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Americans and others in the West eat a lot more sugar than that: Their average sugar intake would have to drop by two-thirds to meet WHO’s suggested limit”, according to this recent online article.

The sweet awareness is getting more attention lately with health professionals everywhere in the world suggesting people to cut down their sugary intake as the signs of people getting diabetes are high. And there are real unhealthy signs suggesting that, especially this year.  What? Well, check my forecast article “Numerological Predictive Observations 2014” posted on 1st Jan 2014. In the article, I’ve specially created a graphic image (click below image for larger view) listing the positive and negative vibes with high chance of being manifested in year 2014. Diabetic tendencies and erotic desires are just two of the many signs listed.

2014 VIBESSo, you have a clean record having recently gone through a full medical check-up. That’s great but do be careful as the sweet tendencies can be present in your Personal Year too. What if your medical report shows that your blood sugar level is above average and the doctor is recommending you to cut down on sweet stuff?

Diabetic_TendenciesCan we check for tendency signs suggesting a person may falls in the ‘high-risk diabetes’ if they do not take proper care of their health?

Yes. At my previous EON WORKSHOP sessions, I shared with the students how to identify diabetic tendencies. Depending on the locations of the patterns, there are signs suggesting hereditary health conditions, or through external influences.

When you attend my FEN ADVANCE LEVEL course, I will show you how to identify the diabetic tendencies. I’ll also explain the underlying “cause-and-effect” from an EON perspectives. In addition, you will also learn about ‘cancerous tendencies’ why people with certain charts are more exposed to the ‘high-risk cancerous’ group than others.

You learn more on life path profiling and change management at the FEN ADVANCE LEVEL course. It’s suitable for EON INSPIRE students who’ve recently completed my FEN BASIC LEVEL module. I’d also recommend users who’re currently practising PON/UCM methods to go for the FEN ADVANCE LEVEL especially when you’d already completed the PON/UCM modules. You’ll learn know how to understand the Five Elements numerology and apply them to your profiling applications.

If you’d not been practising the PON/UCM/LifeQuest methods for a while, why not freshen up your profiling knowledge applying the EON method? You may attend the FEN BASIC LEVEL course to understand the EON fundamental and learn how to apply the Five Elements techniques to identify traits and personality characteristics.

Take the opportunity to update your knowledge if you’re an existing PON/UCM/LQ profiling professional. Worried of being seen in class? Be practical and smart – knowledge is power, “face-saving” is not. As a researcher, author, and trainer, I still attend classes whenever possible as I believe in gaining regular updates to widen my knowledge as a lifelong adult learner.

Screenshots_DiabetesI’m conducting a PREVIEW lesson this coming Thursday (10th April) showing my presentation technique and visualisation approach to understand the EON fundamentals uniquely. It doesn’t matter whether you’re already a PON/UCM expert or enthusiast, there’re always new methods to learn.

If you are new to numerology, just come down and learn some basic EON keywords and chart plotting. Since we decided to have this special preview session free, you don’t lose much except for your time. When you signed up for our FEN BASIC LEVEL course, you now have a choice to choose one gift. The first choice is to get a free copy of my book “Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling.” If you already bought my book, then you can go for the second choice – have the Student edition of my EON (Android) software installed in your Android smartphone (compatible models only). The software is a great research and profiling analytical tool for me as I can save case study birthdates of people suffering from different health conditions, and then continue my research to identify unique patterns.

I look forward to see more of you on Thursday. Get your PON/UCM friends to join in the fun and learn too.

Regards, Ron WZ Sun   


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