When the Heart Attacks…

I received an email from another user recently. John wanted to know how he can identify the probable health conditions of a person. John bought my book recently and is anxiously learning the Elements of Numbers (EON).  John provided me with the birth date of his friend Mike, and asked how he can identify Mike’s health problem in 2003.

Before I continue with my analysis on Mike, I would like to highlight one important point – all requests made to analyse a birth chart must be “inclusive” and not “exclusive”. This means that if you need my help to analyse the chart so you can learn, you must accept that I can post my analysis here as blog articles to allow everyone to learn at the same time. By being “inclusive”, everyone can learn and benefit from this “learning process”. Of course, no real names are used (like John and Mike here) for privacy reasons.

Let us get back to Mike’s case. I told John that he should not rush into learning EON. Instead, he can try to co-relate the events that happened in the past, by checking on the Personal Year charts of the person. In my later email to John, I briefly told him the probable cause could be kidney or heart-related problem.

Now, let us look at Mike’s birth chart and his Personal Year 2003 chart, using my EON method and the Five Elements.

When looking at a person’s health condition, we have to look at the basic Health symptoms first, based on the Power of Numbers (PON) theory. In Mike’s case, his Health symptom is related to Fire.

Refer to my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling’ for more information on how to identify the Health symptom. Also mentioned in my book is the method to identify the probable health conditions on a personal year.

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When Water is strong, the kidney has to “overwork”. When the strong Water repels, it will attack the Fire (heart) and may weaken the Metal (immune system). There may be deficiency of the blood Qi or decreased blood flowing to the heart muscle. This may result in chest pain and breathlessness. In serious case, a heart attack may occur.

Sadly, Mike died of a heart attack in 2003.

As I am not a medical doctor, I do not know what could have caused Mike’s fatal heart attack. However, based on my understanding using EON, the kidney could have triggered the heart attack.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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