Christina Hendricks proud to be sex symbol

According to a recent article, actress Christina Hendricks admits she is revelling in her sex symbol status and thinks it’s great men are attracted to her.

The obvious 7-2-9 and 2-4-6 number combinations are present in her chart. As described in my book, these combinations, together with the number 3 (fiery, passions) are related to the sensuous behaviours of the person. Check the topic “The Sensual Vibes” on Page 192 for more information.

The essence of her sensual vibes is getting stronger now due to the “Double Effects” energies coming in 2011. The energies of 7-2-9, 4-2-6, and 3 would be manifested twice. In a way, she would be feeling more sensual than ever. In her own words, Christina said: ‘I’m thrilled. I’d love to be thought of as that.”

If you have bought and read my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling”, you would know there is a potential relationship issue – the effects of the 8-4-3 number combination.

While she is enjoying her sex symbol status, Christina has to consciously work on her relationship with her husband Geoffrey Arend. Any insecurity feelings, mistrust and assumptions must be communicated and resolved as soon as signs of tension appear.

There may be a possibility that Christina’s intuitive and spiritual senses/feelings are high.  If she’s worried about the uneasiness feelings, she can take up meditation or any other activities that can help her relax and clear her mind and thoughts from her anxiety.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun


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