to look at the energies of the relationship from another perspective. Although I have had overwhelmingly positive returns, I consider this to be a work-in-progress project. Yes, there are also negative returns, and in most cases there are external considerations. Just as VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) disturbs today’s business activities. So, before you write to me asking for more detailed information, I can’t share much for now as this is not a proven profiling method for investment-related activities.

Let’s focus on the 4-9-4 pattern. While there is no reference to specific locations on the R/C chart, assume 4-9-4 is located in M-N-O locations. Moreover, as the birth dates of the two people are not provided, I can only share my observations on an “as is” basis. For easier interpretation, I would address both persons as partners in a “team.”

The more you know yourself, the more clarity there is. Elementss of Numbers (EON). Five Elements Numerology (FEN)We can interpret the 4-9-4 pattern as [Plan – Success – Plan] which from the positive aspect, is like doing a goal setting or business strategy where your team plan and attain the success desired. And through the feedback and review, the team decided to fine-tune the original plan to make it better. In many ways, you have learned from the experience of achieving little success so that the team can achieve the next bigger vision. Resilience and a sense of survival are strong.

From a negative point of view, it’s like a never-satisfied, never-ending, exhausting pursuit. The team continued to change the plan at the last mile as the ultimate goal is to reach the IMPORTANT goal, not the slightest success. As a result, the team often becomes emotional, frustrated, agitated, low resilience, tension, mental stress, and often in disagreement. Including occasional threats to leave the partnership. Emotional behaviour is similar to weeds or ferns that desperately cling to a tree trunk or branches for support. How the individual would respond would depend on the elements and numbers in his or her personal charts.

Blaming others. Before you start blaming people for your problems, stop and think about who created them. Elements of Numbers (EON) Five Elements Numerology (FEN)Yet, from another angle, like checking on the Five Elements aspect, the 4-9-4 pattern denotes manifestation of emotional, scheming, crafty, or show-off behaviours, since the numbers 4 and 9 are associated with the Wood element. This implies that, when the two people are together, the tendency to display such features may be high. Separately, when they are alone, they might not… unless the person also has strong Wood elements in his or her birth charts, PY charts, or other charts.

Checking the R/C chart is inadequate as the tendency signs are based on the combined energies of two person’s Birth charts. As the Personal Year energies of the individual do change and could influence their behaviour and actions, we also have to look at the “Compatibility Year (CY) Chart” as well, which is available on the FEON+ software. This means that, in addition to the “usual” relational patterns in the R/C chart, the CY chart provides insight into what might happen during the year.

Relationship/Compatibility Chart between Will Smith and Chris Rock. Base don EON chart plotted through FEON+ Pro (Android) profiling toolFor instance, look at the R/C chart of Will Smith and Chris Rock. Multiples 7 and 2 suggest that they are “friendly” or cordial. However, the 7-3-1 and 4-8-3 patterns are present in their CY Chart (PY2022). This suggests some form of frustration (emotional triggers) and a communication issue (low EQ) which may lead to some form of separation. Furthermore, there are tendency signs of the 4-8-3 in K-L-N, is linked to the 7-2-9 pattern in V-W-X. This implies, the emotional reaction might be linked or indirectly contributed by another person.

The 3-6-9-6-3-9 pattern on the Selected Day Chart denotes a successful and eventful day ahead for both of them. However, if you look at the Compatibility Day Chart, the 7-3-1 and 4-8-3 patterns are also present – further aggravating or manifesting the emotional trigger and bad EQ vibes.

Hence, checking on Relationship / Compatibility Chart alone, can only provide a “base layer” of the tendency signs between two or more people. It gives a general reference about relational vibes. You should not presume that the signs are conclusive, as periodic energies – as mentioned above – could influence and affect relationships. At best, it would be a strong mutual partnership to achieve visions and succeed. At worst, this could result in an emotional and tense relationship.

Learn profiling using Elements of Numbers EONNow, back to the 4-9-4 pattern… it’s too general to provide any substantive information as I can only share my views on an “as is” basis without knowing the person’s birth chart details. Hopefully this article will be helpful.

To purchase FEON+ v1.x (Android), please click on this link. A prorated discount would be provided once the FEON+ PRO v2.x (Android) is released later. You can then use the FEON+ tool as an essential profiling tool to understand areas for improvement on the weak traits, leverage on the not so positive traits, and capitalise on the positive traits. This way you can transform yourself into a better YOU with the growth mindset and flexibility of positive behaviours. And with sustainable actions, naturally.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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