‘Til Death Do One Part…

The other day, I received an email from Peter who asked me to check on his sister’s birth date and the possible events that may happen in 2005.

Let us look at Paulyne’s birth chart and her Personal Year 2005 chart.

Paulyne’s Birth Root number is 8. This implied she could be feeling stressful. As the number 8 is also associated to responsibility, it implied that she is also a responsible and caring person.

Look at the number 5 as in the 3-5-8 combinations. When the 5 transform to 3 or 8, it makes the Fire too strong.

Now when I looked at her PY2005 chart using the Five Elements, the Fire was even stronger that year. I told Peter that Paulyne may be emotional, temperamental and may have suicidal tendencies. He replied and wrote “She was really a very caring person. A one in a million sister.”

First, we need to identify the focus and issue. When Peter asked me to look ‘particularly at 2005’, I would only focus on that year. As he did not mention any specific area of concern, I decided to look at her health aspect.

The 8-4-3 in her PY2005 makes the Fire strong. When Fire is strong, it will create health issues to the person, like heart or cardiovascular problems. I also told Peter she needs to take care of her immune system (Fire controls Metal). Most importantly, I told Peter that at the worst scenario, there may be signs of cancer.  I then advised Peter that if Paulyne did not experience these signs yet, she should go for a full medical check-up as a health precaution. Peter replied and told me Paulyne died in 2005 because of ovarian cancer.

It may be possible to identify where the probable ‘affected’ area is when it comes to health conditions. I have done some early research previously. I will share with you my analytical approach once I have improved the accuracy of my findings.

Now, let us focus on my other analysis. I told Peter there may be signs of relationship strain in 2005. It may lead to quarrels and disagreements, and possibly a divorce (if not handled tactfully) – a separation between Paulyne and her husband. I was looking at the 8-4-3 number combination.

Unfortunately, the separation on Paulyne and her husband was serious. Her death was a separation to her husband – ‘til death did she part.

Now, having said that, it is too elementary to suggest that 8-4-3 is also associated to separation by death. The death part is caused by influences from other numbers and elements. So, don’t start telling everyone they will die whenever you see a 8-4-3 number combination. If you insist on doing, please don’t tell others that you learned from me, as I did not teach you that unfounded theory! As a matter of fact, your irresponsible action is causing more harm than good. The person may lose all confidence and the power to survive because you said they will die. And they die because you said so.

If you recalled earlier, I have also mentioned about the tendency for Paulyne to be temperamental and emotional. This is because of the strong Fire influences coming in. Peter wrote to me about my inaccuracies as “she was very deep into religion and meditation before her death in 2005.”

I’m glad Peter told me that. The numbers simply don’t lie. Paulyne could all along been feeling stressful and emotional. She could have suppressed all these ‘within her’, resulting in the health conditions. As I had mentioned in my previous articles, health problems don’t occur overnight.

Paulyne could have felt less stressful and less emotional after she became more religious and practised meditation. Paulyne’s character and traits changed because she took actions to do so. These are similar to the remedies I have described in my book, and in the articles posted here. Unfortunately, Paulyne’s remedial actions came a little too late. When you can identify potential health issues, you should take preventive actions to reduce the harmful effects as early as possible, and not wait until the health signs appear. By then, it may be too little and too late to do anything to reverse the health conditions.

The purpose of learning the Elements of Numbers (EON) method is not to boast about your ability to know a person’s character, traits, behaviours and potential health issues. You have picked up a skill set. Use it correctly. We should all strive to help others improve their lives, as much as we do to improve our own lives. If you can help boost the confidence and mental power of a person to take charge and improve the quality of their lives, then I would say that you have understood EON’s core values.

I know some of you are keen to find out more. Be patient and don’t make negative remarks that I’m being evasive. I would not have shared my findings in my book and the articles here if I am evasive. I know some of you are PON trainers and want to share the information to your students. It’s fine with me as the more people know about the theories and applications of EON, the happier I am. “The more I give, the more I shall receive.”

When the accuracy of my findings are not convincing (to me), it may do more harm than good if I share them with you now. So learn the correct and proper way from me. Be patient…

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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