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Danny was worried about his health and career prospects, and explained briefly his situation in an email to me. He attended the UCMHP course before, and like many other course-mates, could not profile comfortably beyond the basic theories and number patterns. Here’s an excerpt of the health-related problems in his email message, “Actually, I have certain matters that I need to consult you. It is about health. Based on my chart, it can’t be until my current circumstance. Currently or in fact, these 12 years, it seems that nothing was very fantastic or good. My health is super bad. I had two unnecessary open heart surgeries in 2016. Then after that life turned upside downward. And become real heart issues. It initially was merely lungs, nose block and acid reflux. So I simply don’t understand why like that. And may need to discover ways to remedy.

When Danny mentioned about his two open heart surgeries in 2016, I was concerned and asked him to provide me with his birthdate. When I plotted his PY2016 chart, I noticed there were many Water elements in the chart.

In the Five Elements theory, a strong Water element could affect the other elements. For instance, a strong Water element could affect the Metal element, just like how metal plate got rusty when soaked too long in the water. And when a metal plate is rusty, it is brittle, fragile, and can be fatal “if someone steps on a rusty nail or cut by a rusty item,” according to this Health site. Furthermore, when too much water goes into the lungs (Metal), it can be dangerous too.

The strong Water element can also affect the Fire, just like the firemen spraying jets of water in a building on fire, hoping to eradicate it. Similarly, when a Fire element is weakened by the Water element, it lacked the fiery Qi passionate vibes and turning the energies to the dull, inactive, and pessimistic outcome. The person might have exhibited traits like hallucination, sensitive, flipping unsettling feelings, and concern of being pressurised. When Fire is under intense heat, and in turn, counterattack the strong Water, the blood vessels and arteries might be affected, including the heart and eyes.

Strong Water can also affect body organs related to the Earth, Wood, and even Water itself. It can affect the health conditions that Danny faced in 2016. You can study some of its basic effects in my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling” which I have described on Pages 132-138. Alternatively, you can attend my FEN WORKSHOP classes where I will share the visualisation techniques, and demonstrate you how easy and fast you can identify the traits I have mentioned earlier, and much more when you understood the Five Elements theory and its interactions with other elements.

It is too late to attend the 3rd FEN WORKSHOP class this weekend, on 14-15 April 2018 as registration is closed. Instead, you can always email me to pre-register your interest. I can conduct a class when there are 6 or more confirmed registrations. So, if you have a group of 6 or more fellows UCMHP, PON, or LifeQuest course mates keen to learn the extended EON/FEN theories from me personally, email me for the earliest course schedule.

Danny’s PY2016 Chart shows strong Water elements (numbers 2 and 7), and these could have led to the weakening of the heart, and subsequently, his two open heart surgeries. Separately, as described in my book and as well as many of the articles posted, I have emphasised on the Double-Effect (DE) Year which is significant for the individual to take care of their health while they pursue their career or hobbies relentlessly. Due to the energies from this periodic vibes, it is as important for the person to take care of his health a year before the Personal Year (PY), and a year later too. Normally, in a DE year, the person’s health could be the first sign of being affected. Danny experienced the DE effect in PY2015, a year before his two open heart operations. Unfortunately for Danny, he was facing the Double Whammy outcome.

Danny’s poor health condition could be associated with the deficiency of some elements, including the Fire elements. He needs to boost them up, possibly not by using physical activities due to his present health conditions. Rather, he can always focus on activities and food related to the Fire and Earth elements too, and these have to be done in moderation as well as the sudden surge of excess energies might be over-empowering and fatal (at extreme cases).

Now, as every year’s energies might be different, it is equally significant to know how to take care of your health while you pursue other interests. At times, knowing which cyclic stage of the 9-Year Luck Cycles you’re presently in, might provide some hints too.

Other metaphysics systems like Bazi (Four Pillars of Destiny, 8 characters) do have a 10-Year Luck Cycle. I began researching on the 9-Year Luck Cycle aspects some years back as I was not satisfied with the current clues, even though the results were great. Sure, I have the “perfectionist” externally, and curiosity traits as well. That signifies the sincerity, pride, and resilience to make sure I have “workable and practical” details before revealing them out. Thankfully, I could control and moderate the external perfectionist pursuits well. Perhaps, it’s time to review and prioritise my research focus on the EON 9-Year Luck Cycle now after revisiting Danny’s chart.

When I plotted Danny’s current 9-Year Luck Cycle, plus many celebrity charts subsequently, the outcomes are interesting. Using the FEON+ software tool makes it so easy and fast, as I could find out the signs right away. The tendency signs from the 9-Year Luck Cycles could allow FEN (Five Elements Numerology) students to identify probable outcomes that could lead to career, job success, health, and so on, once you learned, understood, and applied using the Five Elements principles and the Elements of Numbers (EON) method.

Learn the extended EON/FEN techniques the practical and logical way. Check the FEN WORKSHOP course details here and pre-register for the next 4th workshop class. If you’ve attended UCMHP, LifeQuest, Visiber, or PON, quickly gather a group of 6 (or more) friends or course-mates, contact me, and the next class can start sooner.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun



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