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I have posted a 4-part articles on James in February 2022. A few days ago, James wrote to me, “Just read your article on Will Smith. I like the thought process on how you interpret the chart as it made logical sense. I was wondering if Jada’s energy/behind the camera could be the reason why he slapped Chris?  Will seems to laugh at the joke when Chris made it, but his wife wasn’t happy, and he sensed the need to do something. So I was wondering if we should look at his wife and their relationship chart as well for further evidence? Just wondering what you think about it.

As always, James’ enthusiasm and enthusiasm to share his point of view with me is obvious through his long messages. Depending on your point of view and your passion, some might consider it a negative sign. For me, James is a passionate learner, albeit with a hasty and no nonsense attitude. He is curious to learn, explore and experience what has been said and derive his own judgment based on his understanding and collecting facts. Click on this link for my profiling analysis on James.

Oftentimes, it is much easier to profile a chart using the “reverse engineering” approach. This means an incident has already happened and the facts are known. What we can do is cross-reference the elements and the numbers on the charts and correlate with the events that have taken place.

accuracy of Elements of Numbers EON profilingIn this Yahoo article, titled, “Will & Jada Might Be Getting a Divorce After the Oscars Slap—& It Could Be One of the ‘Ugliest’ in Hollywood“, it was reported there are rumours that “the power couple are headed towards divorce after the Oscars incident.” Whether they finally divorce, split up or remain a loving couple, is a personal choice between Will and Jada.

James was on track when he mentioned, “I was wondering if Jada’s energy/behind the camera could be the reason why he slapped Chris?” In my recent article, “On 4-9-4 relationship”, I wrote, “Furthermore, there are tendency signs of the 4-8-3 in K-L-N, relating to the 7-2-9 pattern in V-W-X. This implies, the emotional reaction is linked or indirectly contributed by another person.

When James mentioned, “So I was wondering if we should look at his wife and their relationship chart as well for further evidence?”,  I was curious to find out more. So I decided to search online for Jada Pinkett Smith’s birthdate. I then plotted the “Relationship / Compatibility (R/C) Chart” of Will and Jada,  using the FEON+ Pro tool.

Relationship/Compatibility Chart for Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith - FEON+ Pro. Elements of Numbers EONI admit that I have to check three times on different websites to confirm Jada’s birthdate is correct, after noticing strong tendency signs in her birth chart. She has an excessive number of 9s present in her Birth Chart. Using the Elements of Numbers (EON) method, we can associate the number 9 with traits such as success, vision, competitiveness, strong will, humanitarian aid, education, determination, focused purpose and goal-oriented purpose. When there are many 9s present, it could create a dominating effect and manifest the negative influences instead. This means, at worst, too many 9 could lead to greed, over-power, authoritarianism, and lack of empathy. It could also create the “I, Me, and Myself” mentality, egoistic, boastful, controlling, unrealistic high visions, and forceful nature. In many respects it might lead to the “victim of one’s own success“.

When I applied the FEN Visualisation technique, it’s like looking at a densely populated Amazon rainforest, eclipsing the tiny pillars of lights/fire. All the trees in this forest are struggling to surpass one another, to grow, stand tall, and get the best sunlight wherever possible. And deny the weaker tree the benefit of sunlight. This could lead to the “may the best person wins”, “I don’t care how I do it, I must win”, and “to each his or her own” competitive spirit.

When I applied the “Yin and Yang” principles, there are powerful emotional triggers, fears, instability, ingenuity and pride in behaviour. That’s because, “In every Yin, there’s a Yang; In every Yang, there’s a Yin.” It means that hidden within the excessive traits of 9, there are also excessive hidden traits of 4. And excessive 4s can be associated with signs such as swaying feelings (mood swings), fear, survival instincts, overbearing and suicidal (or separation) tendencies.

A Journey of Growth Mindset Begins with this EON book "Elements of Numbers: Fast and Character Profiling"When I applied the principles of the Five Elements, the tendency signs suggest a strong mental depression, immune-related health problems and other traits associated with the Metal element. On Page 101 of my EON book, “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” I described the elemental impact when Wood is strong, which could impact or influence the Water, Metal, Fire, and Wood element. And yes, the strong Wood element can also cause disruptions to the Earth element. Although not mentioned in my book, excessive Wood may overwhelm a weak Fire element. It’s like putting more charcoals in the BBQ pit when the fire is weak and flickering, which could end up depleting the fire. This could imply that the Fire element is weak, which could be related to her alopecia state, according to findings from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

The 1-8-9 pattern on Jada’s Birth Chart also signifies the “perfectionist” traits. This implies, in addition to being a determined and stubborn person, that she is also a perfectionist. Everything has to be done perfectly, in order, and through her ways.

Now, let’s take a look at their R/C chart. The 7-6-4-1-2-3 pattern in the M-N-O-P-Q-R location of the R/C chart is similar to the same locations on Will Smith’s Birth chart. This might imply Will’s tendency to feel “comfortable” or natural when he is with Jada, is strong since the patterns are the same. However, this could also lead to a situation of Double Effect (DE), where the relationship could lead to a “Double Blessing” or “Double Whammy” outcome.

Root number 4 appears on the R/C chart, and Will’s Birth Chart. This could imply Will is more emotional and flexible than the strong-willed Jada, who has Root 9.

Based on the “R/C Elemental Strength” chart, the Wood element is strongest. This further strengthened the relation between the couple is highly influenced or affected by the Wood element.

It's NOT what you look at that matters, it's what you see - Elements of Numbers EON Five Elements Numerology FENIn my earlier article, “On 4-9-4 relationship”, I also mentioned about the 7-3-1-4-8-3 pattern in the “Compatibility Year Chart (PY2022)” between Will Smith and Chris Rock. By coincidence, the same pattern is also present in the Will and Jada’s CY chart. It means there may have been some emotional stress and tension between them this year or late last year.

Now, the 4-9-4-4-8-3 pattern in the “Compatibility Day Chart” manifests the Wood element, triggering emotional and quarrelsome vibrations between them. And because Jada has strong Wood elements, the influence and impact could compound and exacerbate her mental and emotional health issues. The tendency signs of R/C Elemental Strength Chart suggest that the relation might be tilted toward a one-sided affair.

No Matteer how busy you are, if you care you will always find the time for someoneHopefully, Will and Jada can accommodate each other’s vulnerability, be tolerant of their weakness and faults, and manage their emotional stress and tensions well. Whether they have finally decided to separate or divorced; or stay strong like a loving couple, is entirely theirs.

That concludes this article. Again, I hope you learned something that was helpful. This is my way of “pay it forward” by sharing of profiling techniques through my articles. And I hope you can “pay it forward” to help someone else, through logical, rational and ethical profiling.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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